Press Release

South Sudan Government Troops Targeting Civilians in WBG Region

By Dominic Ukello

Press Release 

South Sudanese soldiers raising their guns in an undisclosed area in Central Equatoria (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
October 20th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Since the signing of Cessation of Hostilities Agreement on 21st December 2017, leading to the Permanent Ceasefire on 17 June 2018 and the Rivitalized Agreement of Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan R_ARCSS in 12 September 2018, between the opposition parties and the regime in Juba, the government of South Sudan led by the president Salva Kiir Myardid and Jieng Council of Elders JCEs, never stop aggressions on the Fertit and Luo civilians in the Western Bahar El Ghazal WBG region. Instead, the government troops intensified its attacks on both the Lion Forces، an alliance of the SPLM/A-IO, and the civilians in the liberated areas controlled by the opposition forces.
Although the signing of R_ARCSS the government troops is continuously in active military operation in Besselia, Baggari, Kpaile and Jur River. Recently, on 9th October 2018 huge government forces moved toward Kpaile County and stationed in Bocere, Taban and Dokorongo area. And on October 12th 2018 early morning the big number of government forces attacked civilians in Ngissa, Ngoku, and Dadou, where they killed 56 civilians, destroyed properties and farms. In which the government troops commit ethnic cleansing against the Fertit civilians. The moves which considered to be a clear violation of R_ARCSS.
The plan of ethnic cleansing of Fertit and Luo civilians in WBG region by the JCEs was well planned in 1980th and confirmed in 2002. In which Jieng leaders expressed their intention to forcefully chase away Fertit and Luo civilians from WBG region. The JCEs begun affectively to implement their plan of uprooting the indegenous tribes of WBG, Fertit and Luo, during the time of autonomy in 2005.
The JCEs plan to grab Fertit and Luo land was made clear to the world, when the government decided to forcefully relocate the capital of by then WBGS from Wau to Ongu Baggari. Which the indigenous tribe of Wau strongly refused continuously, leading to the incident of 8th and 9th December 2012, in which the government troops shot at peaceful protesters.
The targeting of indigenous WBG tribes by the government of Salva Kiir has nothing to do with their rebellion. The war waged by the Juba regime against the Fertit and Luo tribe is considered to be ethnic cleansing aimed to winkle out the indigenous tribes in particular from the region. Furthermore, the Western Bahar El Ghazal WBG people should be aware that the targeting of civilians in WBG region by the government troops will never stop even if the government implement the R_ARCSS in other part of the country. Nor the international Community will protect, safe or even help our people in WBG region.
Evidently, the innocent people in the WBG region have been left alone to face the JCEs’ plan of killing destroying and displacing the Feritit and Luo civilians from their land, in order for the Jieng to acquire the land of WBG. Therefore, the people of WBG should refuse and resist the plan of JCEs to uproot them from their land, by uniting to defend their territory.
God Bless the People of WBG and the People of South Sudan.
Dominic Ukello is the former SPLM-IO governor of Wau State.

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