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South Sudan Artist Not Optimistic About The Latest Peace Agreement

South Sudan's sensational artist, Kang John John, posting for a picture(Photo: file)
South Sudan’s sensational artist, Kang JJ, posting for a picture while on tour in 2016 in Brisbane, Australia (Photo: file)

Oct 30th, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudanese Afro Pop Star singer and Freedom Activist, Kang John Jock popularly known with his stage name Kang JJ, who is well known for his 2010 hit song “Candidate” and the best Independent song in 2011, “Free at Last”, has spoken out in regard to the recently signed peace agreement.

The popular Artist said he is not “optimistic about this peace agreement” unless the leaders show the willingness to implement it.

When asked why he is not very optimistic, he had this to say”

“Reason being that the main issues such as the root causes of the civil war have not been addressed through the current peace agreement.”

South Sudan’s government is celebrating the Khartoum Peace Agreement this week overlooking the content of the implementation process.

This latest called by the government to celebrate peace rather than implement it sent doubts to many South Sudanese across the world.

In an exclusive interview the singer, who is now living in exile, expressed doubts on the latest peace agreement between the warring factions.

He believes that the whole process was orchestrated by the guarantors just to address the leadership crisis and accommodate leaders making it just a peace between the politicians and “not for the civil population” to reconcile and bring the nation together.

On the other hand, Kang JJ also is not that hopeless about any possibility of peace in his country. He pointed out that South Sudan government would be the one to implement the (TGONU) if the regime has the political wills to implement the agreement and, “only if the guarantors are non-partisan enough to hold the warring parties accountable for any violation of the contents of the agreement.”

South Sudan’s 5 years civil war is estimated to have killed nearly half a million and displaced more than 2 million people to the neighboring countries with over 4 million others internally displaced with hundreds of thousands still under the protection of the UN in the country.

Several agreements in the past have been violated and any hope for the latest peace to materialize depends entirely on the willingness of the South Sudanese leaders to bring to an end the conflict.

The country gained her independence from Sudan in 2011 through the help of US in a referendum that saw nearly 99 percent of the population in the Southern part of the country voting for the independent.

In December 2013, the war broke out creating ones of the worse refugees crisis in Africa. Several agreements had been signed but there seems to be little hope for the country to go back to normality.

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