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Sobate State Citizens Endorse The Chairman Of The SPLM and C in C of the SPLA. Dr Riek Machar Teny

Kech Nguoth Tiem,

The leaders of SPLM in Opposition, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Lt. Gen. Lado Gore during the first conference in Pagak in December 2014(Photo: files)
The leaders of SPLM in Opposition, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Lt. Gen. Lado Gore during the first conference in Pagak in December 2014(Photo: files)

Sept 13, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The Authority and the entire population of Sobat State fully expressed their support and Endorsement of Dr Riek Machar Teny to hold the position of the First Vice President in the upcoming TGoNU. Citizens of Sobat State trust Dr Riek Machar without doubts as he will exercise and demonstrates a better leadership style than when he was in the former South Sudan where he served as a Vice President in a dictatorial system in which he was unable to exercised his democratic vision.

Dr Riek Machar Teny is a leader without borders and the only choice to deliver a fair leadership that will satisfy the will of the people across the Country, and for these reasons we people of Sobat State respects and welcomes the IGAD compromise peace plus which granted the Opposition leader, Dr Machar, the post of First Vice-president.

We are also informing others South Sudanese that we in Sobat State are ready for peace signed by our Leader and as well very ready to fight in self defense protecting our freedom and that of others South Sudanese who are not able to defend or fight for their rights.

If we can defend our rights and that of others for the last 20 months, then peace is not an opportunity for us but a compromised responsibility.

We are letting everyone know that we favour this peace proposal because we love peace and no matter how much we fight, in the end we will still comes to the negotiating table.

The White Army (Jikany White Army ) also Congratulate the Chairman Dr Machar for accepting the position which he had agreed to take on, not for his personal interest but as a responsibility to end the long suffering of south Sudanese people.

White army said we support this arrangement because there is a security room which will not again allows innocents Nuers children, women and elderly to be brutally massacred by any other systems. ‘Separate

Army is acceptable and the better part of this peace said the white Army.

We are urging our Leaders to continue to renegotiating and fight diplomatically for other shares, while we guarantee you at the ground level in Sobat State that we are behind you as you know you will never be terrified by any enemies/ individuals who are against the peace just because they see it as an arrangement that will benefits us and meet the will of the people, and

We are ready to protect this proposal from the spoilers by all costs.

Finally we warmly welcomed your invitation to lead a high level delegations to a meeting where methods and ways in which peace process will be discussed by United Nations with all the heads States in the conference.
Congratulations to the Secretary General of U.N.

Ban Kimun for recognizing you to attend that very Important event at this difficult time.
It has also boosted our trust and hope on you for we have confirmed it that you are internationally recognized and respected for the responsibilities and leadership capabilities that you have demonstrated at the face of the world.

We wish you a safe journey to the venue and proudly expecting a positive outcome out the conference.

Signed by:

Kech Nguoth Tiem  | Secretary (Minister) of Information

Contact: kechnguth@rocketmail.com

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