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Senior SPLM party official blasts President kiir’s govt, says time is over for president

Suzanne addressing the SPLM chapter in America
Suzanne addressing the SPLM chapters in America during a recent visit

08 Jan, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) — A senior SPLM official and former secretary for foreign Affairs in the SPLM ruling party, Mrs. Suzanne Jambo, has blasted president Salva Kiir for what she described as being too tribalist while encouraging nepotism and corruption within the current system, she warned the country could no longer continue in the current direction.

In an unexpected move that has taken many by surprise Miss Jambo, who is known, to be a strong supporter of president Salva Kiir has made a strong statement on her social media page criticizing president Salva Kiir for mismanaging the country and for appointment relatives and in-laws into big government positions without qualifications.

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The senior party official and former foreign affairs chief for the ruling SPLM party said the president had destroyed his legacy and was leading the country to a dead end with his current bad practices which included extreme tribal policies and encouraging nepotism by appointing only his relatives and close family members to key positions in the country in order to safeguard his stay in power.

While writing on her social media page, Suzanne Jambo who has been SPLM foreign affair chief since the time of late Dr John Garang warned that the country was now facing an eminent revolution unless president Salva Kiir resigned or made radical reforms as required by the population of South Sudan.

The SPLM official said the current crisis befalling the country under Salva Kiir is not what the young nation had bargained for when it fought the liberation wars and got independence.

“…. We are the worlds youngest nation and we didn’t bargain for this when we went through liberation (millions died & millions refugees etc) since 1955-2005.”

“South Sudan came into being after liberation wars for freedoms & justice since 1955-2005 whereby millions have lost dear souls, millions became refugees & internally displaced persons.”

The senior official also blasted the recent appointment made by president Salva Kiir as being nepotism and not based on merits or qualifications.

She says the president had violated party rules and principles. President Salva Kiir has recently appointed his brother in law who is a General in the army as a governor of Warrap state without any elections saying it was a normal process as a president to appoint an army commander as a governor.

” I, Suzanne Jambo disagree sharply with President Kiir decision to appoint his brother-in-law (Gen. Gregory Vasili) as the Governor of Gogrial State. This decision is against the SPLM principles of equality & justice. As well, it is a clear sign of bad governance because this post is electable and any appointment can’t be done based on marital/social or any similar blood/favoritism relations!”

Writing on her social media Suzanne which is believed to have now fled to Nairobi Kenya said she had always advocated for the country and it’s people and not for individuals or for power ambitions.

“….am no sycophant or worshipper of power anywhere. My kind of loyalty is loyalty to my country, not to any particular institution or any office holders. I stood by the Late Dr. Garang 1998-2005 (his untimely death) for Patriotic reasons, ……I always rose above tribal & regional politicking.” Mrs Jambo wrote.

Many observers believe the recent statement by Mrs Jambo and potentially other senior officials of the ruling party could be a reflection of the frustration faced by senior officials in the government who feel that president Salva Kiir is not making any effort or changes to implement genuine reforms that would to take the war ravaged country to a new state of peace and stability.

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GatNor January 8, 2017 at 8:22 pm

Ya ok, captain obvious!

We already been telling you that Kiir is not only a criminal that must be dragged to court if necessary but also Kiir has over stayed his welcome in the so called presidency and splm leadership caucus employing all sorts of misguiding policies and making uninformed descisions on behave of nearly millions of South Sudanese. Nothing is new here so please join the club.


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