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Salva Kiir Allied Warlords Matheu Foolljang and Manytuil Are Forcefully Recruiting Child Soldiers in Unity State To Fight in W. Bhar el Ghazal, South Sudan

By Maley K Wawudit,

South Sudan government recruit children to fight rebellion(Photo/www.electricpictures.com.au)
South Sudan government recruit children to fight rebellion(Photo/www.electricpictures.com.au)

July 1, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- It has been allegedly reported that President Salva Kiir’s regime Caretaker Governor Nguen Monytuil and Militia General Matthew Fooljang Top are currently conducting “Child Soldier” recruitment around Unity State areas under their SPLA-IG and Bul Militias control.

They have been allegedly doing this illegal recruitment since Monday this week up to now. The UN, US and EU, Troika and other able entities that externally intervened in Salvawar to resolve it through the lenses of IGAD as a continental mediator between the warring parties must come in verify and stop forceful recruitement of children into militia against their wills.

Because of rentless efforts by the region and the International Community, CPA II was signed on 17 August, 2015 and the TGoNU was partially formed by both warring factions on 26 April, 2016.

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Salva Kiir’s militias have been committing wars, rape, castrations of boys along tribal lines and this occurred in many parts of the country prior to the heroic arrival of the Chairman, Commander-in-Chief of the SPLM/ SPLA-IO and Designated First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon in Juba. Now, Salva Kiir and his aforementioned-murderous thinkers are reluctant to fully implement the TGoBU that was bilaterally signed by both warring factions in Addis Ababa Ethiopia to end the conflict in the country. Instead they are preparing for war as they are militarily provoking and intimidating minority populations across the country.

This is simply because of their tribal, clannish policy or ideology which unilaterally led them to create unpopular demand of 28 tribal or clannish states in South Sudan outside the box of the said CPA II. While this unpopular demand still hanging in the trees around Juba, the proposed implementation of CPA II and its TGoNU is deadly jeopardized. President Kiir and his tribal SPLA and Bul clannish militias are committing massacres in Wau and recruiting children into militia organizations in Unity State.

However, the abovementioned world powers are not doing enough to condemn President Salva Kiir’s resumption of the ceased hostilities in South Sudan.

They previously used a biased condemnation that “both sides have committed the crimes” even though they had known that Kiir was the only country President who individually committed massacres using ethnic cleansing policy in his instigated war. What does it mean for the so called international mediators’ reluctance to act against President Kiir? The very incompetent President who is now committing more massacres in Wau and conducting a forcible recruitment of “child soldier” in Unity State while in a fallacious implementation of TGoNU?

The act of child soldiers’ recruitment was internationally banned by the United Nation because it was defined as a deleterious violation of children’ human right. The Chairman and Commander-in-Chief of the SPLM/SPLA-IO Dr Riek Machar Teny has already been in Juba for CPA II implementation since 26 April, 2016. Unfortunately, President Kiir is continuing his tribal agenda of unspeakable massacres against South Sudanese civilians and child soldier recruitment around the country.

As the whole world knows this fact, who is now fighting with Salva kiir outside the country since his political and military rival has already been reinstated as a First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan? Is the world reluctant to condemn Salva Kiir because Riek Machar is not taking part in this looming resumption of the bilaterally ceased hostilities in country?

In 2013, Dr Riek Machar as one of the South Sudanese citizens and politicians, was politically campaigning for the reform against President Kiir’s deformed government structures.

However, President Salva Kiir had turned that political reform into a political earthquake, military and economic erosions against South Sudanese innocent citizens. This tragically triggered to the 15 December, 2013 Nuer Massacre in the nation capital Juba. The Uganda military dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was militarily intervened and desperately frustrated for his failure to catch Dr Machar in four days. This illegally resulted to the usage of an internationally banned cluster bombs to shield the SPLA-IO and South Sudanese civilians in Jonglei State.

Museveni said that it was only God to defeat him and his murderous friend Salva Kiir because he believed that his dictatorial witchdoctors or satanic kujurs have had capacity to obscure the US, UN and UK’s international action against him and his freed. South Sudan has internationally become an economic haven since the Salvawar has broached in 2013 up to today.

IGAD as an assigned mediator has been conducting a dwindling and frustrating commitment in implementing its own proposed resolution on the cessation of hostilities in South Sudan. This is unusual implementation of all international conflict I explored in my political lifetime.

I believe that this signed CPA II cannot firmly hold as long the international mediators are playing their interests in our beloved nation’s natural resources opposed to our human lives in South Sudan.

It is very resentful that South Sudanese are facing brutal massacres in Wau and forcible child soldier recruitments in Unity State. Those are tribal military and clannish militias who are campaigning for unpopular demand of 28 tribal states to be spontaneously established in our country.

These unilateral creation of 28 states were neither included in the IGAD Plus Compromise Peace Agreement nor urbanely planned. There is no planning policy in place which would be used to address any conflict posed by unplanned development between South Sudan’s regional neighbourhoods.

I internationally voted for the existing ten regional States as identified in the IGAD’s CPA II resolution. President Kiir should not ethnically perish South Sudanese in tribal based extermination on unpopular demand they have never requested him to do.

I therefore urged the Lich State young citizens to be vigilant with that forcible recruitments which are allegedly conducting in your state by ethnocentric President Salva kiir and your clannish Caretaker Governor Nguen Monytuil Wijang and Matthew Puljang Top.

As one of the concerned citizens of this naturally rich nation with least egalitarian leader so far, I am responsible for this article as it is written by me. The author is Mass Media Coordinator for Australia and New Zealand. (MMC-ANZ).Any further query should be directed to wawum@yahoo.com.au.

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