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Rights Organizations Reject Redeployment of Kenyan Troops Back to South Sudan

Press Release;

President Uhuru Kenyatta inspecting the KDF, a call that worries Kenyan Opposition as Mr. Uhuru may try to stay in power by force like his counterparts(Photo: file)
President Uhuru Kenyatta inspecting the KDF, a call that worries Kenyan Oppositions as Mr. Uhuru may try to stay in power by force like his counterparts in the region(Photo: file)

March 29, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– The South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Right, Global Partnership for Peace in South Sudan, Nile Peace Development Relief Agency of South Sudan and Alliance for South Sudan are here by strongly rejecting the call on January 31, 2017 by UN Secretary General and Kenyan President to reaffirm their commitment in order to redeploy the Kenyan troops back to South Sudan for protection of Civilians.

The Kenyan commander failed to response to protect the innocent lives of civilians in July 8 through 13, 2016 when the war broke out in Juba. The civilians were target and killed discriminately. The tribal arms of Salva Kirr were responsible for all such horrible crimes against humanity.

The former UN Secretary General responses on September 3, 2016, fired Kenyan commander who fail to perform his duty for allowing attack near the UN compound in Juba.

After the dismissal of the Kenyan commander, the Kenyan authority with joint effort with South Sudan Security Agent on September 4, 2016 kidnapped James Gatdet Dak and later deported to Juba.

They handed him to his enemy. Again Kenyan authority deported Mr. Dong Luak and Mr. Agrey back to Juba. Our question is what the protection of the Kenyan troops to civilians will they do again? We are truly, rejected the Kenyan troops redeployment back to South Sudan.


Peter Gatkuoth Wadar Kuel,

Executive Director for SSIAHR, USA


Theresa Samuel,

Communication Director for GapSS, USA


Dr. Gatluak Dieth,

Executive Director,

Nile Peace Development Relief Agency, USA


Simon Deng,

Human Right Activist in New York


Dr. George Philip Imuro,

Executive Director for Alliance for South Sudan


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