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Revealed: Photos of Sudanese POWs and Equipments Captured in South Sudan

Photos of Prisoners of War Captured from JEM rebels and Vehicles
Place: Unity State, Bentiu 

Sudanese rebels JEM caught up in South Sudanese conflict fighting alongside the government against the South Sudan rebels(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

May 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A report released by the SPLM/A[in opposition] through the Office of Military Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai reveals evidence of Sudanese rebels, collectively referred as Sudanese Revolutionary Font(SRF), involvement in South Sudan conflict. SRF comprises of more than 4 rebels groups who fight the Sudanese government under different banners.

SRF joined the South Sudan conflict in December through Unity state, however, the SRF leadership has repeatedly denied the present of their forces in South Sudan. In December, Maj. Gen James Koang Choul Ranley, the military governor of Unity State warned the Sudanese rebels of not involving in the South Sudanese conflict, however, JEM continued attacking the anti-government controlled areas, including Bentiu, the capital.

In mid April this year, hundreds of Sudanese rebels, mostly JEM, were reportedly killed in the oil hub city of Bentiu. Over 500 militants were reportedly killed while resisting the anti-government forces, commanded by Maj.Gen. Koang and his notorious counterpart, Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka.

UN reported that over 200 Sudanese , supposedly traders, were killed in a mosque. However, Maj. Gen Koang denied the allegation, saying that all the traders and South Sudanese civilians evacuated the town in January.

Koang believes that civilians who were lured into Bentiu during the 2-3 months government occupation of Bentiu seek UN protection in a nearby UNMISS compound, two days prior to the incident.

The UNMISS compound in Bentiu reportedly sheltered about 5 000 IDPs before mid April. Today, the UN base reports hosting over 22,000 IDPs. The report does explain the motives of the civilians hiding in the mosques or churches, although everyone is aware of reported killings of civilians in Juba, Bor, Malakal and Bentiu.

SPLM[in opposition] pledges to investigate the reports.

The rainy season has began in South Sudan and it is likely that the foreign forces will evacuate their heavy equipment before the muddy roads are flooded.

Nyamilepedia has withheld some illicit photos for viewing discretion.

begin the report…

The photos above are for fighters from JEM rebels captured in various battles while fighting alongside government troops in Unity State. Included are photos of JEM vehicles mounted with different artillery pieces. 

Also included are destroyed APC previously thought to be have been supplied to South Sudanese Army by Egypt but new information has revealed these APCs were bought from South Africa times back to be used against David Yau yau’s rebels in Jonglei State. A destroyed tank is also shown.

For some time now, we SPLA in Opposition have repeatedly accused South Sudan government of using rebels from neighboring Sudan Republic to fight alongside its forces. These photos are proof of JEM’s and other rebels from Republic Sudan involvement in South Sudan’s internal conflict. The Revolutionary Democratic Forces of SPLA in Opposition are at the thick of regional war imposed on the people of South Sudan by Kiir’s faltering regime. There are now four armies fighting alongside Kiir’s forces against SPLA in Opposition and these pro-government armies are:

  1. UPDF-Uganda
  2. JEM from Sudan’s Darfur region
  3. SPLA-North- from Sudan’s Blue Nile State
  4. Two Factions of SSLA(SLA-Mannawi and SSLA-Abdall-Wahid) from Darfur
  5. Two pro-government militias from South Sudan ( SSDA/M-Olony in Shulluk Kingdom-Upper Nile State and SSLA/M under Bapiny Monytuel in Unity State)

The above information is for the world to know that the war in South Sudan is being prolonged by involvement of foreign actors and other mercenaries hired by Kiir.

Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang,
Military Spokesperson for SPLA in (Opposition)

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