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Reaction to Mr. James Tot Jock Koi (betrayer) after his submission to Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba

By, The 16th December Group

Revolutionary greeting,

Flag of the Republic of South Sudan. The newest and 193rd country of the world.( Deviontart)
Flag of the Republic of South Sudan. The newest and 193rd country of the world.( Deviontart)

Oct 2, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dear comrades, you recently following fad and crazy of peace from inside which is being marketed by Salva Kiir’s regime and his mercenaries who is being followed by a number of betrayers and deserters of the revolution.

Those trade vendors and deserters will be record in revolutionary story because they chose their private interest up on the interest of our dear people’s lives, who were massacred by fascist regime of senior dictator Salva Kiir on 15th December, 2013.

Dear our people, based on what had been broadcasted from SSTV recently by our enemy Mr. Betrayer James Tot Jock Koi, the most common man on earth who trades on the names of revolutionaries. Mr. Betrayer James Tot Jock Koi took a very wrong decision and due to worldly situation, he had been forced by wealth to submitted his dear life and deserted the causes though he is not a comrade, due to lack of his participation in both civil war of Sudan and even recently war of regime change in South Sudan.

Herein, Mr. Betrayer James Tot Jock Koi appeared in the Salva Kiir’s home TV (SSTV) and interviewed by governmental radio broadcasting and mentioning that, your revolutionary The 16th December Group is following up him and will join him nearly, while other self-weakened and enemies of revolutionary of The 16th December Group tried to invest and marketing by promoting even of pointing their middle fingers to key influential of the core of revolution, which is completely unbecoming.

Thereof, based on this, we would like to clarify to our dear comrades on the following points

  1. We would like to assure you that, The 16th December Group has no relationship or link with Mr. Betrayer James Tot Jock Koi, therefore, The 16th December Group don’t know him, and shall never know him and have no intention to know him as far as he is a man who want to trade with the human soul and dignity.
  1. Thereafter, we are still continuing and doing our normal revolutionary work as before, and at the same time we remain exercising our duties and assignments.
  1. Thereof, revolution still wide and will accommodate us all, therefore, no need to form a trade vendor outside the camp.
  1. Hereafter, still we obey the motto, vision, mission, objectives (general and specific) rules and regulations of the movement and we believe in change and respect our revolutionary leadership heading by                    C in C Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, the one whom we all (South Sudanese) believe in him and shall never be betrayed by any young man who want the democracy to prevail in South Sudan.

Who is Mr. James Tot Jock Koi among a said rebel defectors:-

This is to tell to the world-wide fact about the said rebel member defection to government., James Tot Jock Koi had has been here in Sudan, and failed person from all perspectives of pursuing his future, which later made him to be a police man while he was young and talented person to complete his study and have his certificate. Thereof, James worked in old Sudan in police unit, through his messes; he was dismissed in the unit without pension because of his relationship with the worldly wealth.

Then, James went to Egypt and got resettlement to Australia where he messed up with South Sudanese communities again let his life to be in trouble, and at last forced him to come to Sudan, Khartoum and enjoy a little piece of peace. Afterwards, survivals become hard till he surrendered himself to Salva Kiir Regime to sustain his life for bloody money. At the end of the day, James Tot has got no value insight of his boss until he proclaimed that I have people to come after me like The 16th December Group and others.

Therein, Mr. Betrayer James Tot has no background in the movement with an exceptional of looking for food to eat and enjoy the day to make him happy. When he was asked, he knew that he has no way except to defamed to get more money and accommodate in a good place, because he always get himself reached for personal gain i.e. he abandoned his family in Australia and join the activities with no value which resulted of going back to Juba..

The 16th December Group

The 16th December Group is a Community based organization dedicated to improving to the well-being of people of South Sudan and Africa as well. The 16th December Group began its mission as a Humanitarian NGO where, its main objective is to ensure rendering and providing social services diligently to the people.

The 16th December Group has now embraced itself in providing Relief Services to the community especially after the breakout of the war in South Sudan to build a sustainable development based on the welfare being of human dignity.

The 16th December Group is a non-governmental organization, non-partisan and non-religious that shall render basic human and social services to the needy persons. It was established by some young South Sudanese youths in Khartoum right after, the Juba Massacre which took place on 15th December, 2013. The dramatic spread of the incident created more violence all over South Sudan especially, Greater Upper Nile Counties.

As a result, The 16th December Group launched its mission and collected contributions from all the denominations of the South Sudanese Communities in Khartoum and in the Diaspora as well to help the displaced at JUODA in the Sudanese White Nile State.

South Sudan Crisis,

The destructive conflict which was imposed on South Sudanese on Sunday 15th December 2013, by senior dictator President Kiir, where he massacred more than 20,000 people in Juba and in greater Upper Nile (Bor, Malakal and Bentiu).

Herein, as the result of the conflict, it displaced many civilians and more fled to the Countries bordering South Sudan, this included Sudan. Based on the situation, the leadership of The 16th December Group under the leadership of SSRA – Khartoum, Sudan took the decision of providing the all kinds of services to the affected people all over the borders crossing to South Sudan.

Yours struggle will remain

SPLM/A will remain

Your revolutionary Leader will remain

Our revolutionary Leader C in C Dr. Riek Machar will remain


By, Secretariat of Information Desk

The 16th December Group

Khartoum, Sudan

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