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PUBLIC STATEMENT: SSNDP/SSNDF will not participate in the formation of the upcoming Transitional Government of the National Unity (TGNU)

By Yien Lam Tot.

Nov 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The South Sudan National Democratic Party and South Sudan National Defence Force SSNDP/SSNDF which was founded on 15th of February 2014 will not partake in the formation of the awaiting (TGNU). We decided to remain in the bush to free the marginalized ethnic communities in South Sudan through the barrel of the gun and maximum political mobilization of people via media.

The Addis Ababa Compromise peace Agreement (ACPA) will not stop tribalism, nepotism, racism, sectarian violence, factional conflict, marginalisation, slavery, forceful kiirisation and dinkanisation in South Sudan.   The (ACPA) was designed to confuse the marginalised ethnic communities and also to fuel the ongoing political crises in the newly founded nation. The citizens of South Sudan will never attain permanent peace and security under the (ACPA). The SSNDP/SSNDF will not involve in the establishment of the forthcoming Transitional Government of the National Unity for the following reasons;

  • The Addis s Ababa Compromise Peace Agreement (ACPA) that was signed on 17th and 26th of August 2015 between the SPLM/SPLA and the SPLM/SPLA-I.O. works against the Perth Declaration (PD) principles. The (PD) demands the removal of Gen. King Mayardit from power and the installation of sustainable government into South Sudan.
  • The Addis Ababa Compromise Peace Agreement (ACPA) did not address the compensation of the unarmed innocent Nuer civilians who were massacred in the present of the International Community (IC) in Juba from 15th-17th December 2013. We demand the immediate compensation of those who perished during the Juba massacre.
  • The People who were accounted responsible for the death of unarmed innocent Nuer civilians from 15th -17th December 2013 must be brought to justice. There is no good reason to delay their trial in the International Criminal Court of Justice.
  • The 1st -Vice President formula that was adapted by the Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) to resolve the ongoing political crises in the country will never bring permanent peace and security in the newly founded nation because Gen. Mayardit of the (SPLA) will be the head of the upcoming Transitional Government of the National Unity (TGNU) with all executive powers. The (SSNDP) prefers the Prime Minister formula to achieve long-lasting peace and security in the country. Gen. King Mayardit must serve as a ceremonial president because he failed to demonstrate an ethical leadership during his presidency term. He authorized the massacre of unarmed innocent Nuer civilians in December 2013 and he also ordered the mass killing of Murle, Shilluke, Azande, Munderi, and other ethnic groups to secure his current and future presidency.
  • The freedom fighters will be reconfirmed after the end of 18th month period. All the armed groups that have been fighting against the government forces will be integrated under the name (SPLA). All the former freedom fighters who are not loyal to Gen. Mayardit will be demobilised and also they will not receive their salaries at all due to the ongoing corruption in the government.
  • The Dinka National Council of Elders (DNCE) keeps on governing South Sudan. It is now the highest decision-making tribal body in the country because it replaced the present national parliament of the youngest nation through the use of excessive force. The (DNCE) was created to encourage and promote marginalisation, slavery, forcible kiirisation, and dinkanisation at home and Diaspora.
  • The Sudan People‘s Liberation Army (SPLA) which was formed in Bilpaam in Ethiopia in 1983 permanently allied itself with Uganda People ‘s defence Force (UPDF), the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) and other armed foreign forces to eliminate the Nuer and the non-Nuer who criticise his unethical leadership. A reliable report stated that the (UPDF) keeps on transporting advanced military equipment into Darfur region, South Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile State to dismantle the Sudanese Capital Khartoum.
  • The SPLM/SPLA has not yet been renamed. The (SSNDP) demands the renaming of this party because South Sudan gained independence from North Sudan on 9th of July 2011. It came to our attention that the SPLM/SPLA leaders keep on maintaining this expired name to keep Gen. King Mayardit in power for several decades.
  • Mayardit ’s regime keeps on encouraging and promoting unlawful activities in the newly created country such as bribery, theft, fraud, adultery, fornication, robbery, trespassing, reckless driving, drink-driving, vandalism, smuggling, looting, torturing, murder, assassination, abduction, cattle rustling, sexual assault, poisoning, cheating, manslaughter, bullying, sectarian violence, racism, tribalism, nepotism, killing and destruction of the wildlife habitat, pollution of the wetlands, burning of villages and bushes, unlawful deportation, just to list a few.
  • The SPLM-party completely refused to construct the infrastructure in the country. This tribal political party totally failed to build the roads, railways, bridges, power plant, national and state parliaments, ministerial offices , military colleges and police academies, public schools and hospitals, hotels and shopping centres, rental houses for homeless citizens and permanent residents, child care and disabled community centres, orphan and senior citizens’ homes, sport and recreation centres, relief and emergency evacuation centres, fire breaks, bush camping centres just to mention a few.
  • The oil revenue and the money donated by the International donors for the developing of South Sudan is used to buy modern military hardware from the developed nations to protect the (Dinka-kingdom) which emerged in the year 1983. This money should be spent on the construction of the infrastructure, health, education and research projects, environmental protection, social welfare, national security, wildlife security, etc.
  • Gen. Mayardit of the (SPLA) officially declared himself as the true (Tik-yual-kuoth) or long-bearded of God who was anointed with oil by the late prophet to reign over the 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th-class-citizens of South Sudan forever through authoritarian leadership style. Those who challenge his unethical leadership are killed by the SPLA-Dinka military intelligent and their belongings are taken away. A reliable source stated that the non-Dinkas are forced to convert into (Kiirism) to worship Gen. King Mayardit of the (SPLA) as their lord and saviour.
  • Mayardit’s government keeps on threatening the minority tribes in South Sudan. The PLA-Dinka extremists keep on killing the people from minority ethnic groups in order to maintain his presidency and (kiirism) in the newly founded country.
  • The SPLM/SPLA-Dinka extremists keep on addressing the enslaved South Sudanese citizens as 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-class-citizesn of the youngest nation. These extremists told the media that the Dinkas are the new maters of South Sudan and that they are created by almighty God to preside over the non-Dinkas forever.
  • The SPLM/SPLA Dinka extremists successfully invade the Equatorians’ land through the barrel of the gun. The source stated that the Equatorians’ land was sold to the foreigners by the new maters of the youngest nation in order to become millionaire or billionaire. Those who refused to surrender their portion of lands were murdered or assassinated by the SPLA-Dinka military intelligent.
  • The current leader of the SPLM/SPLA works against the democracy principles. The April 2010 presidential election did not go smoothly. The opposition leaders who attempted to contest for South Sudan presidency were intimidated and their followers were killed by the SPLA-Dinka military intelligent. Mayardit wants to be the only ruler of the youngest nation.
  • The (GOSS) is currently operating under unethical leadership. Gen. King Mayardit of the (SPLA) is not an ethical political leader. The first phase of the South-South civil war broke out as a result of barbaric leadership.
  • The women and children are not treated with respect and dignity. Many women and children were reportedly beaten to death in South Sudan due to the ongoing corruption in the country.
  • The government of South Sudan employs under-educated South Sudanese to discourage the advancement of the nation. The regime should recruit the highly qualified people in each department to get the job done in professional manner.
  • The key ministerial positions and most of the ambassadorial jobs are officers to Dink people to retain their dominion in the governance of the youngest nation. The Department of the Foreign Affairs is predominately Dinka. The non-Dinka people are not allowed to work for the Department for External Affairs because they are intentionally called 2nd, 3rd and 4th-class-citizens of the newest country.
  • The environment is not properly protected by the environmental authorities. The wetlands and soil were severely polluted due to human activities in the country. This indicates that there are no environmental protection policies in place in these years.
  • The wild birds, animals and other creatures totally lost their habitat after South Sudan became a semi autonomous region in the year 2005. It was reported that animals, birds and other eatables creatures are killed by the citizens for daily bread. Reckless fishing was also reported by the human intelligent.
  • The opposition political and religious organisations are not funded by the ruling party called (SPLM) to keep Gen. Mayardit in power for many decades and also to discourage the worshipping of God in this physical World.
  • The vulnerable people are not financially supported by the current government of South Sudan.
  • The people of the youngest nation die of treatable diseases such as malaria, typhoid, cholera, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. This demonstrates that there are no proper health management policies in place.
  • The agricultural which is the main source of income in the undeveloped countries is ignored by the SPLM-party. Many South Sudanese citizens were reportedly died of hunger in the urban and the rural area. The government should purchase adequate agricultural tools and machineries to cultivate the public and private farms in professional way.
  • Mayardit’s regime completely rejected the demarcation of the North-South borders. The two neighbouring nations should seek a win-win border demarcation deal to attain long-lasting peace and security.
  • The SPLM-party is unable to work closely and cooperatively with the International Community (IC). Too many agreements were deliberately breached by the ruling party. For instance, the Addis Ababa Cooperation Agreement that was signed between the (SPLM) and the Government of Sudan in the year 2012 was dishonoured by the (SPLA). The (SPLA) encourages the (UPDF) to deliver advanced military weapons into the (SRF)’s territory in Darfur Region, Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile State to overthrow the current regime in Sudan. In addition, the Addis Ababa Compromise Peace Agreement (ACPA) that was signed in the present of the International Community (IC) was violated several times by the SPLM/SPLA and its allies.

Ultimately, the SSNDP/SSNDF will not participate in the creation of the forthcoming Transitional Government of the National Unity (TGNU) if Gen. Mayardit will be presiding over it. There is no doubt that the Addis Ababa Compromise Peace Agreement (ACPA) was designed to encourage and to promote slavery, marginalisation, forcible kiirisation and dinkanisation. The (ACPA) will not bring stability into the newly created nation because it is a baseless agreement. The SSNDP/SSNDF which is one of the key rebel factions in South Sudan will remain in the bush to fight against the (SPLA), the (UPDF) and (SRF).

The (SSNDP/SSNDF will be allying itself with other armed groups in order to overrun the key Capital Cities of the newly founded nation such as Bor, Kapoeta, Juba, Yambio, Rumbek, Wau, Aweil, Warrap, Bentiu, and Malakal. It came to our attention that the South-South political crises will be solved through the barrel of the gun and not through peaceful dialogue. The whole South Sudan must be successfully liberated from the SPLM/SPLA and its allies in order to achieve a long-lasting peace and security. The SSNDP/SSNDF will use the oil wells and gold that are located in the South Sudanese territory to purchase advanced modern military weapons, first-class uniforms, high quality of army boots, communication equipment, news radios, vehicles, medical supplies, tents, mosquito nets, sleeping materials, and others to seize the South Sudanese Capital Juba from the government forces. The Second phase of the South-South civil will automatically break out after the end of the first phase of the South-South armed conflict.

It is now too late to avoid the 2nd stage of the South-South civil war because Gen. King Mayardit of the (SPLA) is still ruling the country illegally and unethically. Where will Gen. King Mayardit go now? Which country will he escape to?  

Signed By; Commander Yien Lam Tot.

The author is an Advocate for Situational Leadership theories and President of the (SSNDP) and Commander-in-Chief of the (SSNDF). He holds Asso. Dip. of Sustain; Asso.Dip. of Admin; Dip. of Bus.; Dip. of HR.; Dip. of Mgt.; and Post Grad. Leadership Degree. He can be reached at totTottot2014@hotmail.com: +249 -96 5060 624 South Sudan, Liberated Area.

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Gat.darwich December 3, 2015 at 2:07 pm

where the heck in South is this party called, South Sudan National Democratic Party/South Sudan National Defense Forces based at ?

I, Gatdarwich, and many South Sudanese patriots need to know if this party actually do have any military base/bases in South Sudan, and where precisely is/are its base/bases located at ?

Otherwise, if this party can’t prove its existence in South Sudan, then it is nothing, but a pure pseudo organization, a collection of jobless individuals from North America(U.S.A-Canada), East Africa-(Kenya-Ethiopia-Sudan-Uganda), and disgruntled-quitters-habitual defectors-Generals-politicians, from the SPLA-IO period.

Prove your existence to Gatdarwich,

???waiting on your reply Yien Lam Tot or Dhoal Larjin !


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