Press Release

Press Release to Condemn the Death of Gatluak Guin N. Godieng by Family Members and Call for Action

By Miyong Nyuon Kawang N. Godieng,

Family Members of Gatluak Guin N. Godieng
Nasir & North America
To: Hon. Duer Tut Duer
Military Governor of Sobat State
HQ: Mandeng
Dear Governor Duer Tut Duer,

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May 01, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Sadly, we are writing this letter today alert you to something that our family members believe is unfair and requires attention. Our family members have been facing bad treatment under your watch. On April 21, 2016, our family received heartbreaking news about the death of Gatluak Guin N. Godieng who was severely tortured by his military boss in Kier Goal Wan. We tried to rush him to the Red Cross hospital in Maiwut County for medical attention; however, he subsequently died as a result of torture. The doctor told us that Gatluak Guin died with internal bleeding.

Gatluak Guin was a freedom fighter of IO since the beginning of the 2013 war between the Nuer and Dinka. He fought all battles in Benitu in 2013. He moved to Nasir and continued fighting with the Nuer causes. We have learned that Gatluak’s death was politically motivated because he was accused by his boss that he was a supporter of General Gathoth Gatkuoth. Gatluak was falsely accused because he was a blood relative to Gathoth Gatkuoth. This allegation was untrue because Gatluak Guin was a committed freedom fighter who fought for the Nuer cause. Gatluak Guin was a strong soldier who operated artillery machine guns from the rebel side. He was among those who repulsed the government forces last month in Nasir when the government soldiers attacked the rebel position in Ketbek using heavy weapons. No one can credibly deny his contribution for this Nuer cause.

This letter is an earnest call for action to bring his murder to book. We have witnessed harsh treatment of our family members by your administration in Sobate state.

The following are the reasons as to why we believe your leadership mistreated our family members in Nasir:

  • First, Jacob Nhial Ruach was unlawfully removed from his position as a village chief because he is a relative of General Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang.
  • Second, our youth were captured, detained and tortured in Pagak under pretext that they supported Gathoth Gatkuoth.
  • Third, our community members are assessed unfairly large fines with cows without appropriate charges or crimes because they are family of General Gathoth Gatkuoth.
  • Finally, Gatluak Guin was cruelly tortured to death because he was relative to General Gathoth Gatkuoth. We believe it is wrong to target family members because of politicians like General Gathoth Gatkuoth disagree with Riek Machar’s leadership.

We send this letter to you informing your administration about the cruel treatment your administration inflicted to our family members in Nasir. We believe that our family members have been subjected to bad treatment and torture for false accusations made by your leadership. When Jacob Nhial Ruach was dismissed from his position as a village chief, we thought his case should have been investigated. Nothing was done by your administration. In another case, our youth were tortured and one of the youths lost his eye. As of today, still no one has investigated that case. Now, the torture and death of Gatluak Guin has caused us renewed pain and has convinced us that the cruel and unfair persecution of our people is out of control.

We are requesting that the death of Gatluak Guin by torture be fully and fairly investigated by your leadership. This is important so that our family members in Nasir will refrain from taking the law into their own hands. Bringing the criminal in book will ensure that justice prevails and that the community is restored to peace and lawfulness. We ask your administration to bring wrongdoers to book in order to prevent the intra conflict among the clans within Nasir. Failure to pursue justice will risk revenge and lawlessness.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions or would like more information, I can be reached at 402-217-3585 or Gatbel Nyak at 970-520-7160 or at nyuon@yahoo.com or gchamjock@gmail.com


Miyong Nyuon Kawang N. Godieng

Gatbel Nyak Chamjock N. Godieng

On behalf of Gatluak Guin N. Godieng Family Members


DR. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, Vice President designated

Lt General James Kong Chuol Ranley, Advance Team Head Security of IO

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