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Phow Community In Kenya Welcomes Deployment Of Regional Intervention And Calls For Taban Deng Gai Must Go

By Matai M. Muon,

Exec. Secretary,

Nairobi, Kenya


August 14, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Phow Community in Kenya (PCK), on August 12 at 1:00PM local time, held a Press Conference. The Conference was organized by the community leadership in direct consultation with the SPLM-IO Mission in Nairobi, Kenya. The main objectives for the conference were:

1. To stand collectively as one community against the political conspiracy spearheaded by Hon. Taban Deng Gai, and the regime of Salva Kiir and to denounce in the strongest possible terms, his subsequent appointment to the Office of the FVP, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon.

2. To know the position of the Phow Community in regards to the looming deployment of the Regional Intervention Force. The conference was attended by some of the most distinguished personalities within the SPLM-IO. In attendance were Hon. Mary Bukjock Nyuon, an elite member within the SPLM-IO’s Political Bureau, an MP representing Fangak in the National Parliament. Stephen Dayak Biel, SPLM-IO Mission delegate to the conference, and Director General in charge of the Protocol at the IO Mission Office, Nairobi, Kenya. Many other important persons graced the occasion. The conference focused entirely on the appointment of Hon. Taban Deng, and the deployment of the foreign intervention force to the country. Participants engaged the leadership, themselves in a cordial conversation as such matters affect everyone in the country.

The participants, without any reservations, condemned, denounced, and cursed the conspiracy that Hon. Taban Deng, his aides have engaged in, and termed it a total violation of the ARCISS. They have agreed that such move was not in the interest of the SPLM-IO, the peace deal, and the country at large. “It is a destructive move, and only serve the purpose of compromising the peace accord reached upon by the stakeholders in the Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa.” The participants stressed. On the issue of the Intervention Force, the community welcomed the decision. However, most of the commentators cautioned that the coming of the foreign troops to the country does not serve the country any better nor the IO as a Political Movement.

They questioned the capability of the UN-backed troops when matters of cruel, inhumane behaviors are still being committed by the regime without a say. Atrocities they highlighted included but not limited to sexual assault of the young girls, middle-aged women, torture and hostage of the IO ministers in Juba, and the continued manhunt against the Chairman Dr. Riek Machar Teny around the vicinities of Juba. Other issue touched upon was the recent decision reached upon by the Peace and Security Council of the AU (PSC-AU) at its 616th meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, that called on Hon. Taban Deng to evacuate the seat of the FVP, Dr. Riek Machar, and called upon Salva Kiir to respect the peace deal as he honored it, and return the nation to the status quo as per the text of the ARCISS. The community welcomed such a move, and encourages the AU, the IGAD, TRIOKA, EU, UN, and the US to do whatever it can to save this peace from a complete decline.

Conference Resolutions

As per the concerns raised above, the Phow leadership, through the voice of its community agreed on the following action points:

  1. Condemned,the political conspiracy encouraged by Hon. Taban Deng Gai, his aides, and the clear involvement of Salva Kiir in hatching this destructive plan. Denounced in equal measure, his subsequent appointment to the Office of the FVP, and termed such as an illegal move.
  2. Recognizes, only the legal FVP as confirmed in Pagak, and endorsed in Juba, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the Chairman of the SPLM-IO, the Commander-In-Chief of the SPLA-IO, the true patriot to the Republic, a democrat by birth, a diplomat by practice, and a federalist by political belief as the leader of this Political Revolution, now and in the moments to come.
  3. Welcomed, the deployment of the proposed regional troops but with a clear mandate so that peace is saved, life protected, and as a result, economy goes back to its former glory thus, bringing about a prosperous secure, and harmonious South Sudan. Grateful to the IGAD, AU member states for their sterling effort to restore peace in the country, and thankful to the UN Security Council (UNSC) for voting yes to the 4,000 strong regional forces as proposed by the US. Urges the concerned parties to this matter, to quicken such initiative so as to avoid further provocations of the regime to destroy the agreement in a complete form.
  4. Agreed to remain seized of this fragile matter as the necessary measures are being employed. Thankful to the Phow community for their cordial, mature engagement during, and after the conference.


Gatkuoth G. Par                                                                         Matai M. Muon

Signed:                                                                                       Signed:

For the Chairman                                                                       For the exec. Secretary

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