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By: Howard Thiey Rundial.


An extraordinary session of the IGAD heads of states meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on 10 June 2014 (IGAD photo)
An extraordinary session of the IGAD heads of states meeting in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, on 10 June 2014 (IGAD photo)

August 28, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I got it (IGAD protocol) very, very shallow and not worth 8 months research work. It was as if it was written by someone, who came from a different planet or who has just walked into the negotiation room. Nothing in it that reflects the root cause of the conflict. Remember it is once said and I quote ” where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress them, neither persons nor property will be safe”.

In fact there is nothing in the document that looks into how the future conflict of similar sort or nature can be prevented or combated if erupt. I think IGAD just want to show to the World that they are capable of resolving the regional conflicts and that they can resolve this particular problem after they are perceived as failures by the international communities for failing to restore normalcy for nearly 9 months.

They do not care as long as their motive/interest is safeguarded in the person of their colleague, cde Kiir. All that they would do is to pick for themselves victims to crash and stigmatize them as usual by giving them names. ie Al shabab, in Somalia, Lord resistant army in Uganda,  Mungiki, Republican or ODM in Kenya, OLF in Ethiopia  and now NCRM ”Non Compliant Revolutionary Movement”. According to them Which is ( Nuer Community Reactionary Movement for self defense – NCRM or SPLM, IO) in South Sudan.

This is the product of Neo Colonialism in black at work in East Africa. IGAD is also careful not to align itself with a revolutionary movement in the region because it could be used as a model or president by their own opponents in their respective countries. Since they are all involved in oppressing their own opponents all along and world super power is silent. All that they can offer now is to aid Kiir in oppressing his owns. As long as Juba with all its oil reserve is in their pocket their back is safe from their opposition who could use Juba as their safe haven or breeding ground in the event that Kiir lost it to the opposition.  IGAD should not want to be seen as an hidden oppressive force in the region hired  with the oil money to fight for kiir’s life. They have to make sure that their interest and vision to crash their opponents and survive, for them to feel their mission is accomplished is safeguarded.  But let me remind them about what  Dr Nelson Mandella  said about this. ” when a man is denied to live the life he wants to live, he has no choice but to become an out law”.  IGAD IS DETERMINED  to hand Kiir’s victims to him and crash them for all. However the outcome would exactly be what Cde Nelson Mandella has just said  the opposition  in South Sudan will choose to become out law that could interupts not only the flow of oil revenue that they are eyeing  but also the investment prospect in the country.

let me ask IGAD this question to drive my point home. With IDPs still in the UNMISS camp in Juba would one appoint Cde Salva Kiir as the UNMISS SRSG and Cde Paul Malong as UNMISS’s Force Commander and expect the UNMISS compound whose inhabitants are predominantly Nuer to be a safe place for IDPS. Would one ask a hyna to guard the sheep/goats’ compound that he has just broken into and ate some few sheep/goats and would expect the sheep/goats to be ok and comfortable with the idea of him being the gate keeper. Lets try to be realistic. Since the departure of the Iron Lady Hilder Johnson, IDPs become orphans. Their life saver has been taken away from them and UNMISS is reduce to a war manager rather than a peace keeper because there is no peace to be kept any way.

The War manager should be convinced that he is comfortable in keeping the war in the war torn nation. If not what UNMISS would say is their role  in the middle of these chaos? waiting for IGAD’s agents who are partisan in the conflict with troops on the ground to bring them Peace?. What kind of peace would IGAD bring to South Sudanese when they can not even resolve conflicts of similar nature in their own countries. UNSC has failed South Sudanese miserably by allowing their peace talks to be handled by incapable  IGAD. They once did in Rwanda back in 1994 and they did it in South Sudan now that USA decided to recall Suzan Page the Iron lady of the South Sudanese voiceless as the result of the recently held African Submit in the Washington DC. Suzan Page’s head was served there by the Administration to win the Eastern block in the African Submit. regional heads wanted to be free from the representatives of the voiceless so that they are free to operate without any obstruction.

These  two examples tell you that  US and UN has change their policies. there is a wider conspiracy to the South Sudanese case than we might think. the departure of the two Iron ladies within a month tells you that the case is not that simple. But will it be the end of the game? Will imposition of the agreement led by the IGAD agents resolve the South Sudanese conflict? I doubt It. is once said and  i quote ”and where leaders do not act dialogically, but insist on imposing their decisions, do not organise the people, they manipulate them, they do not liberate nor are they liberated. They oppress”. This is excactly what IGAD Forces if not agents involved in negotiation forum are doing.

On the intervention ideology.  Just ask yourself a question before the rise of Neo – colonialism, the Ethiopian Rebel movement  marched to the Ethiopian capital city Addis Ababa in 1991 to capture it. did Kenya or Uganda provide Mingusto Haile Mariam with  stabilization forces in the name of securing the main installation in the capital and around the country? What about Rwanda in 1994? Where were the IGAD head of States why were they not commissioned or mandated by the AU to sanction both warring parties? Why were the lives of Rwandese not valued ? why? The answer is simple there was no oil in Ethiopia and Rwanda respectively.

Our future in South Sudan is in Jeopardy since we have been selected by regional oppressive body as their appropriate  victims to crash and humiliate for Kiir’s survival once for all. Now that there is nothing there in the document for our community and its future survival has to be defined and determined by the author of the conflict himself as authorized by IGAD. Now that the East African block chose our community to be their victim and Museveni has decided to make us, Kiir’s Lord Resistant Army and promised to empower Kiir to ensure that we are exterminated for the Dinka to reign in Peace for ever. What path have we planned to navigate our community out of this quakmire and from the wrath of oil seekers who have ganged to seize the oil using the incumbent president? Where is justice if IGAD can choose to align itself with the leader that is killing the oil producing community using their own oil money? If IGAD decide to form the government of their own choice because they believe they have a superior army than that of the revolutionaries then they should know that they are preparing for the worse case scenario in the region.

The good news is that  the war manager (UNMISS would be there in South Sudan to witness and oversee the atrocities that will be committed by IGAD  back forces as they strive to crash or exterminate an entire tribe in the region to sieze the oil rich nation in the present of UNMISS peace keeping force. I will conclude with Karl Max words as he quietly observed the technique, tactics and motives of the oppressors as interpreted by their actions in the field of their own choice which is in thus case, South Sudan and I qoute ” the oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them. This time around IGAD chose Kiir to  carry out their plan in the region that is to silence the voicess of the revolutionaries in South Sudan and  also to use   our example as a lesson for those who would try to question their Masters’ handling of them.

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