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Open Thank You Letter to the Nuer Community of North America

Open Thank You Letter to the Nuer Community of North America and the entire Nuer community World Wide for the successful Demonstration in Washington DC.
Nuer  Community In North America demonstrating on the Killing Of Bari Civilians in 2012 (via South Sudan.net)
Nuer Community In North America demonstrating on the Killing Of Bari Civilians in 2012 (via South Sudan.net)
August 8, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude and thankfulness to Tut Wal Rut, the Vice. Chair of NCNA and Mr Biel Bdiet in the U.S and David Tut Chuol in British Colombia, Canada and to the entire Nuer Community of America.  Thank you so much for the tremendous and the hard work that you put into this campaigns to make it happened, Thank you.When I set out to do this online campaign against SalvaKirr who massacred our with the Nuer Community of North America’s members, we talked a lot about how to make it a successful campaign; we then took the campaigns to the entire Nuer community and online. There, we had to do it a certain way in order to be a successful Campaign– but we felt it was in the community’s best interest if we inform the entire world about what we are going to do.What we were told to do was have a bunch of media, blogs, and news sites all blast the same advertising about our Campaign – instead, we only let our community know about it through email, social media, and our website. www.ncona.org .

We want to let John Kerry the Secretary of United States knows that we are not who you think we are, we are not the people whom you were told to be. We also would like to remind you that we are not your first victim; we know everything about who you really are. While John Kerry failed to even acknowledge the death of six Nuer members who were brutally killed on the same day that John Kerry and Salva Kirr were appears to take a photo together, we went on to dig out who is this really man is?

To entire Nuer Community World Wide

I want to inform you that dismissed any word that come out from John Kerry, the Secretary of United State. He is a red handed individual who cannot be trust anyone who know who he is. This is a reason why he was defeated by Hon. George W. Bush in 2004 U.S election

Below is a little bit about your record

Zumwalt: “Kerry’s Record Will Haunt Him” forever, in fact caused him to losses in 2004 to Hon. George W. Bush

The Blood-Soaked Resumé of a Peace Broker

What John Kerry Really Did in Vietnam


According to A former assistant secretary of defense and Fletcher School of Diplomacy professor, W. Scott Thompson, recalled a conversation with the late Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt Jr. that clearly had a slightly different take on Kerry’s recollection of their discussions: “[T]he fabled and distinguished chief of naval operations, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, told me –30 years ago when he was still CNO [chief naval officer in Vietnam] that during his own command of U.S. naval forces in Vietnam, just prior to his anointment as CNO, young Kerry had created great problems for him and the other top brass, by killing so many non-combatant civilians and going after other non-military targets.”

“We had virtually to straitjacket him to keep him under control”, the admiral said. “Bud” Zumwalt got it right when he assessed Kerry as having large ambitions –but promised that his career in Vietnam would haunt him if he were ever on the national stage.” According to JEFFREY ST. CLAIR (2013)

We were told to be vague about what was being done with the money so that we could inflate the amount we needed in order to maximize contributions – instead, we were completely transparent with the community to do it by their own in their respective States and Province– breaking down expenses, and timelines so that everyone knew where their contribution was going.The Community of North America team feels that there is a major flaw within the networking world; vendors don’t value their network professionals enough but based on the interest of politics of their respected countries. The Nuer Community of North America users are the ones who create and maintain the networks that make Washington DC possible and success.

Nuer Community of North America is not just a tool, but an idea – an idea that our networking world needs to be focused on creating better network community so that they can create a better world Community.

Nuer Community of North America’s focus is not only on creating a great networking community who can work together and even achieved more, but to make it easier for the entire community to do their jobs best and together. We will focus on integrating more ideas, more togetherness, create more networking, and do it so that it is available to just about everyone: regardless of where they live, and what their income are.

So on behalf of Myself, the Entire Nuer Community of North America’s leadership, and the rest of the NCNA teams both in Canada and the United States of America, we want to say a very sincere Thank You to our entire Nuer community.

Gatluke Chuol Reat
Nuer Community of North America

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