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Omiya Kingdom; Queen Hohoro Omoro II dies

By Pentecosta C. Erum,

Pentecosta C. Erum, Author(Photo: profile)
Pentecosta C. Erum, Author(Photo: profile)

Oct 18, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Queen Hohoro Omoro has been sick. Despite several attempts (by her subjects) to dodge her demise, ‘The Highness’ passed away at her Palace in Ibonni Centre (Lopa County) in the early hours of this day. She has been the 7th incumbent to the Omiya Kingdom after King Omoro (her husband), Queen Ikuma Basha, legendary King Ayiru Mosingo, Mosingo Sokyalang, Queen Ngabalang and the Founder King Oryebula.

The Omiya Kingdom has been very instrumental to the politics of South Sudan owing to the participations especially of Queen Ikuma Basha in the British Government (1890 – 1947) as a Paramount Chief of British Government Administrative Centre No. 4 (Hamuto in Idali) and a delegate to the 1947 Juba Conference. Her questions to the British High Command at the roundtable continue to spark more research, and as to where she was from. She was from this very kingdom i.e. Omiya Kingdom.

For more info, contact the writer, a descendant of the kingdom, at pennerum@gmail.com

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GatNor October 18, 2015 at 9:22 pm

No offense but I ignorant to the existence of this kingdom’s existencen in South Sudan. So liitle many know about the contributions of some great South Sudanese citizens. SPLA/M taking all the credits and the rest not to be even mention.

May God rests her soul in the eternal peace.

Onyi October 26, 2015 at 1:51 am

Indeed our government has to laud the role played by the existing kingdoms in the past. This is paramount!


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