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Old Sudan National Security Bill Passed by Minority in South Sudan!

By James Gai Tot,
The old copy of South Sudanese law (the Code of Criminal Procedure Act 5 of 2008) written through the courtesy of the U.S. Department of State now squashed by Salva Kiir(Photo: Nyamilepedia version/cropped)
The old copy of South Sudanese law (the Code of Criminal Procedure Act 5 of 2008) written through the courtesy of the U.S. Department of State now squashed by Salva Kiir(Photo: Nyamilepedia version/cropped)
Oct 8, 2014(Nyamilepedia)Seek ye first his Kingdom and his righteousness; and all things shall be added unto you. Mathew.6:33. Today the 8th of Oct Instant marks darkest moment in the history of our fledgling country. The reason why I said this is because the controversial security bill is passed into law without any amendments to the article 50(1) which gives the member of the security services sweeping and unlimited powers, among others, to arrest without any warrant of arrest.The happiest men on earth today are the Joint Chief of General staff, commander of the Presidential Guards and the commander in chief himself in whose favor the bill has been enacted swiftly. This means the security members may kill or sentence you to life imprisonment. A source within the parliament in Juba revealed to me that the Speaker was coerced into making sure that this bill is enacted although the fact is that many parliamentarians who are even SPLM members objected to the bill that passing it in that form would be tantamount to signing of one’s death certificate.

This is exactly what happened. It has been passed unanimously though under duress and there is no need crying over a spilled milk. The Rt.Hon.Magok Rundial, the handpicked national Speaker of the Assembly, has done exactly what Justice John Luk did when he wrote the constitution by giving all the powers to the President in an anticipation that he would be rewarded but unfortunately the tide turned against him and the country was plunged into this senseless civil strife which is causing untold suffering and unnecessary deaths now.

The poor Nuer children and women in UNMISS where the opinion writer lives are the most affected because they living under very terrible conditions with preventable diseases and malnutrition taking the highest toll among the children. Congratulations Mr President, your will to rule for time indefinite is fulfilled!!!. Where there is a will, Your Excellency, there is a way .This has gone well with you. Now your opponents must either give in or leave the country in peace. It is a do or die adventure.

Now the tyranny, dictatorship and the rule for life system have taken roots because this enacted bill will allow the security members to torture and or kill at will all those who may risk opposing this dictatorial government or expressing their divergent opinions. They will also force the political opponents to run for their lives and seek for political asylums in exile. I hope my poor uncle the Rt. Hon. Speaker will not fall prey to his bill (God forbid).

Another source in the parliament told me that the chairman of the specialized committee on legal affairs and Constitution development, Hon Deng Tiel Kur who was insistent yesterday on that the bill be amended today turned out aggressive and wants the bill passed unanimously without amendment . He might have been pocketed last night where he was revising the imported bill from the old Sudan National Security archive and indeed which is currently in use in Sudan.

This is now a clear indication that this is a police state in the making. Now the security members are licensed to carry out arbitrary arrests and assassinations in all forms. My message to the parliamentarians who passed the bill is that you have put your own lives and the lives of the people of South Sudan at stake. God have mercy on us, our leaders are leading us nowhere. Save South Sudan!!

The opinion writer lives in UNMISS camp and be reached at totchotweh2006@yahoo.com

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