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Press release NO: 03

Date: August 20, 2014

Place: A. R. Egypt


 August 21, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In every struggle, there are a certain aspects that will always pave a way toward success or victory. South Sudan has been drag back to war due to poor leadership and chronic greed from public cadre who are members of SPLM in Juba. The regime is interested very much in wasting and looting the resources of the country as if they were foreigners in this very country south Sudan.

As the war escalates, many soldiers defected; many politicians ran away and leave behind their assignment, civilians got killed and millions were displaced forcing the rest to be refugees in their own land. These were the results of a weak leadership in the young nation south Sudan.

In another hand, some other South Sudanese generals and politicians decided to fold their eyes and block their heart for the sake and worship of money, while others recalled a personal issue with Dr. Machar as an excuse to silent their conscious.

The NYSA in Egypt would firmly likes to inform all the generals and the politicians that the incident of December 15 is not Dr. Machar problem in fact its affect every single South Sudanese family particularly the Nuer’s. We would also like to remain you of a very famous quote which said “If you find your brother fighting enemies don’t hesitate to join the fighting in defense of him and later you can ask of the root cause of the problem”.

We remember one day Cde. Mabior Garang de Mabior once said; “When it comes to national call, I ain’t got biff for no one”.
For those who are still supporting the cripple regime of Kiir Mayardit just because of their personal issues with Dr. Machar or anyone else in the People Resistance Movement, we send you this effective message to meditate and go through your conscious before we decides to expose your ego and the issue you think could prevent you from answering a national call.

Defected generals & politicians must announce their defection

Today Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa becomes a room for checking in for politicians who doesn’t want to announce their defection and direct contribution to the frontline. We are giving pressure to these individual in Addis Ababa wasting time lobbying for positions instead to announce their defection to SPLM in opposition this is a strategic point for them to shake President Salva Kiir’s Regime, the more defection the more credit to the SPLM in opposition.

The December 15 is not a Nuer’s problem but South Sudanese’s

It’s always in the mind of a dictator to murder everybody that want to correct him, our country become a burial yards full of human corps skeletons everywhere, our houses destroyed and properties looted. What does this entail to every citizen? How does the citizens of south Sudan view and analyze it? That this is Nuer problem and let them deal with it to the very last day? My friends if you think this problem of killing the Nuer is ours alone you are wrong.

This conflict that has quickly sent more souls into perishing for less than a year will be a contagious kind of conflict that will accompany every one of us. We term it a “war for supremacy” after cleansing the Nuer, the next group will be Equatorians and rest will follow to the very last and a minor tribe Lulubo.

We want all tribes in south Sudan to shine their eyes and choose the correct choice without being force to because south Sudan will not enjoy peace without the Nuer inside it.

We the Nuer youths and student association in Arab Republic of Egypt ought every citizen who know that this current crisis in our young nation was destined by President Salva Kiir and his entourages in Juba to get rid of his only contender Dr. Riek Machar and his associate last year by deceiving the world that they plotted a coup which was abjured immediately by Dr. Machar.

We ought each of you to carry out a mobilization process wherever you are. We want to carryout mobilization to every south Sudanese who was misinformed by Salva Kiir Mayardit and his cabinets. Let’s preach to them the genesis of this conflict in case they forget it. Let’s make them understand that this problem is not and will not be for Nuer alone. We need all faces to uproot the dictator out of Kush/the land of the black people according to Isaiah chapter 18.

As Pastor Martin Niemoller quotes said; “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me.” We want to be wise to act and denounce this fail government before they get rid of us.

The NYSAE Divided the process of mobilization in three Main Categories.

Movement mobilization: We demanded the chairman of the resistance movement and his comrades in the struggle to form a mobilization team that will be headed by the chairman of mobilization committee to carryout diplomatic tours and missions to African countries and to America, Europeans countries and Asian countries. This section will deal with making relations with different countries and convinced the world that the aims of the movement are of good and not for bad. They will continue to lecture how the conflict come about and what they intend to do in case they get a chance to lead the country. This group will put first the country’s interest, the people’s interest apart from their own interest as its being done in Juba.

The Diasporas Supporters of the SPLM-IO would be highly motivated by the movement mobilization team visit which can lead to creation of more activities that can influence more people to join the struggle.

However, diasporas Nuer & South Sudanese communities should meet all the South Sudanese politicians who are still hanging with Kiir’s regime to encourage them to join the struggle & educate them on how serious could be the future consequences for those who work to satisfy themselves. It should be an obligation for all the South Sudanese to mobilize & tell people about the genesis of South Sudan upraising.

Community mobilization: This is one of the strategic point to win the heart of the citizens who were taught to hate each other just because someone want to maintain and secure his seat for years without providing the citizens with their essential needs and giving them maximum security in the country. South Sudanese are wise enough to see clearly by themselves what had took place and what is continuing taking place in the country. President Kiir failed us and He terribly failed our young nation. So for us to end this ego to finish us one after the other, we will unite ourselves and mobilize our communities to force him goes to the exit route by either joining the rebel forces in the frontlines or called for international community to deal with him by conducting demonstrations.

Individual mobilization: Here we mean that everybody who is born a south Sudanese has the right to preach to those traitors and money addict who obstruct and block all routes for federalism and democracy installation in our country. It’s our liability to force them to understand that money isn’t everything in life. We can preach to them socially, in schools, media outlets, gathering and many others places.

“We are living in an age where the last thing we need is a division. South Sudan belongs to unify Lado-Kadi, Gatkuoth-Nyakuoth, Obach-Mejouk and Mabior-Achol. I have a deep conviction that if the Nuer & Dinka could live in harmony without political fear mongering and destructions, South Sudan would be a peaceful country.” By Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Hopefully one fine day in the tile of the night peace will prevail.

Long live Republic of South Sudan

Long live Citizens & nationals of South Sudan.


Contacts: Nueryouth.egy2014@gmail.com

Phone number: +20 11-1004-6012 / +20 11-4887-9177 / +20 11-1198-3942 / +20 11-1513-3229

Zechariah Gatnog Machar



Michael Gatguat Tap

Secretary General



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