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Nyamilepedia Reprimands Attack on “Individuals” By The United Nations Mission In South Sudan!

Press Release

A screen shot instance of traffic on Nyamilepedia(Photo: Geo traffic|Nyamile.com)
A screen shot instance of traffic on Nyamilepedia(Photo: Geo traffic|Nyamile.com)

Sept 30, 2014(Nyamilepedia)While responding to one of our latest articles, UNMISS Accused of Taking Side in The Conflict, the UNMISS’ Head of Media Monitoring Unit and Public Information Office, Joe Contreras, accused Nyamilepedia’s contributors of growing tendencies to the efforts to restore peace in South Sudan.

“The Mission also deplores the growing tendency by individuals opposed to the efforts to restore peace in South Sudan to resort to malicious propaganda intended to exacerbate tensions and conflict.” Contreras stated.

Joe made the above remarks after the United Nation Mission in South Sudan learned from our latest reports that there was an allegation in circulation about their impartially in the conflict.

“(UNMISS) has been drawn to allegations that appeared yesterday, in an article that was posted on the pro-armed opposition website nyamile.com, accusing the UNMISS peacekeepers of installing barbed wire fencing around SPLA garrison”

With due diligence and respect for the important role played by the mission in South Sudan, Nyamilepedia reprimands any unjustified attack or scapegoating of civilians or individuals who express themselves through Nyamilepedia or any other independent medium.

We believe that the voices that are expressed on Nyamilepedia and other independent websites, in regard to South Sudan conflict, are the same voices that are protected under the United Nation Mission in South Sudan.

In the simplest terms, majority of contributors on Nyamile.com are the victims or concern citizens, who are denied the opportunity to freely express themselves and many other fundamental human rights in the country.

Notwithstanding that UNMISS has been accused by the government officials of “running a parallel government”, equipping, supporting or sheltering rebels or by the armed opposition for negligence that the IDPs were killed within their compounds in Bor and Akobo, Nyamilepedia’s management still believes that UNMISS plays an important roles in the conflict, however, it is very unfortunate that the UN body could resort to blaming civilians for leadership failure in the country.

While we appreciate the prompt response by Joe Contreras, we believe that elements of the report that attempts to silence freedom of expression or attack individuals instead of the reports undermine the Universal Declaration of Human Rights(UDHR) that was adopted by the same office he serves.

We believe that the United National General Assembly adopted this declaration in 1948 for no reasons other than the experience of world war I & II. It is unexpected that the mission could undermine these fundamental principles and falls in the same shoes of the government of South Sudan that shuts down media houses while silencing or arresting journalists for reporting both sides of the conflict.

While the mission has never been perfect in its operations or “consistently maintained a stance of strict impartiality in the ongoing conflict in South Sudan”, Nyamilepedia believes that a few of its reports may not be entirely accurate, however, the website will continue to give each and every individual, from all sides of the conflict, equal chances to express themselves within the guidelines and principles set forth above.

We believe that for peace and reconciliation to be effective in the world’s young state, the civil population must be given an opportunity to freely express themselves as established in the transitional constitution of the country and as provided by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Nyamilepedia would further reiterate that our management fully understands the consequences of war not only on our South Sudanese people but also on any other human race. We do not only regret that the conflict has taken this long to be resolved but deeply regret that it was never averted by the politicians in the first place when they had the means to do so.

We understand that every South Sudanese and friends of South Sudan are affected by this conflict, either directly or indirectly, and it is our utmost wish that peace is restored today, not tomorrow.

Nyamilepedia is a non-profit media and communication outlet, managed by South Sudanese who value the nation, its citizens, fundamental freedoms, human rights, equality, justice, tranquility, democracy and rule of law. Found on these principles, Nyamilepedia ultimately encourages freedom of expressions, unity and diversity to solve the current and future crises within South Sudan and beyond its borders.

It therefore suffice to remind our readership and the mission that Nyamilepedia does not affiliate with any “armed group” or politicians but serves and promotes the interest of the people of South Sudan as defined within its goals and mission.

With these, we must clarify to our readership that the statement made by Joe Contreras and quoted above does not hold any truth in it and must not be perceived as the stand of United Nation Mission in South Sudan.

Lastly, we thanks the South Sudanese communities, individuals and well-wishers who contribute to resolving South Sudan’s conflict through Nyamilepedia, other websites and blogs.

Signed by:

Deng S. Elijah,

Executive Moderator | Nyamilepedia

Email: nyamilepedia@gmail.com

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