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July 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Nuer community in Arabs Republic of Egypt have strongly welcome the proposal made by the leadership of SPLM/A in opposition, the Resistance movement, led by the former Vice president Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon and his comrades in the movement.
The creation of more states in the country is the only vital decision that will solves the chronic greed and lack of progress in the young nation, absent of development and access block of services delivery to the people down in the states level. We highly embrace this proposal; it will open a new path to a new development, reconciliation, freedom, justice, peace and prosperity in the country.

We hope this proposal will not only heal the fresh wounds and wounds of the past, but will surely pave a route to the formation of federalism as new system of governance in country.

We the Nuer community in Arabs Republic of Egypt, desperately support the move made by SPLM in opposition. It is what the entire citizens have been waiting for all this while. Congratulations.

We congratulate Chollo community by bravely declaring their support to the SPLM/ in opposition and clingy hold onto the decision of creating more states. We thank you very much for that, and we hope together we shall uproot the dictatorship that had cost division and hatred to our communities.

We encourage all south Sudanese citizens in United States, Europeans countries, Asia, Australia and East African countries to dedicated their voices and deliver their supports for the proposal and the creation of (21) states. This will be the only option to bring back the lost love for one another among our beloved citizens.

South Sudan has been drag to war by bad leadership and the primary victims are the vulnerable people, children, old age, youths and among others. We hope by having more states in the country; we will have full potential of progress in our states, installment of public institutions, new roads will be build, Hospital to be the priority of the new leadership, security will be permanently provide and long lasting reconciliation will be the offer of the day.

Our citizens witnesses daily humiliation from the very government who claim to be responsible for their protection, they are being butchered, raped, murdered and tortured without providing the world with reasons and evidences. The world should acknowledge the cowardice killing of innocent whose sin is to be born as Nuer.

All in all, we want to declare our support for federalism as the only system of governance which the south Sudanese citizens would have embraced at once, despite that there is a group of anti-federalism who are obstructing it implementation, calling it “kokora” saying that “it is a weapon throw to the citizens by Dr. Riek Machar to get support from the people” No! Federalism will enable all citizens to meet their dreams, services delivery, and construction of states.

We once again wish to remind the entire world, Africa and south Sudan in particular to know that the enemy of south Sudan is not Dr. Riek Machar and his fellow comrades in the movement, its not white army who intervene because President Salva massacre their relatives, its not Equatorians who strongly put their support for Federalism;

The true enemy is Dictatorship, chronic greed, tribalism, ethnic cleansing, corruption, pogroms, carnage and love of leadership with no vision and mission. We want our fellow citizens of south Sudan to welcome the brilliant decision from SPLM in opposition for creating eleven more states. God will one day grant our country with a new leadership which will provide all the needs the citizens want.

God bless our country south Sudan.

Nuer community in Arabs Republic of Egypt,


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