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Naath Universities And Colleges Students’ Union In Uganda (NUCSUU) Welcomes The Return To Juba Of Dr. Riek Machar

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April 28th, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- On behalf of the NUCSUU, the newly elected body profoundly welcomes the return to Juba of the first Vice President (FVP), SPLA/M C-in-C and Chairman, Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon. The step taken significantly paves the way for the long awaited implementation of the agreement on the resolution of conflict in South Sudan (ARCSS) that the prime two principals signed in August, 2015.

The leadership also extends a thousandth congratulations to Dr. Machar on taking up his new job as the country‘s FVP accorded to in the ARCSS. The NUCSUU body wishes Dr. Riek a good start and continuity with the quest for the much more needed reform. Besides that, we acknowledge the commitment of President, Salva Kiir he manifested by welcoming his long standing brother, the FVP, Dr. Riek Machar.

The NUCSUU wholeheartedly urges both the President and the FVP of the Republic of South Sudan to cooperate in order to smoothly implement the peace agreement in spirit and letter. The leadership of NUCSUU wishes to see to it that the two leaders employ holistic approach to enhance national healing and reconciliation among the torn apart communities of the Republic of South Sudan as they move on bringing back to the country total normalcy.

It is indeed our great hope that President Kiir and FVP, Dr. Machar embrace the spirit of recovering the economy of the country and improving on the national security. The leadership of NUCSUU in this context strongly urges President Kiir to lift the state of emergency he declared from the onset of civil war outbreak two years ago so that citizens freely move without fear of insecurity.

The leadership as well expresses immeasurable gratitude to the Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), TROIKA, United Nations (UN), Africans Union (AU), Europeans Union (EU) and the well-wishing international communities for their continued support to the South Sudan peace agreement. We the acknowledging body of this union still urge the above mentioned organizations to carry on their commendable role in availing their uncountable support so as to help South Sudanese realize sustainable peace which brings with it the desired development.

Not forgetting our fellow citizens’ utmost love for peaceful coexistence, the leadership of NUCSUU honestly calls for the entire South Sudanese in their diversities to embrace the peace agreement our two leaders have brought to the country. Stability starts with individuals and before it becomes a national responsibility. Let us all live in peace and appreciate the blessings of God who created us in the land of South Sudan.

Taking a keen note on what we feel outstands as a bone of contention, NUCSUU expresses the opinion that both operationalized 21 and 28 states should hold so that the prior focus is directly put on the execution of the agreement which provides a favorable ground for mutual understanding.

On my part as the President of NUCSUU, Lam Kher Chagor, I immensely expresses my full practical and moral support to the implementation of the peace agreement. I promise to devote my time and energy to begin to work with my counterparts from other South Sudanese associations and unions in Uganda to discern a practical unity of purpose and a lasting peaceful coexistence.

Ngundeng Kai Wuol,                                                              Lam Kher Chagor,

Information Secretary – NUCSUU                                      President – NUCSUU,

Email: kaingundeng@gmail.com                                           Email:lamchagor@gmail.com

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