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Multitudes of South Sudanese in United State of America are Waiting to Welcome Dr. Riek Machar.

Dr, Riek Machar, former Vice President and the Leader of SPLM/SPLA(Photo: file)
Dr, Riek Machar, former Vice President and the Leader of SPLM/SPLA(Photo: file)

September 22, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—The twin Cities, MN September 20,2015): With prides of being South Sudanese waving flags and singing few of their arties songs,( peace has come , peace has come) its proofed it that South Sudanese in USA are thankful, to the world community who made South Sudan to be the 193rd world nation. Without doubt they again stood up to bring together the disintegrate South Sudan through IGAD Plus peace.

A week ago news came to many of Southern Sudanese and peace lover that Dr Riek Machar Teny is invited to attend the United Nation 25th Assembly, the moral of the local citizen is highly rocking to the sky, you can’t measure the excitement of his own people.

Many of them said they very happy to be able to see and meet with the only Democratic leader of their nation, without him no body in the world would have understood what killed the people in South Sudan the night of Dec 15, 2013, when an evil havoc grip it our nation to it darkness, but with him being alive many Sudanese have faith to enjoys the true South Sudan yet to come.

Here in Minnesota USA the SPLM state chapter had witness an extraordinary excitement from local community members to heard that commander in chief and his delegates are coming to the United States, members had extend their gratitude welcoming greeting to the leadership and congratulates for the Job well done, special to our peace negotiators teams and the overall SPLM/A under leadership of Dr. Riek Machar.

In the regional chapters many are preparing to receive the commander in chief and his delegations and are also organizing their states before his arrivals to Omaha Nebraska USA.

In behalf of Minnesota SPLM State chapter
Cde. Thok Timothy Tutlam

1 Gondar Timothy Tutlam Chairperson
2 Kenyi Okucu Deputy Chairperson
3 Lul Gatluak Secretary General
4 Tuach Pidor Advisor to Leadership
5 Nyatang Kier Assistance Secretary
6 Nyabouny Chieng Administration Assistance
7 Buk Gaak Safety Coordinator
8 Chuol Deng Deputy Secretary General
9 Koang Keat Chairperson of Humanitarian
10 Koang Reat Deputy Chairperson of Humanitarian
11 Tut Makuach Luot Secretary of Public Relation/Information
12 Bith Mabior Deputy Secretary of Information
13 Lam Bill Secretary of Community counseling
14 Gatluak Kuel Secretary of political Mobilization
15 Akim Simon Chairperson of Youth League
16 Chuol Simon Deputy chairperson of youth league
17 Nyakuoth Yaak Chairperson of Women League
18 Chol Diew Deputy of Women League
19 Nyachan Gony Deputy Treasury
20 Sara Gak Advisor of the Women League
21 Nyamuol Lew Women social coordinator
22 Nyalual Riek Assistance Treasury
23 Charles Ladu Deputy Secretary of Political Mobilization
24 Stephen Domach Secretary of Strategic planning
25 Yang both Secretary of Communication
26 David Ajua Deputy Secretary of Public Safety
27 Reat Nhial Assistance Secretary of Public safety
28 Goy Ruot Secretary General of Humanitarian affairs
29 Gatwech Bol Secretary of Finance
30 John Kasser Nhial SPLM Senior Media Diaspora’s Correspondence
31 Bol Ruach SPLM State Branch Representative/St.Could
32 Thok Riek Advisor of community affairs
33 Chuol Nguot Advisor to the Religious Affairs
34 Gatluak P.Kuornyuot State SPLM Advisor
35 Kak Thoan SPLM State Branch Representative/Rochester

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Goweng Torbaar September 22, 2015 at 11:15 pm

He championed independence of South Sudan Vs New Sudan. Now he will champion federalism vs dictator ship.

Loberito September 25, 2015 at 9:16 pm

Indeed Dr. Riek Machar is a visionary leader. Goweng Torbaar you said it all. Thanks God we have people like Dr. Riek Machar who are facing a bully regime in Juba. If Dr. Riek did not challenge the bully both militarily and politically, the bully would have continued dominating the people of South Sudan.


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