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Massive Defection from Queensland-Australia to the SPLM in Opposition.

Press Release


August 15th,2014 (Nyamilepedia) – The huge defection of South Sudanese in Queensland-Australia, was a repeal from the members of dissolved SPLM and none SPLM members, who definitely switch  support to the SPLM/A-In-Opposition and have officially join Sudan People’ Liberation Movement-In-Opposition on the 2th /08/2014.

Therefore, we have distressed and regret for the ethnic cleansing that was targeting the members of the one community (the Nuer) and engulfed our young nation to the senseless war in December last year 2013.
We extremely expressing our solidarity about this spilling bloodshed and ongoing massive killing of the innocent civilians by dictatorship regime of President Salva Kiir and his alliances, especially embroil Uganda UPDF that apparent to invade South Sudan.
However, we seriously condemn, merciless regime of President Salva Kiir brutal killing of the innocent people, including women and children who elected him with 99% to the office in 2010 elections.

On the other hand, we urge and approaching international community, to pressure Juba regime by using ultimate mechanism to put to an end that horrific human violation. We also would like to appeal to UNMISS, to protect and defend the lives of our powerless and vulnerable civilians, who decry and suffering from emphatic regime that fabricated, to the world the so- call failed coup attempt staged by former vice President Dr. Machar Teny who was instead narrowed escaped and survived from assassination attempt. Nevertheless, there is no single evidence to approve his allegation about failed coup attempt; Mr. President Obligation was specifically emphatic his aggressive of massacre and genocidal eradicate the members of the Nuer community in the Capital Juba in mid-December 2013.

However, the purpose of this declaration has indicated that we are the members of SPLM/SPLA-In- Opposition. In relation to this, the importance initiatives that we have discussed were the critical points about the suffering of our people in South Sudan. Despite the fact that, the outcome of the meeting was resolved to the formation of the SPLM/SPLA-In-Opposition Chapter in Queensland –Australia to represent the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement –in- Opposition political party in Queensland-Australia. We seriously condemn those who have been embroiled in a conflict that approximately tear our country apart, we have also condemn the currently ongoing killing, in UNMISS and elsewhere in South Sudan by Juba regime, we seriously condemn tribalism, corruption, nepotism and favoritism. In fact, we in diaspora have been working tirelessly during the Southern Sudan referendum, we advocate and lobbying westerns for our rights and freedom how can Mr. President who lost legacy, confidence and legitimate who use the nation as his own property, and using endlessly Nos. of decrees, we condemn that acts. Notwithstanding, as the citizens of South Sudan demand everlasting peace, as we know peace is ultimate choice to end ethnic violence dismayed, embarrassment, impulsive, corruption, discrimination and nepotism..

The resolutions of this declaration are:

• Establish SPLM/SPLA-In-Opposition Chapter new office
• Create strategies plans and effective activities of supporting SPLM/SPLA-In-Opposition
• Convey the visions, values and objectives of SPLM/SPLA-In-Opposition
• Promote peace and unity among the South Sudanese in Australia
• Support the federal system of governance in South Sudan, which is the only way forward that will promote peaceful coexistence and freedom in our county South Sudan.
• Open the membership for anyone who wants to join SPLM/SPLA-In-Opposition
• Organize activities to empower women and youth of SPLM/PLA-In-Opposition.

SPLM/A-In-Opposition Chapter in Queensland executive committee
The members of SPLM/A-In-Opposition Chapter in Queensland-Australia have elected executive committee to run the office for the period of six months. And then they will prepare for the next general election. If you want to participate in the current committee you are warmly welcome positions are available.
The current executive committee of SPLM/SPLA-In-Opposition Chapter in Queensland:
Sign by:
1. John D Bol Yakuac –Chairperson
2. George Yak Gai -Deputy chairperson
3. Ruot Pur Yeknom – Secretary General
4. Kai Phltang Jiath -Secretary of Financial
5. Duol Kun Thian – Secretary of external affairs
6. Gatluak War Jock – Secretary of information
7. Nyachuol Ruben Chuol-women Secretary of affairs secretary

SPLM in Opposition Oyeee

Dr Riek Machar Oyee

Office contacts: Mobiles: +61431096949/+61470032965
Email: johnyakuac@yahoo.com.au

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