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Leaked: How Gordon Buay Drives Salva Kiir Government From Within!

Updated at 1:35pm, Sept 18, 2014(PST).

Gordon Buay posting for a picture with Salva Kiir in the past(Photo: Buay's)
Gordon Buay posting for a picture with Salva Kiir in the past(Photo: Buay’s)

Sept 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A report bearing alleged signature of Gordon Buay, leaked to Nyamilepedia by insiders, indicates that the recent ambassadorial appointment of Buay Malek, commonly known as Gen. Gordon Buay, is a management of internal crisis within the leadership of Salva Kiir.

According to the report, Buay, who is proud of defending Salva Kiir government at the expense of sacrificing his own relatives, believes that he has done enough through defamation of former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and aiding massacres of his own Nuer tribe, and therefore pursued Salva Kiir for compensations.

“I refer to my hard work, the December 15-18, 2013 (Nuer massacre) and narrow deadly escape of Riek Machar, unquestionable ousting and indefinite political assassination of Riek Machar in your favor, I thought, I have done enough, to the extent we relentlessly massacred Nuer in Beniu, Malakal, Bor and Wau.” The insider report reads.

“So to recognize us and possibly all Dinka would praises us, the Nuer who disown our nationality as Nuer to protect your presidency against Riek Machar and his primitive Nuer and Equatorians.” Reads the statement.

To justify his point, Buay wondered of what else he would have done to deserve ambassadorial appointment in Salva Kiir government other than the killing of “any living creatures in Jikany counties” in favor of Salva Kiir Mayardiit.

“Again, I personally, supported by H.E. Kun Puoch and Gen. Johnson Gony burned down all Jikany counties and killed whatever living creature in a search of Riek Machar, where he was almost killed in Nasir. Don’t your Excellency and Dinka elders still recognizes me to hold a constitutional post, while the traumatized Dinka intellectuals [Ajang of Dinka Radio] embarrassing me in media at your watch?” the statement emphasizes.

After the capture of Nasir, Buay visited Juba and Nasir to prove that he played a role, through internet, in the operation that captured and displaced the civil population in April this year.

Not far from the leaked statement, Buay has recently posted on his Facebook that he waits for the head of Dr. Machar in Juba.

Buay, a controversial critic, has fought the government of Salva Kiir before and after independent, however, he made a U-turn recently, in what many critics believe is a strategy to traumatize the government of Salva Kiir from within for material gain.

Buay went into loggerhead with politicians from both sides of the conflict, in what he believes is a defense for Salva Kiir’s regime.

As much as he criticizes Dr. Riek Machar today, Buay criticized Salva Kiir, his government and continue to criticize politicians within the same circle.

In the alleged report, Buay urges Salva Kiir to arrest Ajang (Ajak Deng Chiengkou) and closely monitors the current pillars of Salva Kiir regime: Micheal Makuei Lueth, Kuol Manyang, Paul Malong Awan, Philip Aguer, Yau Yau, Gony Bilieu and Bapiny Mwinytwel.

“Your Excellency, arrest Ajang and close down his Australia based Dinka radio; put your attention to or warn Makuei Lueth, Kuol Manyang, Dangerious Paul Malong, speechless Phillip Aguer, YauYau, Gony Biliu and BapinyMintuel for reckless activities, they have hidden agenda against you” the leaked report reads:

Before the appointment, Buay reportedly felt hopeless as his world begins to fall apart from within and urges Salva Kiir to rescue him through an ambassadorial assignment or elevate him into the position of Gen. Bapiny Mwinytwel.

“Each time I ask Your Excellency to confirm my particularities, disregards BapinyMinytuel or give me a full Ambassadorial assignment, since Your Excellency can do everything overnight, even it’s what can take lives, I always get reply that there is no money or wait, some people (Dinka) will negatively react and can possibly overthrow my government or kill me, Dinka and you the Militia supporting me”. the statement continue.

“Now, I am caught red handed by Dinka intellectuals, telling me I am killing Nuer on endless loyalty I give Your Excellency, only for money I gets. If my adopted Dinka communities spy me, in fact dig out my roots [rootless], what would it takes for a man to rethink otherwise, given that they are hunting me and damaging our private intimacy, provoking 2011 presidency aspiration I declared while rebel?” the report reads.

“In this case, I caught you [Dinka] red-handed and you have no excuse because I even killed my relatives [all Nuer], which shall hunt down my future, for your/Dinka indefinite Presidency to be sure that, every powerful Nuer and to certain extend, powerful Equatorian are dead and buried.” The leaked report indicates.

Read the original report: Intelleak: Gordon Buay’s Application For Ambassadorial Assignment and Integration of SSLA Rebels!

Salva Kiir government is caught up in endless crises that began immediately he ascent to power in 2005. More than 9 rebel groups went rampage in the last nine years. The government has tried to fight and sometimes to lure them into its ranks, however, one after another, the rebels returned to status quos.

David Yau Yau of cobra rebel groups, who has currently sealed an agreement with Juba and awarded gubernatorial position of a barely established state, GPAA, has rebelled Salva Kiir government twice in the last four years.

Other former rebels and leading cadres of South Sudan army such as Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak and Maj. Gen. Tanginye have returned to bush after serving nearly two years in prison for earlier defections.

Gen. Gordon Buay, however, has never served in the army or in the government but contributed in mediating the Salva Kiir government with South Sudan Liberation Army(SSLA), a rebel group that fight alongside Salva Kiir forces under the command of Gen. Pul Jang and Bapiny Mwinytwel.

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thebortrust September 17, 2014 at 10:57 pm

this information was send to me by Mr. Kume Wiyual but i rejected it because it was holding difference signatures. the e-mail used for sending the press release was for Kume Wiyualy and the person who written or send me email was called JOK. meaning that that press was planed somewhere in the name of Gordon Buay. and this was my reply of the story; This is another propaganda and it is a poll of a day, I can’t use it either on the web or internet. If this was true then the writer of this e-mail would have signed in his name, and not in name of Jok.
Mr. Kume Wiyual, we need you to revise your press release and resend it for immediate publication if you think it is newsworthy enough.


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