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Joint Statement From Gen. Gatdet and Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth

Dr. Riek Machar, the former Vice President and the chairman of SPLM/A[IO] sits with Gen. Peter Gatdet and other generals during Pagak leadership meeting this year(Photo: file)
Dr. Riek Machar, the former Vice President and the chairman of SPLM/A[IO] sits with Gen. Peter Gatdet and other generals during Pagak leadership meeting this year(Photo: file)
 July 29, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Two former deputies Chiefs of Staff, Maj. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yaka and Maj. Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth, who were relieved by the SPLM Chairman and Commander-in-chief of SPLA [IO], Dr. Riek Machar, have dismissed allegations that “the generals are bribed by the genocidal regime in Juba”

“It’s heart breaking and great disillusionment to bringing into your attention and informs all the SPLM/A (IO) members and the entire people of the Republic of South Sudan about the false remorse being disseminates around the world that we are bribed.” The Gens. said in their joint statement.

“First and foremost we would like to inform the public that this is unfounded and baseless allegation ever propagated by the internal friends who seriously dedicated their precious time for the disunity of the Liberation in large and Greater Nuer Community in particular.” They said.

The generals believe that the speculations originate from within the rebel camp from a few individuals who have not been to the front line.

“Surprisingly none of them ever fire even a single bullet for the cause but came and join the movement after a while with the intention of devastation and dissection.” the gens say.

Speaking to our editorial team, the former Deputy Chief of General Staff for Logistics, Maj. Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth, pledges that they are for peace and remain committed to peaceful resolution of South Sudan conflict, however, warns that the peace has to be genuine and lasting.

The generals are calling for a peace agreement that addresses the root causes of the conflict and assures the citizens of reconciliation, justice and accountability.

Regarding administrative differences, the generals admit submitting a position paper to clarify their position to IGAD-PLUS mediation that they will not be part of a peace agreement that retains Salva Kiir as the president and fails to address the root causes of the conflict.

Gen. Gatdet and Gen. Gathoth admit that they submitted a position paper to IGAD-PLUS forum but regret that some of their signatories have denied any knowledge of the position paper.

The generals further express doubts that there would be a peace agreement but rather a reunification of SPLM party and reinstatement of politicians into their previous positions.

“Equally important he is the one who signed the Arusha SPLM re-unification with Juba government as well as with the SPLM former detainees. He just recently had a constructive meeting in Nairobi with the SPLM FDs leaders; Deng Alor, Majak Agot,and Rebecca Nyadeng Mabior so who is now want to join the government?” the generals say.

Believing that it has been discussed and agreed by the top military command of SPLA-IO, the generals are calling for peace without Salva Kiir as the president of the country.

“The position,in this circumstance is that Kiir must go and peace can only come without him as the President of South Sudan.” they reiterates.

“To make it clear all the above points are discussed by Machar and Gens. In Top Military command meeting. Therefore, those who want to see our struggle divided should not fool Dr. Riek to cut off his two hands in the eve of peace agreement.”the general warn.

The generals further questions the decision of the Chairman, Dr. Riek Machar, and wonder of who will confront Gen. Malong Awan and Kuol Manyang if the opposition signs an agreement with the government of Salva Kiir without them.

“Why he accept to remove his Gens. While Kiir did not remove his Gens? Who is going to confront Malong Awan and Kuol Manyang in GHQs if Riek sign this peace agreement” the general ask.

“Hence, we the generals are for peace and we are fully committed to a genuine peaceful resolution of this conflict but want a peace that addresses the root causes of the conflict otherwise we will strongly remind you once again that we shall not be part of that peace agreement, because this would mean that they are going back to their previous positions before the crisis.”part of the joint statement.

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Karab July 29, 2015 at 5:55 am

General Peter Gatdet, We know you are a hero but if you betray riek machar, you are betraying the nuer people at this critical time. You see if you submitted a separate position paper to IGAD PLUS with out the consent of the leadership, you committed a serious mistake.If you insist salva kiir should go, Do you think peace will come to south sudan? Salva kiir will fight untill he dies & alot of poeple can die in the middle including you self. as a leader, riek machar has no option but to act to save the movement. Give him some time until the dust settles & you will be deployed. That was really a reckless move. Riek machar should talk with every one including the government because peace should come to the people of south sudan. This does not mean he is trying to go back to the government. The movement will control its own states & will have more power & Federalism will be implemented. Dont let down your community. Don’t be misled by your enemies. Just ask your self what would have I done if I were riek machar? People working with you submitting a separate position paper to IGAD? Just fight the enemy. that is what you are good at & then believe in democracy where majority rules.

peace July 29, 2015 at 10:00 am

Good advice Bro, hope our hero Gatdet gets

Gattot Michael July 29, 2015 at 3:58 pm

As you know Gen Peter Gatdet, Every Nuer person know you are a hero of Nuer tribe than the majority of Nuer leaders. Do let Nuer enemy confuse you Gen, Peter Gatdel. What we need now is, to find the way to make peace with our enemy Dinka tribe because we know that our enemy Dinka are always supporting by terrors groups such as Uganda, JEM etc and pluse 1% of Nuer tribe who supporting Dinka to kills their onw Nuer folks. Gen Peter Gattot you need to say no to the people who try to confuse you and you need to come back to nuer movement and you need to apploye to very Nuer for what happen

Deng II July 29, 2015 at 7:17 pm

Nuer, Dr. failure ( Riek Machar) is going to failed again to united Nuer people, unlike Garang Mabior who united Dinka. This is can has an implication reflects on Nuer cultures and mental normality. Nuer, to you majority who always says Riek is a visionary leader, How? He never united Nuer, why would he united South Sudan? I doubt its. Nuer, in Nuer mentally, physically, psychologically, philosophically, and etc, are in a position where every one want to be kuormidit. Nuer, Riek will come back with her wife without an soldiers accompany him like before, otherwise he will be in an exile for rest of his dear life.

kong July 29, 2015 at 7:24 pm

i like a lot ur comment guards keep it up.

Nyaluak Lual July 29, 2015 at 10:13 pm

Gatdeet is now in khartoum and Gathoth being held up in Gambella at the orders of Dr. Machar. What is now advisable is what we have been saying…Riek needs to sign peace before these generals sign peace with the government. If the generals sign peace, then Riek is a dead horse. Who will talk to someone who has no fighting force?

chuolkhan July 29, 2015 at 11:39 pm

For those who think that during reshuffling of spla-iom saying that those Generals will go back to Juba what is their statement on that? what do you expected for them as they disclosed that they are out from the peace talks if Kiir is still as the president of the young Nation and if the root course is not introduced they are out for peace.So leave about their going back to Juba.secondly They doubt about the reshuffling which has been done by CNC of the spla-iom Dr. Machar the question is that who will confronted the Maloung ,and Kuol Manyang with out them for that is very good question to CNC .Meaning that there are some elements within the Spla-iom who are running after their position while they have not smelt the Bullet on the front of the front line for that case reshuffling is not free and fair .All the members of the Spla-iom will come together and discuss about where they will be reappointed again for who think that those Two gen.to go back from Kiir is dreams for you guys do not think for them to go back as you real know that those two seeds of Nuer no one rather than them so be careful as they mentioned from their announcement to all people of the Nation if this dictatorship of Kiir will go there is no peace .Thirdly they talked of what is really happened to Dr.Machar is not fair because it seem to be like those of politicians will go back to their previous position to the government they said this is what is behind according to them .NO,NO,NO reunification and NO NO,peace if the root cause is not narrated to other world event if they released by Au according to their report that no evidence from the south-Sudan genocide which they have gotten from there all at all there is no peace so what do you think peace will be yield the fruit ? and do u think that Spla-iom will like that??? meaning what kill thousands of thousands of Nuer to AU reported that no reasonable no evidences .Only is misunderstanding with in the part which broke out the violent with in the party spla/m from there their investigation is not clears therefore ,they will be considered as what ? those those two generals have right to say that there is no peace at all because Kiir things are going reverse by other leaders WIN-WIN solution for our nation crises .No,one will go back neither Riek nor those two generals do believe that? plse , plse Nuer were not ran out of the country because of position no,no,do not pronounce it that , okay if we run after the position as you say according to your statement Yaa Deng karew take the comparative and contrasted it this current situation of the NUER as whole and before eight years back during the CPA when Riek he was in V-P of the youngest Nation and how we are not fought you when Riek was suck out by Kiir if we really serious of leadership in our Country yaa Deng karew ? and other hold their position like John kong ,and James Hoth ,John Luk Joack and other while many more were not in the systems from the government Nuer were silence many were not confirm in armies and we know that you dominated the party and all the top officers amongst Dinkas were the leading of the other department so Nuer were quite and you also blocked the all the scholarships in Education additional to all investment sectors lool! man you are joking on us but it will turn to you what about you we can not say is some things know to ever one in South-Sudan citizens that all Dinkas are food lovers and corruption is for your father man you have a lot of things to say too me it seem to be not a politics is beyond the characters of the human on earth . Okay let me ask you one question during the that time only Nuer who were taking the decision from the party to be reformed and constitutional reviews as the course of the war of our now a day ???????????? plse ,plse go back to read again,and again the history of the party according to Dec-14 2013 what are the agendas for the party during that time ??????????????? if Nuer are really proud each of ever one to be calls Kuarmidit

Jay Jidu July 30, 2015 at 12:07 am

I might think and believe that the world is dump or in particular the IGAD, to propose the shit of the Government sharing power with a tribe. Several people has been refusing to believe that this is a tribal war but I might also say it is. What with all the Nuer arguing their own not to let them down, not to leave the Nuer movement, not to betray the Nuer, is this the type of change all the Nuer are bleeding to bring to our country? is this the reforms you people are crying for or is this the democracy you have been preaching in your two revels that all the sixty four tribes of S.Sudan be dominated by one tribe, Nuer? Seriously i will argued all the S.Sudanese to fight their oppressors before they set foot in our country. We should fight them and reduce them to the size they will never dream of dominating us, yes we will.

We not going to allow any Nuer to bring their greed to our country Never, waaalaaiii!

chuolkhan July 30, 2015 at 3:34 am

Jay Jidu man we are not crying if we do cry since from one year over what do u do on the ground and in the politics how many months do we spend now? do u defeat us ? who protected u? is it Uganda forces and Jem and spla-n and other countries and bout the ways do you know how many countries who were really involved in our war ? plse we are men of men man or we call ourselves we are the people of the people like those of English do u know why we call our selves (K3kon ney ti naath) okay if not read back the history what was happened when we remained with some like 90km away to capital Juba from the beginning even thought your are 63 tribes with in south -Sudan with out involving of other countries like foreigners troop which i have mention below i do think now one should talks maa man seriously and it very obviously i think you know it very well leave about what to say no one will allow any Nuer you will allow them by any means bro instead to reduce our numbers it is not Jay so we resistant your fight and not yet to defeat us right? it will be waaaalaaaiii!!!!!!!! and it will be haywaaaa

Karab July 30, 2015 at 3:59 am

We like it or not, the majority of the freedom fighters are the nuer & they are the ones who paid huge sacrifice. But their sacrifice will benefit all south Sudanese. Who will not benefit when there is rule of law & democracy? only the thieves & thugs.

ALONEWOLF July 30, 2015 at 6:29 am

thanks you my dear sister Nyaluak for pointing out exactly what is going on between two headquarters in panthou the new headquarter of SSLM \SSLA and the new headquarter of the SPLM IO \SPLA in Gambella.the Gatthouk Gatkuoth is be hale up in gambella by Dr Riek Machar and Peter Gatdet and Jaban Taban in panthoau.

AGUMUT August 3, 2015 at 3:14 am

Dr.Dementia UNDERFIRE.


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