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Jimma University students Commemorate Thousand Nuer Ethnic Targeted by the order of Salva Kiir on 15-20 December 2013 in Juba

By Dorar Tuoch Chei,

Dec15_2014Dec 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — December 15-20 will go down as the darkest days in South sudan and Nuer tribe in particular. Those days shall never be forgotten as many innocent live from Ethnic Nuer where targeted due to because they were Nuer by security personnel in the main city Juba. Salva kiir cut his leg by killing the very people who elect him to be their president and just thought that He may destroy the reputation Nuer are thinking but will result in to him now cutting his tail and his tribe reputation.

Salva kiir forgott that Nuer elect him as others tribe did in South sudan, he spoil his name in the eyes of the people of South Sudan and world as well by kiling the children, young boys and girls, elders male and female. Our advises to Nuer nations in South Sudan particularly and in the world ; killing of those innocent civilian is an opportunity for us to bring down the dictator or killer and shape the country to be the country in which 64 tribes can live in prosperous and peaceful country. Let us not lost heart but have courage that killer shall not be rewarded with power again while the blood of those innocent is in our memory.

I have writing this piece of message on behave of me and my colleague from Jimma University as we organizes and took december 15 as the dark day and mourning days for the deceased element of Nuer. We have taken december 15 as the time to remember those who lost their lives as we are not better than them we Nuer alives today. We did the ceremony as many do it in others part of the world. We wore black T-shirts, lighting candles, pray, singing Nuer hymes and fasting through out the day. Many of my friends who resided with me here in Jimma gave a piece of advise to Nuer element , we must to stand tall behind the right of humanity and freedom of all citizens to be equal in the eyes of goverment as SPLA/M in opposition do. Let us put our effort to workout for dictator by putting him in tragedy that he did to those innocent Nuer. We know that the blood of those innocent citizens will not leave him behind.
As a hope, ‘kiir will reap what he sow’.Meaning kiir will die the same way as he kiil the very people who elect him.

Our final message to the deceased and the Nuer community at large is that; ; we shall not forget  those who died in any circumstace even if it may cost us. Make sure that you did not died in vain for you died by the name of NUER. We remember you today and will remeber you always till we achieve what you died for.


Dorar Tuoch Chei
Postgraduate  students at Jimma University
South western Ethiopia

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Pech Chuol December 19, 2014 at 5:33 am

We will never forget these thing forever.


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