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How the Dinka Youth are being falsely Indoctrinated and Recruited to The Tribal Army of Salva Kiir?

“I despise Salva Kiir destructive and chaotic leadership and reject his evil act to use Dinka Youths as death tool of his designed war.” Adhar A. Chol

 By Mr. Adhar A. Chol

SPLA recruits in Aweil awaiting training and deployment in Upper Nile war fields(Photo: file)
SPLA recruits in Aweil awaiting training and deployment in Upper Nile war fields(Photo: file)

Feb 22, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Dinka Youth are under attack of no similar kind in the history of Dinka. Under the reign of Salva Kiir and his manufactured Jieng Council of Elder (JCE), also known as Join Corruption Enterprise, a name which describe them handsomely for they are in fact corrupted gang representing their own shallowed interests and not of Jieng as they falsely postulated, and in no response, Dinka Youth continues to fails to understand their misuse and obey with no little protest, with exceptional of few of us who responded to the call of reforms by People Movement risking extreme isolation or worse get killed if we landed in their wrong bloody hands.

Several Dinka youths have been recruited and continue to be conscripted into army under the pretext of protecting the Dinka leadership from the Nuer and Equatorians, the regime uses fear factors campaign techniques aiming to deceive the youths that their lives and that of the Dinka tribe’s legacy would be at risk unless they take up arms now. They are told; if this leadership is taken away from us, we will be in great and extreme danger as we have nowhere to turn to for we have no kins anywhere unlike Nuer and Equatorians who have their brothers in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda, so you must fight to protect ‘Our Leadership’ or else risk elimination. Mr. Anai Kueidit, the Secretary General of so call JCE and one of its godfathers, has discussed this subject openly and to greater extend with Dinka community during his tour in Australia in 2015.

In Dinka History and beyond, although I’m not an expert of it, Young are taught to fight a reasonably war of reasonable justice, not to be used to protect a leadership that belongs to all South Sudanese. Dinka had fought great wars and conflicts for the last centuries and beyond; however, they have never done so by gravely exterminating the elderly, the weak, women, children, or looting properties of their victims as witnessed in December 15, 2013, and July 8 2016 incidents. Second, Dinka community used to be a society where all decent voices were allowed to express their views and opinions. However, in the name of Dinka interest, the regime has not only attempted to assassinate Dr. Riek Machar, the legitimate First Vice President per the ARCISS, who is calling for radical reforms, but also resorted to slaughtering the elderly, women, children, massacring the relatives of individuals who are believed to be supporting SPLM/IO, torturing and killing the country’s officers, government official, politicians, teachers, doctors, religious faith, lawyers, artist, journalist, police officers, engineers, photographers, business people, ministers and ordinary people not because of their political beliefs and affiliations but also simply because of who they were.

This designed war is unknown to a real young Dinka who possess complete understanding of what it meant to be youth in Dinka Society. There has been a manufactured shift from the beliefs that a young Dinka is a protector of justice to a beliefs that the young Dinka shall protect the so called ‘Our Leadership’ which is not only confusing but highly elusive.

I am calling upon the Dinka youths to realise that Kiir and his regime have continued without shame to break apart the social fabric of our beloved country through their evil deeds. We can see this facts reflected deeply by the sounds of guns everywhere in the nation, by our poor economic progress, by an absent of unity and prosperous social development, and by an ongoing insecurity among citizens in the country.

Another evident is that the UN, the African Union, the TROIKA, and many others accounted creditable sources have concluded that the genocide that was carried out systematically by the state in South Sudan in 2013 is bordering to what was witnessed between Hutu and Tutsi in Rwanda in 1994 Rwandan and worst is predicted this year.The Dinka youths are being use by the state to carry out this genocide.

However, although the regime may think they have achieved their goals, thousands of those youths that have taken up arms in the name of protecting the Dinka leadership have now been killed, several have lost limbs, and dozens have sustained long-live wounds and grievous bodily. Furthermore, the impact of fighting unworthy war has caused mental health conditions, emotional anguishes, severe financial issues and above all families disintegration to many of these young Dinka and their family members.

Therefore, I am whole heartedly calling up you youths to abundance Kiir and his evil elders’ plans to use us as their shield to destroy our beloved nation. Since it becomes crystal obvious they are using you to protect Kiir chaotic leadership of limited abilities. We Dinka are not under any threat from Junbeen rather it is us Junbeen (Dinka included) who are under threat from Monsters Kiir, Taban, Malong and Wani Igga and SPLM/A-IO is committed and determined to no limits to liberate and protect you from this threat and a day in our calendar will arrive when the People’s Movement will march to Juba as did Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), ending the worst Genocide in Africa. Victory Belong to South Sudanese People.


Mr. Adhar A. Chol

Secretary General of SPLM/IO Victoria Chapter -Melbourne Australia

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