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GOGRIAL STATE YOUTH UNION: Intervention to Stop Escalating Conflict in Gogrial State.

Open letter to, H.E. 1st Lt Gen.Salva Kiir Mayardit,

The President of the Republic of South Sudan


July 5, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– With reference to the subject stated above, Gogrial state youth union in Juba would like to acknowledge the efforts you have undertaken to call Gogrial state elders meeting last month and discussed with them how the conflict could be resolved, which was appreciated by the people of Gogrial state and respected by the warring youth.

This was seen as a positive initiative to address the disputes in the state however, the conflict did not stop but continue to escalate in all parts of the state and to neighboring states of Wau and Twic because the state Government has failed to take any single step to intervene. Therefore, we kindly call upon the National Government and you H.E. the President in person to stop this conflict.

Your Excellency, we are dismayed by recent incidents which occurred between Apuk and Kuac communities. These incidents caused instability in Kuajok town in all the nights, there have been random and target shooting and torturing in the headquarters.

The turmoil in Kuajok town is resulting from the followings:

  1. The killing of Lual Atek Lual and Chan Ayii Deng, and the wounding of his brother Lual Atek Lual at Thuracol vilage of Kuac South on 26th June, 2017.
  2. The killing of Atek Lual Achuil at Jaknyiou village of Kuac north.
  3. Revenged killing of 5 people from Apuk South County and wounding of many others by Kuac youth on 3/7/2017.
  4. Targeted killing of two people from Apuk community on Wau- Kaujok road on 2/7/2017.
  5. The kiling of Maluk Bol and wounding of his brother Deng Bol at Aluelamou village of kuac South County.
  6. Raiding of Diing Makuei and others people’s cattle in state capital and looting of properties on 1/7/2017.
  7. The governor hate speeches and intimidation against kuac community elders which Left the community disappointed with feelings that the Governor is really their enemy.


  1. We call upon you, the President to relieve the governor since his present in the state is unsafe and increasing the tension through his hate speeches.
  2. We call upon you to deploy the national army in the state to conduct forceful disarmament.
  3. We are appealing to you, the President to appoint the person who will be neutral and who is not being doubted to have taken any side or involved in the conflict, as the new Governor.
  4. We are appealing to you, H.E the President to relieve all the national Mps and other constitutional post holders from Gogrial state to go back and engage their communities to resort to peace.
  5. We call upon your Excellency to establish an impartial special court to address the dispute

In conclusion, we would to extend our heartfelt condolences to the all families the victims and we urge to stay away from such revenge activities and wait for anticipated remedial response for our president

Lastly, we condemn such chaos in the strongest term possible



Simon Machuar Manhkeracnaak,
The President of Gogrial Youth Union in Juba.

Contact +211923112992/+211956216749.

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