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Gogrial State Should Lead By Example and End The Communal Fighting Through Community Dialogue

By Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii Madut(PhD),

Elders of Aguok community during a meeting in Gokrial community(Photo credits:  Zoe Carmack)
Elders of Aguok community during a meeting in Gokrial community(Photo credits: Zoe Carmack)

July 9th, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Gogrial state for the last couples of months had been on social media, tea places, cards and dominoes idles colleagues tables and other media only on issues of communities fighting themselves with both light and heavy weapons mostly targeting the most vulnerable, the children, women and elderly and disable resulting to deaths and displacements in the places of origin of the most vulnerable, cattle rustling, farming interruption although it is time for cultivation

To my readers allow me make small introduction of what is Gogrial state, its communities and a prominent figures in both private, public and NGOs; Gogrial State is one of the recently created state out of the former Warrap state , it is comprised of Aguok community, Kuac, Apuk and Awan community it has some prominent figures both in private and public arena, national and international arena e,g chief justice Chan Reec of Republic of South Sudan, myself-The founder and director of Juba Institute of Health Sciences, Sudd Institute Director- Prof.Jok Madut Jok, the former Minister of humanitarian affairs Lual Acuil Lual, the former Deputy Minister Gen Acuil Tito Tong, Vice chancellor-University of Juba-Prof. John Apurut Akech , former deputy chief of staff General Mathok Geng, Gen Atem Gualdit, Prominent businessman Makiir Gai etc just to mention but a few

Having given that brief history , there would be questions with obvious answers in the minds of every other person of what has happen to that state which has produce such prominent figures who are busy removing the specks in others people’s eyes when their mothers, children, elderly and youths are foods for the vultures and thousands of others at the verge of hunger come next season as the communal fighting is unpredictable in term of its end but instead growing from worse to worst at the a alarming rate that only God knows

Way forward, as others see it as a music and dance when there is communal fighting between Aguok-Apuk which has engulfed and spread to other communities e,g Kuac, Wau and Abiem community of Tonj resulting to displacement and deaths but instead should be viewed as lost of human capital that would be productive in one way or the other.

As people leave by examples therefore, the more it is not contained the more it would engulfed the neighborhood and spread as a method of problem solving by taking law into community hands which is dangerous to the nation as a whole.

My advice is the state government should summon the sons and daughters from whichever the position they are in, being national, private and international level and engaged them on community diagnosis of problem and dialogue which can to promote the national dialogue remember if you cannot comeback home physically because you are beyond the community level but remember one thing you will come home in your coffin and would need a decency burial for yourselves a role played by the leaving community not the dead in their graves .

My advice is that the president should try to relieve the governor only after he has settle the problem which started during his time, this will discourage the politicians who only provoke the community fighting for the governor to be relieve in order to get appointment but one thing is clear the position can be got but the dead are dead and would never come to live

In conclusion, let us be realistic and exemplary if the community dialogue in Gogrial state where the president Salva Kiir Mayardit your son the architecture of National dialogue cannot work, you expect the national dialogue to fail too, Gogrial state should leave by example not the other way.


Dr Isaac Ayii Ayii Madut(PhD) can be reached through email at ayiiisaac728@gmail.com

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