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By Row Duol Tuong,

Members of Gajaak Community meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, August 30, 2016(Photo: Mekonen Tefere Addis Ababa)
Members of Jikany Community meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, August 30, 2016(Photo: Mekonen Tefere
Addis Ababa)

Sept 17, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The community of Gajiok in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is happy to thanks all those who participated in yesterday’s fundraising event held at 24 Kebele, on 16 of September 2016.

The community made an emergency fundraising for the victims of the last month’s air bombardment carried out by the government forces in the town of Nasir and its surrounding areas which results into killing of the innocents people displacing many.

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Responding to the immediate request by the local people in the town of Nasir, the Gajiok Community Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia successfully raised money based on their capacity.

As the a community we are very much appreciative to the entire Nuer community who joined us together in yesterday’s occasion in order to respond to the immediate request from our brothers and sisters in the ground affected by their very government which is designed to kills them.

More than closed to a thousand people turnout yesterday and joined us in raising fund for those people in need in the ground.

I, Row Duol Tuong, Chairperson of the Gajiok Community Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia would like to thanks those people who contributed massively to make the event successful. As a community we would also like to appreciate those people collectively work together to make the event successful.

Our unity matte and it is only when we come together as one collective identity we can achieve greater things for our people. We also repeated to the public and officially dismissed any person against us.  We don’t support Taban Deng Gai but rather see them as enemy fighting alongside forces of Salva Kiir killing our civilians in the ground each and every day.

This is a public appreciation to those people who contributed money yesterday in the hall in responding to the immediate need of our people.

Thanks you all once more.

Row Duol Tuong is the Chairperson of the Gajiok Community Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He can be reached +251-89-972-593, +251-977-323-785.

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Mawien Magol September 18, 2016 at 10:07 am

You were saying to flushing out government or Dinkas SPLA in Nassir county. The young nation South Sudan is getting stronger a little by little and soon or later perhaps, you will see air force flying all over South Sudan nation.

GatNor September 19, 2016 at 12:40 am

Mawien Maggol,

Lets look at the benefits and disadvantages of these forces currently occupying Gaajioks home county of Nasir. The present of these forces in Nasir has immediate and long term negative implications on the population there and the longer these forces are sustained there the more the disadvantages becomes. It matters not where these forces are from but their sole purpose is occupation.
– If the forces in Nasir are government forces its even more of a reason to have them flushed out as the government is the same government indiscriminately murdering citizens including the Nasir population.
– If these are Jaangs tribal extremists militias illegally occupying Nasir, a home county of Gaajiok Nuer then one would say it is wise to encourage flushing out these forces out of Nasir as they have no business being there apart from tribal agenda of territorial expansion.

Either way in regards to these forces, the advantages don’t clearly out weighs the disadvantages against the populations of Nasir but in favor of the forces in question however controversial their present in Nasir might be.

The #1 reason the people of Nasir are displaced is because of the present of these hostile forces and so I don’t see why anyone would have a problem with the people of Nasir funding flushing out of these hostile forces.

The sons and daughters of Nasir who are pro-Jaangs illegal hostile forces & those pro-SPLA-Jaang also hostile forces must question their own sanity and moral conviction to value any support of such an illegal occupation that clearly puts a whole population of their own people at risk in more ways than one.

Back to your claim, airplanes can be brought down as history will validate this so let them fly as they wish for the moment. Perhaps some days and hopefully soon enough you will here orders of all Jaangs tribal planes to stay cleared and out of Nuers territorial air space or else be brought down at their won expenses.


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