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Former SPLM-IO Representative Forms a New Party

ByDei Tut Weangkhor,

Former: Representative of SPLM IO in Kenya

Former: Director General of National Employees Justice

Former: Acting Director of National Anti-corruption Commission

Dei Tut Weangkhor, Interim Chairman of United Democratic Republic Alliance (UDRA)
Dei Tut Weangkhor, Interim Chairman of United Democratic Republic Alliance (UDRA)


Feb 14, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— Dear compatriots, I salute you in the name of our beloved country; our heroes and heroines who sacrificed their precious lives for freedom and independence of the Republic of South Sudan. Certainly, it is no secret anymore that, our country is now bleeding into obliteration under the unapologetic SPLM-IG & tribal government of Salvatore ‘Killer’ Kiir. From the onset, this fraudulent regime has been working extremely hard to warrant that divisions among our people are irreparable and the control of our resources is channeled only to benefit themselves and cohorts.

Similarly, the SPLM-IO is no longer a people’s movement; it has become irrelevant in the region and is increasingly being isolated from the on-going political debate because of incompetent leadership and lack of a clear political agenda. The patriarch of the uprising is now expelled into the trenches of South Africa; the newly appointed deputy is aimlessly trying to reconnect an already failed and disengaged leadership to no avail. It is high time we cognize the international community’s’ motive intricacies on this forced exclusion of SPLM-IO’s leadership; and judiciously reflect on the ramifications of the vacuum already created by the absence of leadership.

South Sudan’s people are suffering and have suffered enough, therefore, we the concerned people who have congregated here decisively resolved it is time to come together and reconstruct a strong opposition alliance with clear objectives and agenda to salvage the future of our people from SPLM bad governance. Clearly, SPLM faction’s (the IG, FDs and IO) agendas and doctrines are unscrupulous and conspicuously not for the socio-economic development and uplifting of our country and its downtrodden people.

Today, we are being confronted with the very challenges on which we had fought and waged a protracted war of independence. Our people are now dying in the hands of their own brothers in all parts of the country. We cannot allow this fratricide and brutality against our people to continue unabated. Therefore, and based on the complexities of the aforesaid background, it is incumbent on us as the people of South Sudan to reunite our ranks and files and form a strong opposition front that can effectively challenge this kleptocratic SPLM renegades and government.

As such, and before you today, we the people, loudly proclaim our pledge to reclaim our country and protect the interest and integrity of our people by announcing the launch of the people’s party, the United Democratic Republic Alliance (UDRA).

UDRA will stand firm for the people’s best interest and will work in collaboration and partnership with other like-minded opposition groups towards total regime change in South Sudan. The UDRA will aim for the promotion of human dignity and respect; democracy and rule of law and human rights and social justice.

UDRA is committed to the establishment of strong institutions to safeguard good governance, transparency and accountability in South Sudan. A comprehensive position document in which UDRA’s agendas are outlined will be released by the UDRA’s Political Mobilization Secretariat soon.

Thank you, may God bless you and may God bless the people of South Sudan.

The struggle continues…..

 You can reach the chairman of United Democratic Republic Alliance at  dtutweang@yahoo.com

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JUNUBI February 14, 2017 at 5:00 am

That is all rubbish. Today you have human senses but will turn into a “fox” like them after getting it. maybe you a shadow for ‘His weakness/SULTAN Salva Kiir’ and the JCE

John Lew February 14, 2017 at 10:18 pm

It is not a right time comrades Dei Tut to form a new party in this critical situation where your people in ground are continues to suffering from the hand of dictator JCE. In this regard, I am urging you comrade to stand firm for IO if you want to care for our people at home.other why i may considered you like Taban group who blind full their people for a couple of years for their interest. Time is at hand, just a minute to turns up our right and rescue our citizens from Kiir dictator regime. Many comrades leave IO for the issue of position like what Peter Gatkuoth Khor and others did, I am a ware many peoples joint IO to look for positions, and not to come for clear objective and vision of IO.Let me be clear to you people of South Sudan,Dr. Machar’s vision is very clear to rescue and changed live situation of South Sudanese people not only for Nuer as many comrades mis understand his vision and objective. Though the whole world fails to said the truth, God knows the days of South Sudan war.


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