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Fighting Resumes in the Major Towns of Upper Nile, South Sudan!

South Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) soldiers (Hannah McNeish /AFP/Getty Images)
South Sudanese Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) soldiers (Hannah McNeish /AFP/Getty Images)

Sept 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from Upper Nile’s capital confirm that the United Nation compound in Malakal is swelling as locals abandoned their homes in search of safety in the town.

Multiple sources from UNMISS camp alleged that sound of big guns in the direction of Dolep Hills are heard advancing towards Malakal town.

“A fresh fighting is anticipated, people fear for their lives here. Sound of big guns are heard not very far away from the direction of Doliep [Dolep Hills]. Many people are coming to the compound, some come from Doliep and other from the direction of Canal.” Charles Tim, corresponding from UNMISS camp in Malakal.

Earlier fightings in Malakal instigated clashes among the IDPs in the camps.

According to Charles Tim, fighting resumed on Friday morning between Dolep Hills and Malakal, following a heavy fight in Dolep Hill.

The  Upper Nile’s minister of Information, Gatluak Liphos, confirmed that the fighting in Dollep Hills began at about 5Am in the morning and went on for hours, however, the minister believes that their position was attacked by rebels from Canal.

According to Philip Aguer the rebels who allegedly attacked their position in Dolep Hills were repulsed immediately. Aguer reiterates that their positions were attacked first by the rebels but the government  forces maintained their ground.

Contrary, the residents of Dolep Hills report that the fighting in the town erupted between the SPLM-Juba forces following suspicious interrogations of Nuer soldiers from Jikany Nuer in the ranks of SPLA-Juba.

Sources in Malakal believes that the town could be attacked by Fangak and Lou-Nuer white army from the South, however, other sources reiterate that the Shilluck forces under the command of Gen. Johnson Uliny are not in good terms with the loyal forces following a political turmoil within the government delegation in Juba.

According to Mangok Kawai, who fled Obel town this morning, the white armies have seized Obel and may advanced to Malakal this afternoon.

“Rebels of white army overran Obel this morning. They came in thousands, very many from Khorfulus. The government soldiers were few in number. We all came here to safe our lives” Kawai said.

In other reports, the SPLM-IO forces have assembled in Khorfulus, Canal and Fangak to defend their position from the allied forces of SPLA-Juba.

According to Gatjiath Jok, who spoke to Nyamilepedia’s correspondent at the UN base in Malakal, the SPLA-IO forces have been in Canal, Khorfulus and Fangak for months.

“The freedom fighters did not start gathering in Canal yesterday. They were there. They have been there for more than three months. Thousands young men volunteered from Lou and Fangak communities to defend their territory from Killer Salva Kiir” Gatjiath said.

“You know this killer called Malong who killed many Nuer people in Juba; he said he will airdrop Ugandans and Bahr el Ghazal soldiers on the Island of Fangak to displace people there. Malong want to go to rescue his people in Pigi, you know? but wants to clear Fangak and Canal first, you know?” Gatjiath Jok, speaking to Nyamilepedia’s correspondent in Malakal.

Fighting in Renk

SouthSudan Map - Renk indicator cropped_0According to Renk residents, who fled to Sudan-Upper Nile border, fighting which started on 17th Sept has displaced residents of about 7 towns that include Gongbaar, Dupduk, Jarbani, Renk, Gerger and Halagah

Talking to Nyamilepedia’s editorial team from the border town of Kosti, Chieng Baluel, confirmed that fighting resumed in the area on 17th after the government soldiers tried to push back the strengthening rebellion.

Chieng reiterates that many people from Renk, Gongbaar and the neighboring towns are arriving in Kosti, a border town in Sudan.

“Many people are still arriving here since yesterday. Some people started leaving the town of Renk when they heard the sound of gun from the direction of Gangbar. We do not know who control the town yet” Mr. Baluel said.

According to Awer Dau Agany, the Deputy Governor of Upper Nile, Renk and the neighboring towns are being contested by the two warring parties.

“It is true that Renk town and other surrounding areas are being attacked. Gangbar and Dukduk are about 15 kilometres away from town. Our SPLA forces are still clashing with rebels there and with time details will be found,”Hon Dau said.

Dau believe that fighting in Renk has continued until 8:30pm on Thursday, however, he believes that it is too early to conclude who control the towns or to commend on the number of casualties.

In other reports the Chief of Staff for SPLA-Juba forces, Paul Malong Awan, has arrived at Paloich oil fields to coordinate an attempt to retake and secure the strategic towns of Gong Baar, Dupduk and Jarbani in order to protect the country’s main source of revenue, Paloich oil fields.

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