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Fighting in Kakuma Refugee camp, Kenya.

Dear Tesfa,

7 confirmed Dead As South Sudanese Refugees resume war in Kakuma refugees camp in Kenya(Photo: LWF/Nyamilepedia version)
7 confirmed Dead As South Sudanese Refugees resume war in Kakuma refugees camp in Kenya(Photo: LWF/Nyamilepedia version)

Nov 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Fighting continues as other nationalities—the Burundian and the Congolese—joined the side of the Dinka as they were the minorities compare to the Nuer. The Kenya police in their Respond shot two people from the Nuer side who were said to be in a very critical condition. The Kenyan Police also arrested one person from the Nuer whom they had beaten to death.

As I talked to Matay Mut, one of the community leaders, this evening, the rivals groups are still engaged in fighting in Kakuma 3 & 4. The Nuer who lives in Kakuma 1 are also expecting a massive attack this night by the Joint group of Dinka, Congolese and Burundian.

Although the fight started as a rape case, its persistence is likely to have been influenced by the already widened social rift between the two sisterly tribes of Nuer and Dinka.

Simon Puot, a head teacher of one of the schools in the camp linked the incident to the fighting that took place in the IDP camps in Juba and Malakal. “This is a coordinated move by the government of south Sudan to cause chaos among the refugees and the IDPs so that the UN will decide that they should be returned to their home because they are no longer seeking protection, they creates insecurity themselves” Said Puot.

The Chairman of the Humanitarian Affairs of the rebel faction (SPLM-IO) Gideon Gatpan is expected to meet with the head of the UNHCR tomorrow (Friday) to discuss the situation of the South Sudanese refugees in Kenya. The rebels’ leadership in Kenya is also expected to meet with Kenyan authority to discuss the protection of the refugees to ensure their safety. There was not yet a reaction from the South Sudan embassy in Kenya on the crisis that faces the South Sudanese refugees.

There has been frequent occurrence of people entering the refugee camp with a political motive. Two months ago, the son of Simon Kun Poch, the governor of Upper Nile state was sent to the camp by the government with a lot of money to bribe the Nuer refugees purporting scholarship program for the Nuer. This was discovered and before he could be reported to the Kenyan Police, he evacuated the camp.

Contacts of Community leaders in Kakuma

Simon Puot: +254706605580

Matay Mut: +254720827383

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Maria Kisimba Israel March 17, 2016 at 3:02 pm

November 3/ 2014 will be an forgetable day in my life has a Refugee in Kakuma for about nine years but now in Australia, My name is Maria Kisimba Israel Congolese by nationality. i alwas pray for the Refugee all around the world my dream in feture is to help people in need and i hope one day my dreams will come true, and we should keep in our mind that fighiting will never finish our problems let’s love each other has our father in haven love’s us.

George May 12, 2016 at 3:55 am

in truth Kakuma is a foxhole for south Sudanese in particular and peaceful residential place for the other neighbouring countries. Therefore we should respect and thank Kenyan for they rescued the lives of many.


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