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Fangak South County Elects SPLM-IO And Community Leadership Structures

By Bol Khan Rom,

A crowd of women and children attending a ceremony in Old Fangak (Phto/Nyamilepedia).
A crowd of women and children attending a ceremony in Old Fangak (Phto/Nyamilepedia).

Feb 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- On February 15th-16th 2016 in Old Fangak; Fangak South County’s community began its organizational process by electing two different leadership structures/positions. First, the organizational process was started with SPLM-IO leadership, where the party members elected the SPLM-IO Chair and Secretariats in the County. That’s on 15th February the SPLM-IO members in Fangak South County convened a meeting in which they elected the following people:

  1. Hon. Isaac Tut Machar Biet, elected as SPLM-IO ‘s Chair in the County;
  2. Mr. Duop Wichar Ruai as Party Secretary;
  3. Mr. Kueth Gatjang Thiep as Deputy Secretary for Administration and Finance;
  4. Mr. Peter Gai Maluit Chuol, Information;
  5. Ms. Elizabeth Nyakuoth Gatpan as SPLM-IO’s Women League head; and
  6. Mr. Khot Khor Taleak as SPLM-IO Youth League in Fangak South County, Old Fangak.

And on 16th February 2016, Fangak South County’s Community, the Thiang Nuer, also met and elected its Chairperson, Deputy, Secretary General, Finance and Information. The SPLM-IO Chairperson, Hon. Issac Tut Machar, was given double duties or elected again also to lead Thiang Nuer Community in Fangak (South) County. The New leadership of Thiang Nuer Community in the County was arranged as bellow:

  1. Hon. Issac Tut Machar, as Thiang Nuer Community’s new Chairperson
  2. Ustaz. Peter Keak Beah, Deputy Chair
  3. Mr. Isaac Gatluok Deng Tai, Secretary General
  4. Ms. Tabitha Nyachin Kuojok, Secretary for Finance
  5. Michael Nyoab Gai Nyoab, Secretary for Information

In his congratulatory remarks in the two meetings, Hon. Isaac Tut Machar the newly elected SPLM-IO and Thiang Nuer Community’s Chairperson congratulated himself and his subordinates for the new positions. He said the step taken by Fangak South County to

Executive Director Mr. Ruot Phab ( L), Tabitha N. Kuojok (second L), Old Fangak County’s Commissioner Hon, Isaac Tut Machar ( C) holding a stick, Mr. Duop Wichar ( R ) plus other SPLM-IO members standing behind.
Executive Director Mr. Ruot Phab ( L), Tabitha N. Kuojok (second L), Old Fangak County’s Commissioner Hon, Isaac Tut Machar ( C) holding a stick, Mr. Duop Wichar ( R ) plus other SPLM-IO members standing behind (Photo/Nyamilepedia).

organize the Party and Community’s leaderships was a very wise step. He also talked about the importance of having a leadership. Saying no political party or community worldwide can achieve anything good unless it can come together as one organized body with all its necessary structures in place. “Any political party or community cannot be regarded healthy, alive, civilized entity unless it has organized itself, put forward the objectives with active leaderships. A community cannot call itself wise unless it has organized itself. A community cannot be valued by other worldwide unless it has done something worth that can let other revere that community. The Thiang Nuer Community has been doing the best thing and so our community will continue maintaining being in the front page of both previous and modern political history book. You cannot achieve anything without a leadership. You cannot progress without a leadership”. Hon. Isaac Tut ended his remark.

Hon. Tut Machar also asked the community members to support the compromise peace agreement (ARCISS). Unlike during CPA I that ended 30 years war between South and North Sudan, Thiang Nuer Community did not enjoy anything during that time but in this CPA II Thiang Community must enjoy the result of their children contributions and realized peace dividends. “Thiang Nuer Community had never enjoyed peace dividends in their areas of living even during CPA II, despite much contribution done by their sons & daughters in the struggle. So all of us we need to have collective responsibility or helped our beloved county realized that”. He lamented

Also on 17th Feb/2016, a “go back to school” campaign was launched by Hold the Child organization in Old Fangak. Other educational partners; like Food for the Hungry, mothering Across Continents, UNICEF/CHF’s representative, and Comboni Missionaries also took part in a campaign. Mr. Peter Keak Beih, Fangak South County’s Educational Director said “back to learning” campaign was extremely significant especially in areas whose schools have been destroyed by war. He said children are just staying idle partly because of starvation or because there are no schools, motivated-teachers to teach the children therefore only a small quarter of children in this County that is reached with education services. “We thank the organizations which have organized this “go back to learning” ceremony. The children in this county are very many but they don’t go to schools because you may find a family without food to eat, schools are not enough, most of educated persons are unable to volunteer in teaching.”

Hon. Isaac Tut Machar closed the ceremony: saying all NGOs which are supporting education in the County should try to bring food for education or organized places like boarding schools for children. He said all IDPs youth, women and children who were in schools in Malakal, Bentiu, Bor, plus other places in South Sudan were displaced to Fangak South County and they are here now out of schools. He asked and requested all educational partners not to stick only in Old Fangak and Toch Payams but should reach all children in remotes Payams and Bomas across the county. “All NGOs which are doing and want to provide educational services here should bring food for schools pupils if these NGOs need to attack more children to schools. A starving child cannot go back to school while his/her stomach is empty. So food can motivate many children to go back to school. Children need paid-teachers to teach them. Children need pens, black boards, and exercise and text books. Children need schools or at least shelters in which they can learn…etc, so all educational partners should try their level best and provide all those things if they want to helped children go back to schools”, Hon. Isaac Tut Machar, Fangak South County Commissioner concluded his speech.

Bol Khan Rom is the author, he can be reached through khanrom8@gmail.com.

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Bol Gatjang February 22, 2016 at 12:59 pm

Your congratulations brothers and sisters of Fangak county for your successful free and fair elections. You had demonstrated a real democratic in your castings ballot like Unity State s county community. You better keeps it up my Uncles and Aunties in Fangak county.As results , changes is always started by collective or individuals contributions


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