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Family of General Akol Koor Kuc Runs Away From Tonj North For Safety Reasons.

By Aduol Majeeh Mayen,
South Sudan National Security chief General Akol Koor meeting SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny [not seen] in Khartoum in 2019 (Photo credit: SSBC)
South Sudan National Security chief General Akol Koor meeting SPLM-IO leader Dr. Riek Machar Teny [not seen] in Khartoum in 2019 (Photo credit: SSBC)

Sept 2, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — First of all, I would like to begin by making this introduction about the communities of Tonj before diving into the new development that is currently happening in former Tonj State.

Tonj has one of the largest communities in the country. The communities here are divided into three major divisions. There is Tonj North which is comprised of 11 communities, Tonj East that is composed of 4 communities and Tonj South, which is said to be equal to Tonj East in terms of population although that remains to be verified.

General Akol Koor Kuc, the current Director General of the South Sudan’s Internal Security Bureau, held from Tonj North county. This community is very tiny but also terrible in many ways. Specifically, Akol Koor is from Atok Bok Alok community which is bordering with the Jur Bol community to the East, Leer Mou Dinka community to the South, Noi Ayii Kuot community to the North west and Lou Mawien and Kongoor Arop Akol communities to the North side.

The new development in Tonj’s North county is alarming because the killing of a businessman, late captain Kerubino Wol Agok and his best friend from Agar community in Lake region has brought insecurity to the immediate family of General Akol Koor Kuc. As mentioned earlier on, the community which general Akol Koor Kuc held from is very tiny and also a terrible one. His Atok Bok Alok community started fighting with Jur Bol community two weeks ago and the fighting is going on as I am speaking now.

The community of General Akol Koor and the Jur Bol community are all in Tonj North county but we do know that the State government and the Local government have not been operating for almost four months and this was one of the reasons why Lou Nuers and Murle youths have been fighting. Similar feuds are taking place in Lake State and more specifically in Tonj North; however, these feuds are not covered by local and foreign media and therefore they remain in the dark while civilians suffer.

According to my information from the Tonj fighting about 17 people are dead from the first fighting. The second and third fighting were said to have worsen to the point that the community of General Akol Koor Kuc has been overrun and displaced. All families of Akol Koor have been airlifted to Wau and others were taken to Kenya because his community has been chased away up to Warrap Town on June 28, 2020.

On the bigger picture, who should be blamed?

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has made himself a trademark, not only for failing to achieve any mission but also for two other reasons: one, Kiir has a bad luck which was passed down from his mother and I think the vast majority of South Sudanese people who might have heard of this would agree with me and two, Kiir has failed to demonstrate leadership by failing to show South Sudanese people his sense of direction and accountability. 

After the death of our late Chairman, Dr.John Garang, the Tonjes politicians helds many doubts on General Salva Kiir Mayardit based on his past records and performances, however, Dr. Riek Machar Teny defended him because he thought he would do things differently, unfortunately, he took the wrong direction and returned the country to war when the South Sudanese people wanted him to demonstrate leadership and steer the country into the right direction. 

In addition to tribal-dictatorship, President Salva Kiir Mayardit has adopted the same Arabs policies that the South Sudanese took armed against, together with his niece Mr. Tor Deng Mawien, and because of that the South  Sudanese people will continue to suffer for many years to come.

While leaders are looting our resources in the capital, Juba, the local populations, and especially the would-be beneficiaries, are killing and displacing themselves in the villages. Gen. Akol Koor is focusing on providing security to president Kiir in J1 but he cannot provide security to children, women and elderly population in his own village.

The South Sudanese people are asking themselves many questions and they are looking for answers. It is still a misery whether or not the South Sudanese fought the war for 21 years to enslave themselves worse that the marginalization they suffered from the Arab regimes. They need to know why their country has to have five vice presidents that are doing completely nothing and whether or not the president has a clue of what he is doing in his position as a president of a country. At this point there is no single grain of doubts that South Sudan has no leaders; however, coming back to the family of the Chief of South Sudan National Security that are now wondering in search of security like many other South Sudanese that have been constantly running up and down trying to find a place of refuge. South Sudan needs solutions to the fighting in Tonj and other parts of the country but who shall provide it?

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