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Ex- Minister Caught Red Handed “Stealing” From His wife in Juba!

By Tut Jock

The Ex- Minister, James Kok Ruei(Photo: extracted)
The Ex- Minister, James Kok Ruei(Photo: extracted)

Oct 13, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A friend of mine from the Office of the President leaked to me this unbelievable information.

Honorable James Kok stealing the money of his wife(Nyayien) in Juba

I always think the SPLM leaders are stealing government or public money alone, I never new that they are addicted and greedy to the point of stealing the money of their own spouses.

Few weeks ago in Juba the wife of honorable James Kok Ruei, who came from Australia wrote to the office of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, claiming their house in Australia, acquired through mortgage, is being auctioned by the bank because they failed to pay the mortgage.

She requested the President to assist her with $150.000 (one hundred &fifty thousands US dollars only) to rescue the house. It is a known fact among the South Sudanese that the house was bought long time ago from the money stolen and bribes solicited so far since James was a minster in Khartoum and also in Juba during the CPA implementation, but since lying has become part of SPLM rulers including their spouses they never hesitate to make wild claims.

The President who is the head of corruption in the country approved the request and ordered the Central Bank to pay her. Unfortunately James Kok who has several wives decided he will spend the night in the hotel with the other wife with the few loonies he was left with. In the process James Kok discovered the wife had an approval from the office of the President. Least than expected the ex-honorable stole the approval papers, and in the morning he went to the Central Bank to cash the money despite that he had no authorization from the wife.

To cash the new fortune, an old trick had to be used. Kok bribed the bank official, who then offered to pay him the money. Later, the wife got prepared to go and received her money from the Bank, however, she soon discovered that the approval from the office of the President had disappeared in a thin air. With shock and disbelief she rushed back to President’s office through her contacts, she explain she lost the approval. The office so generously wrote her a new letter, she went to the bank and found that the money was cashed by Honorable James Kok Ruei.

The wife broke down in tears cursing the day James became her husband. The news reached the office of the President again. The most corrupt president, ignoring that millions had disappeared in his office, failed to belief how the bank can pay someone’s money to a person who isn’t authorize.

With threats from the above the bank was forced to pay the lady her well deserved amount of $150,000 immediately. Without delay the wife rushed to Australian to rescue the house and James Kok returned to Ethiopia to spend the rest of his $150,000 on the hotels.  James Kok is the SPLM party special envoy but a South Sudan thief of the first order who could steal government, public and his spouse money. Wonders will never cease! END.

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