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Eastern Jikany Community Meeting, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Oct 1, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Eastern Jikany Community in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, having witness the suffering of our people as a result of the senseless war imposed on them by the Regime of Salva Kiir Mayardiit on 15th December 2013, hereby pay tribute to victims (dead or alive)of this conflict.

Mindful of the fact that the regime is still determined to exterminate more victims, we have noticed with keenness, the malicious tactics used by the perpetrator to lure more victims to its death trap. Such tactics include using the often traumatized-disillusion survivors of December genocide who are still at its disposal. This people use money to target those economically, politically, and socially vulnerable to lure them to regime’s killer machine in Juba.

Therefore, on its meeting on 28th September 2014, we the Eastern Jikany community in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, met and resolved the follow:

  1. We want to remind members of our community worldwide; the violence that took place in juba which resulted to the death of more than 20,000 members of our community had nothing to do with us. We had nothing to do with it though it resulted to numerous deaths of our people in Juba, Malakal, Ulang, Nasir, Longechuk, Bor, Bentiu, and so forth. We also want to remind our people that the violence that was meted on innocent people is still going on the ground, which is why the regime continued to occupy our areas with continue killing and displacement of our people.
  1. The fact that the government is using our people to lure us back to it’s death trap is deplorable and unacceptable. For this, we want to express our total rejection to this malicious activity. We strongly condemn in equal term, our brothers and sisters who allow themselves to be used to lure their own friends and relative to their demise. In particular, we condemn in the strongest term the Eastern Nuer Commissioners (Liech Bany Kaet of Nasir County, Biel Chuol Gach of Maiwut County, Gatkuoth Bim of Ulang County, and Gach Wuol Guandong of Longechuk County) and their accomplices who are engage in such immoral practice of putting innocent lives in danger for their selfish gain. A leadership that lure it’s people to danger in return for political favor, is not worth following. The act of pursuing innocent lives that have thus far made it to safety in foreign country; only to lure them back to danger is a crime before God. We reject this in its totality and we urge them to desist from such malicious practice. We see this as a direct importation of violence conflict with all it’s horror to this innocent people.
  1. Finally, we appeal to our people inside and outside South Sudan to resist temptations of blood money and to desist from the practice of being use to lure their people to death trap in juba. We denounce those engage in such practice and urge our people to do the same wherever they encounter such dangerous activities. On equal note we condemn those weak hearted, who have set such a dangerous precedent of rejoining a regime which massacred their people in cold blood. Death to them and those who may follow their selfish path. We curse them and the blood of our slain innocent people shall haunt them for the rest of their short life.

Kun Wal Chotper


Jikany Community,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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