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Dr. Chol’s Full Declaration on joining the SPLM-IO

By Maj. Gen. Dr. Chol Marial Deng.

Oct 12, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — It is with troubled heart that the circumstances have forced me to speak out against the ills and long enforced isolation. I know many of the neglected SPLA veterans of my calibre have succumbed to trauma and mental torment, others died and countless on streets begging or have run insane and the very few resolved to die a dignified death but today I have decided otherwise.

Maj. Gen. Dr. Achol Marial Deng declaring his resignation from the SPLM-IG and joining the SPLM-IO in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
Maj. Gen. Dr. Chol Marial Deng declaring his resignation from the SPLM-IG and joining the SPLM-IO in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

Even after having conclusively arrived to such consequential decision, I have tolerated enough from the past in silence and I very much know that the majority of real SPLM cadres, Red Army, veterans, wounded and the World at large stands with me in this decision. The decision is painful but necessitated by variety of no more intolerable circumstances. I’m compelled beyond restrictive measures to arrive here.

Since the death of the visionary SPLA leader, Dr. John Garang De Mabior, his successor, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit whose succession was questionable at wider lenses instantly and expectedly turned a blind eye against the vision and mission of SPLM and opted for shortcuts which were only to his satisfaction and that of the NCP-ist opportunists.

Firstly, Salva Kiir opted for opportunists not leaders that would carry forth the SPLM vision. The opportunists were/still is very corrupt-minded and clearly shown it was an opportunity to loot the country’s resources. Nobody amongst them thought about the future of SPLM and the country at large because they knew not the sacrifices others took to have this hard-won independence but instead were just invited upon to harvest the seeds sown by the dead and wounded. In their mind was no other agenda apart from the country liberated, their bank accounts fattened, children sent to lavish life in the diaspora and themselves put in the drive wheels of the country’s face. A major achievement to them and indeed, they did cheaply at the face of blind and unlicensed driver. Great humiliation, right?

Secondly, there was another mess again even before the country was granted full independence. The formation of the incompetent and ignorant electoral college to take charge of the 2010 elections was very much questionable at wider length. There was no need for such ignorant, opportunistic and ill-formed people to take responsibility of issues of such delicacy when we had trained personnels. In the early 90s, there were over 500(five hundred) political commissars trained in Cuba and other parts of the world to take responsibility of such complex demands in the future and indeed, that was the time to consider vast experience because they had the insights about the SPLM as a party, all its visionary leaders and what the young country so much wanted and its long starved, tortured and marginalised citizens.

Expectedly, the opportunists and their venal electoral system ferried in the blinded, drunk and unlicensed drivers who immediately lost control of the wheels and had the lorries all  capsized even on tarmac roads.
Because of breeding ill-formed, untrained and directionless drivers, we lost the country, economy and had almost every single route of revival completely exhausted.

Driven by selfishness, lack of the vision for the country and the future of the innumerable generations following and after having all means exhausted, country’s vast oil and non-oil resources looted completely, the sunk drivers resorted to a new order. The order of foreign loans, running from country to country, bank to bank and all the world leading corporate bodies tried and today, the country’s economy has completely fallen even with billions of dollars borrowed from the international community. We are surrounded by debts allover, albeit that have done no help to remedy the country.

Thirdly, the lead driver total failure to recognise his failing and that of entire board of co-drivers is another shame worthy of a mention. Gen. salva Kiir have led unconscious and directionless life all throughout the course of struggle and even before the SPLA days. Majority of the people mistook his dumbness for humility. Amidst highest level of corruption in his government, Kiir opted to give deaf ears to the cries of the real and visionary cadres of SPLM and disappointingly stuck to the corrupt and internationally sanctioned and rejected looters. He kept on rotating the same ‘bunch of failures’ at the expense of us who knew exactly why we took up arms against the Arabs-islamized regimes. We were and still is, being marginalised to the peripheries of power and Kiir prioritising incompetent, ignorant, opportunistic and NCP double-dealers and keeping them in the positions of power.
Has this not been the nightmares of the ages?

Kiir Mayar is typical of paradoxical ruler. He claimed to be implementing the vision of Dr. John while on the contrary, pushing away those who should have been real implementors. How can wise person authorise the blind to implement the orders of the deaf? This is completely impossible because the two personalities does not have a common ground to communicate let alone understanding something between them.

SPLM have completely lost direction and we can not have it recovered under the guidance of Salva Kiir and his Warrap cohorts. I know I have a lot to say to the public including the historical background of our struggle, the treaties signed, vision and the mission of SPLM. I have a great deal of records of the sordid doing of the President we have and his now loyalists but I will organise a better podium to speak out. Better time and days are ahead but right now, I have centred my declaration on only the few issues. So soon, I will unleash almost everything so that the entire citizenry and the international community can know what is happening in our country that’s now hijacked by the intruders.
I know with the vision centred forward, we shall overcome the hurdle in a matter  of time.

I have tolerated marginalisation as a great deal and now do hereby declare myself a born again brethren to work with a personality where governance and rights of Revolutionary is respected. I am aware and ready to work with a political leader who is mindful and respectful of the veterans of liberation and popular all over the country. I have at last decided to work with Dr. Riak Machar Teny who knows the real forgotten vision of the SPLM and we shall have the buried country revived soonest.
I enjoy my relations with the outside world.

Viva Dr. Riak Machar Teny
Viva Revolution
Viva South Sudan

Maj. Gen. Dr. Achol Marial Deng.

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