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Dear my fellow Nasir County citizens and the entire Gaat-Duany Community as whole


By Hon. Duol Kun Thian,

March 7, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — It’s my profound thank you for the privilege and the rare opportunity to serve you in the most contested campaign for the highest office in our county. History informed us that only few people had a chance to serve in this position in the past and it’s a particular honor for me to serve as your Commissioner.

Duol Kun Thian[in blue suits] the upcoming commissioner of Nasir county posting for a picture with colleagues in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied)
Duol Kun Thian[in blue suits] the upcoming commissioner of Nasir county posting for a picture with colleagues in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied)
To the SPLM/A-IO Leadership under the supreme Chairman and Commander in Chief, His Execellency Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon, First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, I wholeheartedly express my special thanks to you for the trust bestowed in me to lead our people through SPLM-IO ticket.

To SPLM-IO Seniors and Juniors political leaders, SPLA-IO High Ranking and junior Military Leaders who stood with me in this political contest, all my friends and colleagues, I owed you a debt of gratitude for the support that led us to this political victory. My simple promised to you all is that, I will surely meet your expectations and I will never let you down.

To all our Peace Partners in the (R-TGoNU), SPLM/A-IO is for Peace and always will be. Our young country, South Sudan has been bleeding since 2013; two years after the independence. This long suffering of our people must come to an end. In doing so, all peace partners must implement the agreement in letter and spirit. I will cooperate and work collaboratively with our neighbor Counties in the Upper Nile State.

To Gaguang Community in your respective locations around the globe, your EIGHT  recommendations letters had given SPLM-IO Leadership a clear choice to make a correct decisions. On your behalf, allow me to register our special thank to all Gaat-Majiok (Big brother) for breaking the record for the first time in giving chance to Gaguang of Thorow Area to lead Nasir County in Government.

To all my political opponents and all your supporters, we run what I would called fair and decent political campaigns. Each of us has an opportunity to presented his political agenda and explain why he had an ambition to serve our people, however, in every race, there must always be a one winner at a time. I would like to seize this moment to appeal to you that, let us leave behind our  political differences and work together as a team with one common mission for the betterment of our people. Let the campaign rhetoric come to an end and start working together. That’s the nature of the democracy. As Chief Administrator, I will always cooperate with each of everyone of you and I will be a Commissioner for all.

Fellow Nasir County citizens, there’s no doubt in mind that, our challenges are huge and many, however through VIVA spirit and dedication, we will always find mean to overcome them. I will work very closely with Youths leaders and Traditional Chiefs to resolve communal revenge killing among Nasir County citizens and our neighbors. Development projects will be implemented accordingly and Humanitarian Agencies, both local and International will be protected.

Lastly, I wish to thank former SPLM-IO Officials who have maintained law and order in Liberated Area for the last 7 years. Your sacrifices in one way or another is acknowledged.

I congratulate all my colleagues who secured nominations and appointments in various positions with SPLM-IO tickets.

May God bless the people of Nasir County.

Hon. Duol Kun Thian is the new Commissioner of Nasir County. He can be reached through email for more information at duolkuon@hotmail.com,

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