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Congress of South Sudanese Patriots Call For Comprehensive Ceasefire in South Sudan

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August 31, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Member of the press, Compatriots, fellow countrymen and women; We have gathered here to stress our unreserved support to the recent peace deal that IGAD mediators and other parties to South Sudan peace talks had come up with and signed by the entangle SPLM factions. We hereby declare our endorsement to this political covenant for we believe it will help us restore political stability in our country.

We were among the first progressive groups who called for dialogue to the current political turmoil back in 2013, and we have impatiently been waiting for return of peace with bated breath. Now that the parties who are privy to this war agreed by signing this peace deal devoid of any coercion or duress, we expect an obvious, that they will abide and implement this agreement to the letter and spirit.

We’re however cognizant that appending signatures to the document is not an end in itself but a mean to an end, therefore we wish to inform IGAD-PLUS that these warring SPLM leaders have inclined habit of disregarding widely acceptable agreements. In our archives, there is a book titled ‘too many agreements dishonored’’ It meticulously tells how good some of this conventional politician do violate agreements; as such, we still hold fear that they might disrespect this deal if no proper monitoring and supervision is undertaken.

We further demand the mediators and other relevance authorities to maintain a naked eye in view to oversee its quickest implementation. As a warning, we avowed to condemn whoever emerges as first violator to this peace agreement and we’re quite certain that the region and the international community would apply the same.

On the one hand, we’re well aware, that this peace agreement would not have been possible without the relentless and invincible sacrifices exhibited by President Uhuru Kenyatta, President Obama and other distinguishes personalities. President Kenyatta and few others have manifested how Pan African spirit can be achieved. We felt humbled by this brotherly gesture. Congratulations.

At this juncture, let us now stare into the path of reconciliation and unity to repair our social fabric which had been badly torn apart. Let us invent a future where we disagree to agree, where we embrace dialogue as mean to resolve our grievances and difference.

We’re regretful of the SPLM party and its leaders for rendering our Country pariah. The destruction done in the last two years of bloody civil war has caused tremendous and immeasurable damage in terms of human lives and properties; we have lost all the gains that was consolidated after our independent, be it political, social and diplomatic relations. We have become a laughing stock in the eyes of our fellow Africans, and we have found you guilty for inflicting this irreparable and none refundable damage in the lives of our people.

You must apologize for overstepping the higher ideals of our liberation to whom millions people had perish for; the ideal of peace, freedoms, equitable development and constitutionalism and creation of political pluralism. Notwithstanding how you torment our lives, we’re not going to waver in the quest to build peace cohesion among our communities. we’re not supposed to remain in exile with no place to call home after we got our independent, our old mothers do not deserve to shelters in the refugee camps after we overwhelming voted for our independent.

With this peace agreement, we highly anticipate to get back our inherent peace of minds so that our parents can resettle back in our homes, to cultivate and fight the biting hunger in their respective localities and for us to go to school to eliminate illiteracy and ignorant.

Once again, we have given you a benefit of doubt, to partake what you must do in this provisional Unity government, you must prioritize the interest of the nation first before personal political ambitions. We’re really yearning for peace not war.

Throughout the world, peace and development have remained the dominant themes of our times. People all over the world have been raising their voices in favor of peace, development and cooperation against war and poverty and thus South Sudan is not an exception.

In our view, the first and vital step toward implementation of the peace agreement is to see a comprehensive ceasefire across the country, it was unfortunate, just few hours after the signing of peace agreement, there was reports of fighting in some parts of Equatoria region and of Unity States particularly in Port Taiyar and Magwi town, we condemn this aggression with contempt it deserve. Those who continue to beats the drum of war must be held to account.

Moreover, we call on other armed movements who are still in the bush to join this peace agreement for it does not belong to Salva Kiir, Riek Machar or the SPLM party alone, this peace agreement belong to all South Sudanese irrespective of regions, tribes or political affiliations.

We believe this peace agreement will provide us with better opportunity to come up with good constitution that is centered in the people of all status. The current one is a constitution for confusion; it was purposely crafted to crack the country apart. The current constitution was meant as interim document which was supposed to be change into more permanent document to reflect the diversities and the realities of our country.

In conclusion, we applaud in advance, the work done by the Africa Union commission of inquiry on South Sudan crisis; we anticipate them to make their findings public at the right time. We eagerly want that Report release without further delay so that planners and Perpetrators who masterminded and murdered our innocent People with hope to escape justice can be brought to book.

We will not accept justice to be compromised for whatever gains nor will we condoned an institution that abet impunity because shielding impunity is worse than committing crime itself.

Thank you.

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Signed by;

Dak Buoth

David Atem Ayuel

Kujiek Ruot Kuajien

Lino Madit

Okoth Opondo

Lony Keah Tut

Peter Ngor Atem

Moses Khamis Abdelatif

Guong Manyiel Guong

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Bismark September 1, 2015 at 3:28 pm

Please make it truly South Sudanese and not tribal or duo-tribal. We expect to see the names of Unango, Lado, Oliha in addition to Dengs, Madings to qualify it to be a voice of our people right from the border of Nimule to Renk and from Jebel Boma to Ezo. Please stop these types of Games in which a tribe or a section of the people of South Sudan gets tools of liberation for the whole country but only to end in their hands for the purpose of promotion of sectarianism as it is in the present situation in the country.


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