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Chollo Caucus in SPLM/A-IO Condemned Attacks on SPLA-IO Positions in Harma on New Year Eve!

For immediate release,

Written on January 2, 2016.


Jan 07, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– We, the members of Chollo Caucus in Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (IO) condemned in a strong term possible this deliberately dastardly attack on SPLM-IO forces in Hamra, South Sudan. According to reliable source back home, the accident occurred between two forces, NDM’s forces and SPLM-IO’s gallant forces, resulting into lost of lives and many causalities on both sides.

Why Agwelek is on a menu: The consecutive attacks on IO forces is a deliberated and a well-planned treason aimed to weaken and to annihilate the forces of IO in general and in particular Agwelek forces in order for National Democratic Movement (NDM) to assimilate and take the ownership of Agwelek forces. It took the agwellek forces many sacrifices, years, determination, perseverance and resiliency for Agwelek leaders to build their human and military capability.

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The Agwellek mission statement and vision is to liberate the occupied Chollo land from the government of Gen. Salva Kiir forces. With clear vision and wise leadership, the Agwelek forces are preserved and promoted. Surprisingly, Agwelek become target now because of their military and human power built over years. It’s look like an eagle fight where other eagle with nothing chases eagle with prey to confiscate its prey.

Warning against segregation: We want to make it clear to the National Democratic Movement (NDM) that Agwelek force is an integral military unit of IO. Therefore, it is not a battle among Chollo forces when General Yoannes Okic attacks Lt General Johnson Olony. It is not also a war between Nuer forces when general Tangney attacks Lt General James Koang Choul forces. But it is a war between the Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO) under leadership of Dr. Riek and The National Democratic Movement (NDM) under leadership of Dr. Lam. In other word, an attack on forces under Lt General James Koang Chuol by general Tangney or on forces under Lt General Johnson Olony by General Yoannes Okic is an attack on IO in general.

Diversion of the NDM from its objective: We want to remind the public that the NDM was established to coordinate and work with other opposition forces to overthrow the government of Salva Kiir and Jieng Council of elders. But NDM contradicts its objectives by pointing its gun at enemy of its enemy and focusing on IO as first target.

Correction of fall allegation: It is a misleading, absurd and insanity that Lt General Johnson Olony, the warrior, safeguard of Chollo kingdom collaborate with SPLA forces under President Salva Kiir to launch a fall alleged attack on NDM force (Tiger). The leaders of Agwelek are martyrs who gave up their lives for justice, security, peace, welfare and dignity of Chollo people in South Sudan in particular and South Sudanese in general. Therefore, no one can expect a martyr to sale her/him (self) to enemy from whom she/he seeks martyrdom. Therefore, Agwelek will never defect to any oppressor or dictator before reaching into a just solution and settlement of reasons for war in South Sudan.

Urge to avoid demonizing others: We caution the members of NDM to avoid this provocative language by calling Lt General Johnson Olony a renegade Olony. We urge you to remember that Lt General Johnson Olony have been in uniform some of you were enjoying comfortable and prestigious governmental job within the ministry of foreign affairs.

Appeal for use of wisdom: We, the members of Caucus appeal to public to be wise in judging, assessing and evaluating in order to identify perpetrators who play dirty game at the expense of victims.

Chair of the Caucus: William Goldiet, wgoldiet22@gmail

Communication Coordinator: Othow Awang, othow.awang@gmail.com
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Goweng Torbar January 8, 2017 at 5:21 am

Bravo, for the letter of condemnation but i’m not happy for the Killing of Tang Ginye and Yohanis Okech, this men may help in the future

GatNor January 8, 2017 at 8:13 pm

Torbar, every distinguish Nuer leaders/commnaders that are not standing with Nuers at this point are nothing but waste of space. I see you made it to 2017 its great to know that the cowards didn’t’ silenced you.


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