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Buay Rolnyang: My Response to “why I killed the Nuer in 2013”

By Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang,
Maj. Gen. Buay Rolnyang and his soldiers at the front line in the past...
Maj. Gen. Buay Rolnyang and his soldiers at the front line in the past…

July 5, 2021 — My response to my Nuer social media warriors who accuse me of the following:

  1. Why I didn’t join the SPLM/A -IO in 2013.
  2. Why I killed the Nuer in 2013, war.
  3. Why I joined Paul Malong Awan who they think killed the Nuer in the 2013 crisis.

To begin with, First of all, I did not join the SPLM/A – IO because I was not interested in following Dr. Riek Machar for some withheld reasons known to myself.

Secondly, despite we thought it was a peaceful democratic leadership process within the SPLM leadership which rapidly degenerated into a full scale war, we the Nuer generals and politicians who remained on the government side played a great role in 2013, crisis, by protecting some of Nuer civilians who were left behind in the government controlled areas, who would be targeted by non – civilised Dinka as they did in Juba and other areas by killing the Nuer. so, I think we deserve a great appreciation for that if you don’t know.

Thirdly, I did not kill any innocent Nuer person, except those who got killed at the front line in our self- defence by the forces under my command who were also mainly from the Nuer sons and daughters, as the Nuer soldiers made up 60% of the forces of 1st infantry Division deployed in Upper Nile region.

Fourthly, I don’t think Paul Malong killed the Nuer because they are Nuer by tribe. He was still not appointed chief of General staff when war erupted in Juba. The chief of general staff was our son General James Hoth Mai who could also witness that Malong did not kill the Nuer, but, instead when he was appointed chief of General staff, Malong rescued some of the Nuer. He went further to bring out the POC Nuer officers, NCOS and men who fled to UNMISS/POC for their lives. Malong brought them out and paid them all their arrears and deployed them accordingly as South Sudanese.

Malong fired squad some SPLA soldiers who were still being accused of killing Nuer civilians during his command. What Malong did only is when he was ordered by the president and Commander in chief Salva Kiir to attack and pursue Riek Machar and to bring his head dead or alive which Malong failed to do, and as a result Malong fell out with President Kiir.

It was an order from the above which can be executed by any army officer leave alone Malong Awan. You cannot defy an order from the president and Commander in chief of a country unless you are not a trained professional officer.

Fifthly, Last but not least, I joined Paul Malong to demonstrate unity and solidarity between Nuer and Dinka plus other tribes of South Sudan in order to unite with unity of purpose and national agenda to fight for regime change in our country.

If we don’t unite as South Sudanese, the current regime will hang on power and consolidate itself at all costs and will lead to the disintegration of our country. If that is the case, Riek Machar wouldn’t have returned to Juba to work with President Kiir who pursued him upto Congo border.

Please, brothers and sisters let us focus on the political dimension of the problem in our country.

I know that I have the capacity to form my own movement to be the chairman and Commander in chief of the movement, but we can remain as commanders in chief for the rest of our life in the bush without achieving anything if we don’t create alliances among ourselves to fight for regime change in our country.

Our objective is not to kill the enemy all,

Our objective is to destroy the enemy. Thank you!!

Maj. Gen. Stephen Buay Rolnyang was a former head of South Sudan military police and a senior general in South Sudan United Front/Army. He can be reached through his social media accounts.

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