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Aguer Rual Denounces the “Breakthrough” reached by IGAD and Kiir’s Administration at the Mini-Summit In Juba

The former SPLM/A officer, engineer Aguer Rual (Photo: Aguer)
The former SPLM/A officer, engineer Aguer Rual (Photo: Aguer)

Nov 4, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Following a mini-summit between Salva Kiir administration and representatives of the neighboring countries, under the umbrella of IGAD, the Ethiopian Ambassador to China, Amb. Seyoum Mesfin, the chairman of IGAD mediators, alleged that a “breakthrough” was reached during the consultations.

Although Amb. Mesfin did not reveal to media what exactly the breakthrough package contains, the regional bloc was optimistic that a major breakthrough was going to follow at what was going to be the next round.

According to Aguer Rual, the SPLM representative to Australia for the opposition, the “breakthrough” was just a ploy dubed as a concession by the SPLM-Juba faction to SPLM-IO.

Aguer pledges that such concessions were never the objectives of the opposing faction, and such attempts will never restore peace in the country.

“It is with dismay that we hear about the so-called “breakthrough” achieved by IGAD in Juba on the 22nd of October after months of “peace talks””. Aguer said.

“That the SPLM-Juba faction can regard this “breakthrough” in terms of “concessions” to the rival SPLM-IO is totally unsatisfactory, as “concessions” were never the aim of the breakaway group and will not in any way suffice to bring peace to South Sudan.” Aguer deplores.

Aguer opposes, in the strongest terms, any proposal that maintains Salva Kiir as the president of the country.

“The proposal that Salva Kiir remains as the president and Dr Riek Machar be appointed prime minister is unacceptable.The events which led to the civil war in South Sudan, with devastating consequences, were initiated by Salva Kiir and he must take full responsibility for inciting the violence.” Aguer reiterates.

The South Sudanese leader, according to his latest interviews on Al Jezeera, reveals that his administration aims to create the position of Prime Minister, however, the president believes that the Premier would have very limited powers.

Salva Kiir admits that he has no intention to share power with his former deputy, whom he stripped off his “delegated” powers before he eventually sacked him as the country’s first vice president in July 2013.

Aguer announces that the behaviors of Salva Kiir before and after December 15, 2013, clearly show that the president lacks skills and qualities to lead the state, citing the instigation and mismanagement of the conflict as his failure.

“His behaviour before and after December 15, 2013, has demonstrated that he has neither the skills nor the character needed for a leadership role in South Sudan. His credibility has been destroyed completely with the escalation of the turmoil he instigated and his ongoing mismanagement of the crisis.” Aguer said.

President Salva Kiir has admitted on Al-Jazeera that he can’t bring peace alone, believing that Machar must be consulted to restore peace.

Aguer affirms that peace will only be achieved when Salva Kiir steps out of power. The SPLM representative to Australia further refused to condone and compromise for Salva Kiir to remain in power.

“I cannot accept the continuation of Salva Kiir’s role as president under any circumstances.” Aguer pledges.

Aguer reiterates that the fundamental need for the South Sudanese people is an everlasting peace, however, he believes that stability can’t be achieved in any arrangement that grants Dr. Machar Premiership in expense of maintaining Salva Kiir as the president.

“Furthermore, Kiir’s obvious ambivalence in regard to the granting of the prime ministerial role to Dr Riek does not inspire confidence that such an arrangement would lead to stability, which is the fundamental need of South Sudan at this time.” Aguer said.

“In order for permanent stability and therefore a reconciliation and a healing to take place in the country, Normalcy cannot be expected to resume under a mere variation of the arrangement in existence before the onset of the crisis last year.” Aguer continued.

Aguer reminds the regional bloc, TROIKA and South Sudanese people that “a more comprehensive change is needed if South Sudan is to be equipped with viable governance into the future.”

Aguer contests the offer, which he believes is aimed to confuse the citizens, and warns IGAD that any offer that gives Salva Kiir powers will only brew more deaths and instabilities in the country

“I has contest this offer in a diplomatic terms and if the IGAD still offer Salva Kiir such a role it will ripe or lead another war with devastating consequences.” Aguer said.

“Such a grant would  create more deaths and orphans. Salva Kiir has masseur the deaths and he destroyed the nation as a whole. Therefore there should be no consensus if Salva believes such an offer or grant is made.” The statement concludes.

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