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Zee Machar: An Example Of Young Persons Who’s Contributions Not Appreciated

By Elbow Chuol,

On the left is Zee Machar (Zechariah James) with Hon. Angelina Teny on the right
On the left is Zee Machar (Zechariah James) with Hon. Angelina Teny on the right

Jan 21, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, or buried in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all costs. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, and more mysterious than the bland and timid masses.” Robert Greene, 48 Laws of Power, Law no 6, Court Attention at All Costs.

Every person has to learn to attract attention, rather it should be a duty of us all to court people’s attention and that exactly defines your position in the universe. For those who attract attention tell the difference of their uniqueness. Unless you are aware people about your presence no one will actually realize you exist. This is the beginning in understanding the concept of the Law of Attraction. There is two way in doing this: one can make noise and get seen. Anyone can also decide to keep inaudible and let the action speak louder. Some people indeed combine bother the former and the latter. They both been working perfectible.

The law of attraction has continuously been working properly. Consider the court of Louis XIV massively contained countless talented great artists, writers, amazing beauties, and women and men of incredible virtue in all aspect of life. Among all the well-known personality in the court. One man was of outstanding character. He is much talked about perhaps his absent cause boredom in the court. Without him, something is constantly missing. Duc de Lauzun was short completely almost dwarfish, and he was known of the most kind of worse behavior in the entire palace. He is fond of sleeping with the King’s mistress and most obtain openly insults the king himself whenever he wants. At some point, despite all these, the duke couldn’t bear his absences from the court. The simple logic here is; the peculiar behavior of this man attract attention and here you are reading the story about him.

Perchance you heard about the young Roman servant, Pietro Aretino who made one of the famous poems criticizing the attitude of the Pope for his affection for a pet elephant. Throughout the sixteen century, the boy was famous immediately enduring the century of fame attracting attention from the princess, princes, kings, and most parts of Europe was talking about him. Pope by that time was not only highly respected but almost worshipped.

Well, if you haven’t get the concept, follow the below story.

Not many people know who Zee Machar is. Some even say he is a son to Dr. Riek Machar siding with his dad. But for those who knew him, he is a young selfless hero who did so much for his people for the last two years during the cause of the South Sudanese conflict. Some of his graphic arts works were well adapted, some of his best campaign ideas work perfectly well. Did Zee Machar court no attention? If it didn’t to you, it does to me.

Men and women who applied the law know very well it is healthy, pretty interesting and amazingly attractive. Zee then found himself one morning coming to term with the fact of his relatives died in Juba, some of his closes friends killed too. His hometown Leer was completely destroyed and everything he ever believes in is now threatening to an end. He joined Freedom Fighters contrary, not in the frontline but he spends most of his time creating, inventing and selflessly work to produce some of the best campaign ideas in the history of South Sudan crisis for the Armed Opposition. If you haven’t noticed, the idea of the Red Card Campaign is co-credited to him. When everything else fails. South Sudan crisis reach at the pick in 2014 and 2015. The whole world put its focus on the situation of South Sudan and the Addis Ababa peace talks are about to scramble. In the midst of all the worries and hopeless to engage on the man who systematically killed over 28,000 innocents Nuer civilians using state resources. The media was dominated with the Red Card Campaign giving Salva Kiir red card to leave South Sudanese alone. Zee Machar spent his time, his resources and proudly incite, push for the people of South Sudan to use the slogan of Red Card portraying how sick and tired the people of the young nation were with their president who kills them at any second of the glimpse.

So the RED CARD Rally was a campaign to tell the world that Salva Kiir is not our president. “For that reason, I created the program to mobilize people to accept the fact that we must solve our problems first before celebrating.”

The world was shocked by the brain behind the person who introduced the idea of giving his people the best. Thousands of South Sudanese with love and passion from the different part of the world take the offer to see the man who killed their loved ones go; they joined in, organized massive rallies, set the date for the campaigns so that their voices should be heard. Though Salva Kiir didn’t make it out of the office, the passion the Opposition supporters across the globe gave to this particular attention was overwhelmingly attractive.

Though Zee didn’t create the December of 15 to be remembered, he tirelessly worked so hard and have had kept people in their toes to remember the commemoration day. Every year for the last two years, the young brilliant writer, artist and a computer science student designed some of the best artwork to be used for the event of the Doomsday. Zee, for those who follow his exertion every year since South Sudanese crisis happened, he made sure his people find a place at their various countries across the world to spend their time to remember those killed in the December 15 of 2013.

When I contacted Zee and asked him if he has ever noticed his beautiful artwork being used to shape the popular uprising globally to tell the character of evil Salva Kiir, he downplayed it, “I didn’t do much, and I am planning to do more for our people.” Considering the great importance of the media, his political campaigns are well known, well documented and properly observed. A heart of a young man who devoted part of his life to join his brothers and sisters in fighting an enemy which kills his people. The fight for justice continues.

He is one young man with great influence. He designed the map of 21 states proposed by Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the Armed Opposition leader. Zee also designed quotes, logos, banners. He is currently an Editor and technical support in Nyamilepedia and Wangdunkon online news outlet.

He is presently working so hard to bring up the most influential media political activists across South Sudan. Zee founded a band named AUDS group popularly knowns by a song occasionally played over SSTV, “Anna Junube” it has a lot of viewers on YouTube. He served as the Nuer Youth and Students’ Association Chairman in Egypt. He served as General Secretary in Bentiu Community in Egypt for six consecutive years and he is currently the Secretary-General of SPLMYL in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Born in Unity State of Leer County, the hometown of Dr. Riek Machar, he was born Zechariah Gatnog Machar. The 28 years old computer programmer is not happy for the way his country is slipping into complete destruction. Spent most of his childhood in the refugee camp and went to Africa Hope in 2002, Zee took an online study in Atlantic International University, with a two years computer science at Cambridge College in Egypt. He is now mastering programming.

A week ago, I asked Zechariah Gatnog Machar as to what would be his take if the Movement he supports recognizes his selfless contribution, “brother Elbow, this question is very difficult to answer, especially to someone who is fighting for Justice not position. Not to forget I must confess that I share agenda with IO; they are for reform, so do I.” like many South Sudanese people, Mr. Machar believed the recently signed CPA is the last Comprehensive Peace Agreement in South Sudanese crisis and it brings peace to people of South Sudan. He is positive about the peace.

In his latest FaceBook post, Zee emotionally became proud himself in the character of his mother who raised three of them in the hard and tough way of upbringing. And vows to do what his mother always used to tell them. Firstborn to his father, his father is also the firstborn to his grandpa making up a nice sequence. Zee father passed away in 1995.

I perceived this great young man as one of the selfless heroes whose contributions, like many others, is not recognized. Caught Attention At all Cost.

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