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Will South Sudanese Maintain SPLM as Legitimate Party to Rule This Country?

By Lual Magokspla

May 16, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — When you critically look at the hardship and suffering the people of South Sudan are undergoing, you will ask yourself for very important question. What is the Cause of this hardship and who is behind this senseless and bloody conflict?

If you really follows the events within SPLM Party since 2008 National convention till 15/12/2013 you can simply said all these suffering and hardship are caused by the power struggle in a very confuse, poor, Militarized , dictatorship and totalitarian institution which is known to majority of us as SPLM/A . The confussion and lack of clarity on the body text of the movement manifesto, constitutions and conduct of business regulation as a result of ongoing transformation which is mainly drive by interest to pleas Western powers , who know SPLM from the inception as socialist/communist movement has created all these suffering and hardship to people who doesn’t deserve to pay this high price today.

For us those who grow up with in the liberation struggle know very well that SPLM from its inception is purely socialist movement which has nothing to do with imperialism or capitalism as people can read today in the constitutions and other basic document. The movement was not democratic or has a no clear plan toward democratic transformation, Rule of law and good governance as the two leaders are trying.

The SPLM’s true foreign policy was toward socialist and Communist countries mainly Cuba, Ethiopian Socialist party, Libya and Former Soviet Union are the first country to support the vision, and the values of the movement. This clearly show that , the movement principles and ideologies are purely socialist/communist that resist to Western Imperialism and capitalism ideologies such as good governance , democracy and rule of law during the cold war.

The cause of all these messes which had killed south Sudanese in 1991 and again in 2013 is due to the collapse of the former soviet union that has resulted into the fall of many regimes formerly support by Soviet Union powers mainly the fall of Mengistu dirge regime in Ethiopia impacted negatively on the SPLM as socialist movement which gain all its support from those sources.

This major shift of the super power to west has forced SPLM/A unwillingly to change some of their basic documents to avoid sanction from the Western Powers and their allies at regional and international level in order for the movement to continue pushing their objective forward.

The real threat was though movement changes the basic documents to meet the emerging power demands for survival. The principles and ideologies in the mind of the leadership remain on socialism /Communism.

The today leadership of the movement grown up under dictatorship and totalitarian ideologies which are against democracy, good governance and rule of law as written in the basic document. The good example is when Dr John Garand died in plane crash, everyone from the movement without any discussion nominated Cde Salva Kiir not because he was the best but the history of the movement is everyone go according to hierarchy which is not breakable .whether it is wrong choice or good it is what hierarchy said. Cde Salva Kiir is qualify because he was second senior army commander to Dr John Garang with absent of Dr John no one to debate on who should led the country not the movement .

The true live examples was during the public services reform exercise where the government was trying to appointed people based on merit but some commanders came with pistol and tell the Director in charge of reform that this is my qualification and I should be director general . The poor man on the reform has nothing to do because this is how this people had been living for 21 years. Qualification doesn’t matter but your position in the movement matter. To give only few examples on the challenges within SPLM/A.

The suffering and hardship is caused by lack of clarity and strategic direction from the SPLM/A as they keep changing the text in the basic documents such as Manifesto, Constitutions and Conduct of business regulation toward imperialism and capitalism ideologies such as good governance, rule of law and democracy but the movement by nature remain socialist which continue using the tricks to gain political and materials support of the Western powers.

The question before people of south Sudanese who loss two million lives during the 21years of conflict are:-

  1. Are we ready to continue living in this hardship and suffering simply because we are mislead by the party which has no clear vision toward this country and it is people
  2. Are we ready to compromise the lives of two million innocents who perish for the liberation of this country by destroying this beloved country because of dictatorship and totalitarian movement which destroying us?
  3. Are we ready continuing paying the prices due to SPLM resistance to democracy, good governance and rule of law in the country?
  4. Are we ready to bring back corruption, tribalism, nepotism which has cost us 10,000 lives in 3 months period because of SPLM?
  5. Are we ready to bring back those who don’t believe on merit for delivery of services to the 12 millions south Sudanese who are living in hardship condition?
  6. Are we ready to bring back people who destroyed all infrastructures and killed innocent’s lives mainly vulnerable groups such as women, Children and elderly people?
  7. Are we ready to bring back SPLM which has caused us more destruction than the Khartoum regime?

Based on the recent experiences I witnessed lack of clarity and strategy from the SPLM caused all these hardship and suffering to our innocents’ citizens. The SPLM has no clear vision, clear mission Statement and values to rules the same people they butchered and continue butchering them like animals. I believe it is high time for people of south Sudan to thank the SPLM for the past 21 years and the resources they have looted during the past 10 years and should be time to abandon this institution without clear vision and programme toward the people and our beloved country in order to rescue this country from total collapse and move it forward.

I would urge all south Sudanese from all corners of the world and at home to abandon the killer party call SPLM and vote against these institutions with no clear vision and programme for people of south Sudan. It should be urgent for the people to formed new party with clear vision and programme. Let SPLM former fighters just be reward as veteran or go to used their pistols as the only qualification in the dead SPLM not in the government institutions where 12 million people lives are depending upon.

The writer, Lual Mago, is a concern south Sudanese and Master of International Relations and Diplomacy Researchers and can be reach via lualmagok@yahoo.com

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