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Where Is Our Future South Sudan?

By Gai David,

Members of South Sudan Police Service sleeping during the 4th independent anniversary in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)
Members of South Sudan Police Service sleeping during the 4th independent anniversary in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)

May 20, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— We had promising hope as our brighter South Sudan, where is the hope we got from CPA? The CPA that defined our emotions back in 2005. To some it was the diminution agony of pain yet to be revealed on their faces. Tears of joy for the suppositive bright future after a long toil with immense ego of racial suppression. It was the best of times with faded illusions of pain. It was the spring of hope, the season of light after long toil of darkness. It was the epoch of belief in our leadership after a lasting incredulity. It was the beginning of hope for us after a long despair in the struggle. This was the beginning of right time, the end of wrong times. The beginning of happy times, the end of sad times.

Prepared or not, we had to receive it. We open handedly reached out for it with great emotions of relief in hope of self-determination. For good or for bad we had to receive this with joyous rhythm. Tears of fading agony or so we thought, rolled down our cheeks. This is what the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) brought to the people of south Sudan. The brightness of the future was clearer than crystal as we chose our fate. The fate we ourselves ought to define. We were liberated or our imaginations told us. We had hoped to receive the equal justice, liberty and prosperity we had longed and fought for as spelled out in our national motto. Being autonomous from Sudan for more than five years was not enough for us.

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But this was not enough, within us, we had politically challenged leaders who rhetorically convinced us to believing in them. We trusted ourselves, the theories of national declaration, the leaders we chose, the chosen path of independence. We had the same vision or were supposed to. We were sure to have preserved our inherent loaves of our land for our future and our bearings from the last kick of a dying horse. We thought things had ended now for good in the far future. We hoped to at last be free from the reign of terror that lasted decades. A time for lasting vehement of enjoyment and self-belonging with freedom had come……but we were wrong!! We were just preparing for yet another episode of internal pain and anguish. The future far or nearly depicted itself as we shortly progressed with least forgotten worn of contention. We at no expense had thought this was a theorized version of national commitment by the authorities. At no depth of our imagination were we going to think of any south Sudanese taking advantage of the nation and the people……the betrayal began!

The intense political interest overcame the near joy of self-determination and role of destiny selection from a predicably enormous choices of national consequences for the people of south Sudan. Our leaders forgot it so fast! The most painful thing is the brotherly betrayal. To me the right intend within internal struggle for so call liberty doesn’t matter but the choice of strategies which include sending off hook the ever teary eyes of South Sudanese nationals from the clear destiny and focused path to freedom back to the same roots of struggle from racial suppression to now tribal suppression, is an ultimate wrong choice.

There was no reason to send us back to torment of war and dungeon of poverty for a simple political squabble and misunderstanding of national brothers. With this internal political rival with no clear struggles that can account for the death toll, our country has a checkered future. The leaders of our country have no vivid pass way to race off this hook of indigence and war as the civilians do. Our country needs “economic guns” not political and civil war guns as is the choice of assortments our leaders have taken. This is an intellectual challenge to our leaders of political and national influence. We need to build the country not leadership, this was supposed to be the priority or so we thought. The future is corrupted but our hope is that the people, the vision and the course of struggle from racial segregation are still clear.

We can redirect the fate of our future. Many analysts have concluded that south Sudan is a failed state. But i believe this not, though it’s important to first contemplate on the possibilities of this if we ran on the aspect of current political affairs. We all South Sudanese have obligations to prove this wrong. Am sure we don’t want our racial liberation to be in vain. The national martyrs need reasons for their death as we need reasons to belong to South Sudan. Wrongs done need to be forgiven and forgotten in order for the rights to come in play, enmity should be an empty word in order for friendship to make meaning, politic should be a friendly game used as a stepping stone for fulfillment of national obligations, in order for justice, liberty and prosperity to reign. We need to support and deport each other as citizens of this nation for a good course if the future has to be bright.

Yes, this is the time for this kind of self-compromise and sacrifice for the nation. It’s you to act in accordance to the right conscience not the right example because you may not find one. Something must be done and done fast! We need a country of independent civilian’s society from the raged influence of political affairs, but in the correct path to national development and unity. I think the road to political destitution is the correct path to development. I believe we can!!

GAI DAVID is a student at Makerere University. He can be reached at gaip416@gmail.com Makerere University student, Uganda.

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Khot Malieth May 20, 2016 at 11:45 pm

Mr. David, our country is being hijacked by some greedy individual Dinkas who were not there during the liberation of South Sudan but were together with Omer Basher and our President Kiir decided to listen to them and run the country through their recommendations. Look how many South Sudanese in the areas where there is no war are fleeing to the country where we have just left and accused of discrimination and racism .Our leaders choose to have no shame and heartfelt seeing our people going to Sudan and beg them for food but instead of solving the root causes of war and economy problems , they are again busy creating more problems by dividing the country along the tribal states and annexing the other smaller tribal lands into larger tribes


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