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When a fallen spoon can cause frustration this much! A response to Andrew Mabor and Co

By Johnson Johnson,
Juba, South Sudan
Telar Ring Deng, a controversial politician, who is now distanced as South Sudan ambassador to Russia by President Salva Kiir(Photo: file)
Telar Ring Deng, a controversial politician, who is now distanced as South Sudan ambassador to Russia by President Salva Kiir(Photo: file)

April 04, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— In his recent article, Andrew Mabor Clement, a fictious name or call it a Pen Name for my cousin Ater Nyacut Arok, aka Ater Rin Tueny, who promised to write a piece of article soon on his cousin’s Facebook wall has emerged in a little way with a number of inconsequential outlines.

Frustrated by the fact that his father’s looting and murdering spree was cut short by President of the Republic of South Sudan, Ater Nyacut aka Andrew Mabor Clement has been running about like headless chicken, leveling accusations against anyone, ranging from Gen. Paul Malong Awan, aka king Paul, Gen. Mangar Buong Aluenge the brave, Hon. Dhieu Wel, down to Hon. Telar Ring Deng and others.

His accusations are all false and too are frustration driven. The spoon had fallen. That is the basis of wrath.

His recent article and on whose response you are reading is but a lengthy piece of rubbish, a collection of lies meant to vilify Hon. Telar Ring Deng. In other words, the piece is just meant for the utterance of a slanderous and abusive statements against a statesman.

The author was trying to enforce the principle of defamation under the guise of fake name. The attempt is never going to be productive. Instead, it is becoming counterproductive, in the sense that a permit to reveal who truly the symbol of hate is has been given.

The motives surrounding this piece have been foiled by the piece itself. Trials to asperse lies all over and particularly in this case have adequately exposed the fact that Ater Nyacut is a proficient liar. Proficient in telling lies in a manner that can lure his first listener into an affirmative nod.

His recent lies are also telling of the fact that his father’s loss of power in Eastern Lakes State has cut short a hidden agenda and therefore, comes in the restlessness.

In the introductory part of his piece, the author shamelessly referred to Hon. Telar Ring Deng as opportunist falsely decorated as a hero. He went on to level him as a symbol of hate, the most corrupt person.

He further alleged that Hon. Telar was rejected by the parliament on counts of the scandal involving Garang Deng Aguer’s land and lack of academic credentials in particular, qualifications in the legal field.

That Telar has joined Nasir-faction, that he has stolen Russian money meant for compensation of their dead citizens fron a helicoper crash and finally, he threatened to pen another piece on his house sold at a cost of 4.5 millions dollars to the Nilepet.

From the point of wisdom, it can be deduced that fabrications were the pure ingredients meant to spice up this inconsequential piece of writing. The motives are but witch-hunt.

Upon his open contempt, a phrase-by-phrase response to diminish the lies here is being instituted and it will be less forgiving and the threats of another piece are welcome such that the public he meant to feed with this false information could as well be given the right version. When one harbors hostilities, he gets paid in his own coins.

To pay Andrew Mabor Clement back with courtesy he deserves, right information must be released.

It is true that lies deserve being trashed. So, calling Hon. Telar Ring Deng a symbol of hate is misplaced. It is Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor the father of the author in question that should be internationally and locally called so because he was the master architect of the conflict that ragged for years in Yirol. He brought the three communities of Yirol into the ruthless state of mess and Yirol incurred unmeasured losses in human lives and resources.

Had it not been great wisdom of Yirol’s people, there could have been nothing called peaceful Yirol today.

The other utterance is that, Hon. Telar Ring Deng was corrupt. In light of the truth, such utterance had attracted laughter. It doesn’t stand the quality with which it was expressed. The author could have called his dad Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor corrupt. The transactions he mentioned in the name of Hon. Telar are national transactions that do not have anything personal to do with him.

In a civilised society, taking somebody’s property by force is not allowed. Therefore, the advice rendered by Hon. Telar Ring Deng that businessman Garang Deng Aguer be paid for his land must not be misconstrued, it was not misappropriation of national resources, it is a sagacious practice. Decent one.

Despite the advise rendered by Hon. Telar Ring Deng, nothing was done with respect to that. It is out of anger that Garang Deng Aguer sued the bank and won the case. Despite that the Central Bank didn’t pay him a dime to date.

He didn’t get the awarded payment or even his land. Meaning, he got nothing following the Central Bank Refusal to honor the Supreme court’s verdict. In fact he forfeited both.

It is upon realisation of the fact he was being robbed of his land that he opted to used legal channels and because the author’s parents have known how to rob powerless people of their lands (the case of Kot Ngelkuach and Sons holds true), the issue of land sounds less important in his writing and he thought Garang Deng Aguer would have with ease let go of his land, the case of Pachong Kot and Santo Domic’s lands his parents robbed with ease.

The logic behind obstinate appearance of Hon. Telar Ring Deng’s name in this futile case as point of proof in regard to corruption is but the acknowledgement of the fact that there are corruption cases against him. Not even one.

Hon. Telar Ring Deng desire to let the businessman be paid wasn’t driven by any monetary interest, instead, he was cognizant of the fact that land is expensive, South Sudanese had paid dearly for it. Imagine, more than two million lives had been sacrificed. Transacting a certain amount for such a useful everlasting asset doesn’t deserve name-calling. It should have attracted appreciation.

Corruption to say it in simple terms is what has birthed wealth that the author enjoys in his father’s monuments. In his recent employment as the Governor of Eastern Lakes State, the author’s father has ran away with more than 35 million South Sudanese Pounds, the state money. That is one fact from a reliable source.

The same benydit has taken nine (9) vehicles belonging to the sate, five V8 Toyota, two Toyota hardtops, and two pickups. Simple arithematics and it is a reliable fact.

Before this and following his appointment as a governor, the big man took off with four vehicles from his former office. Bringing his total number of vehicles to eighteen. That is more than enough for a car rental agency.

The ex governor in a different setting shamelessly apportioned for himself five tractors from the recently donated tractors by the President, plus one of the year 2000 that was donated by the Catholic Church.

It is also factual to mention three hundred cows now hidden in Rumbek. The cows that were taken to Rumbek on counts of having been looted by Yirol youth happened to be totally local cows that were to be hidden there since nobody from Rumbek claimed them.

Murder cases are uncountable. Organised robberies in the name of development have far enriched the ex governor. What is not corruption in this?

Nevertheless, the issue of Hon.Telar Ring Deng selling his property is as well inconsequential. He acquired his land legally and sold it to Makiir Gai Thiep with the amount less than half of what the author falsely quoted and the allegation that it was sold to Nilepet portrays the author as a liar.

Too, a right to own property is constitutional, and so does the selling of one’s own property. It holds true that unlike land grabbing practiced by his father, not everyone can be ashamed by a mere mentioning of land. So, write what can best soothe your Saul.

The appearance of names such as that of Minister Mayiik Ayii and Akol Khor and the rest is either a desire to falsely incite them to help in picking the fallen spoon for the author’s father or the people so alleged to might be in discontentment with Hon.Telar Ring Deng are the informants the author has been bragging about from J1.

Either way, there is nothing against them from Hon.Telar Ring Deng and if they are the informants then they must be regarded as unreliable informants for that matter.

Dwelling so much on Hon. Telar Ring Deng for a lost fortune is a portrayal of serious loathe. Negative writings against him do not serve any good purpose. They do not as well block him from transacting government businesses in any capacity. He is a good servant. He loves South Sudan.

It is upon you to prolong this case and remember, your subsequent articles will be met with the exposure of your mother. Not only had she embezzled Community Development Funds, she has no moral ground to represent Yirol women.

The author can be reached at johnsonflylikeabird@gmail.com

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