We Must Keep Our Problem, Simple, Precise and Specific

By Gen Biel Torkech Rambang


Nuer people from South Sudan perform for people gathered following rehearsals for independence celebrations in Juba, South Sudan, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. South Sudan declared independence from the north on Saturday.
Nuer people from South Sudan perform for people gathered following rehearsals for independence celebrations in Juba, South Sudan, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. South Sudan declared independence from the north on Saturday….

August 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — It takes a very generous and substantial acquaintance, to be a talented individual, capable of classifying multifaceted tribulations, in this very sophisticated and intricate world. It seems there are momentous clouds of ambiguity, over shadowing an obvious and visible crisis, supposed to be approached in black and white manner; instead, of being made devious and intricate in style by the elite, who are pre-occupied by pursue and quest for positions and distraction

To be specific, as Nuer people, we badly in need to know our problem, to be able to find its best solution. Which one is the Nuer problem, the Dinka, or the SPLM?

This is a very fundamental question; as an outcome will depend on how perfectly we diagnose our problem, where its standard solution could be proposed. Hence, simply, precisely and specifically we should keep our problem. Furthermore, the decision to solve a problem is not a choice between black and white, rather it is a choice among so many best known alternatives. First of all, who did what and why? The Nuer had been massacred since Dec, 15, 2013, and still are being murdered all over South Sudan in a lynching way, downward from May 2014-current; including none Dinka areas, the very indication which implies that the Nuer problem, is not the Dinka but the SPLM.. Consequently; such a conclusion should not to be considered, as a narrow-mindedness accusation that may have been driven by chauvinism against the SPLM; but instead the collusion was based on more than sufficient and manifested historical records that link the SPLM to such a malice intention. And support this argument; such a negative campaign against the Nuer was unleashed by the SPLM after its inception the SPLM of 1983. Also, there are too many slanderous and vilifying mottos, meant to defame the Nuer’s prestige.

For instance, the words Nyagat, Militia, unconfirmed, and returnees were fashioned, by the SPLM which fixed those propaganda in the minds of Dinka and other South Sudanese communities. In addition; the Nuers and the Dinka are cousins whereby such naming should had happened long ago. Motionless, I have dwelt so much on this point because this is the turning point, in South Sudan problem, where we can misdiagnose the problem and give it a wrong medicine that mutilate the disease and become chronic like any other African problems.

Other Africans have misdiagnosed the problem since post colonial era, and the result is a vicious circle of violent; so we should benefit from their mistakes, since we are late comers.

The personalization of the problem had easily rallied Africans against the white people, whom were physically visible to proletarians; instead of diving deeper, to identify the root causes, that were colonialism and oppression. Subsequently, if they should had had the right diagnose all today Africans problem should not existed. And the result of African independent should have been liberty and prosperity, as that is the case in the Western World. Instead, the white person’s color was used by African elite knowingly, and sometimes unknowingly, to simply rally their people. In contrast, that was not the case, as an effect, the post colonial Africa, was much worse than pre-independent Africa; where the colonial masters, were having dos and dons (a well defined and a written format that cannot be misused by implementers), a restricted charter by their mother countries; Which is not the case with African discriminatory and ethnic un-written format, which is exposes to misuse, by parvenus or over excited, inexperience elements. The elite which became corrupted as they are not accountable to the people nor to God that means a rule without “checks and balance” where the power can corrupt any human being. The living example is South Africa, where the white persons did not go anywhere, but the country is most peaceful and politically stable than any other countries that expelled the white people but kept the colonial format, which was problem. And then without a correct diagnose, South Africa should have been the worst African country, either the Black South African Vs the White South African or Zulu Vs Xhosa, but thanks God because of the wise Mandela.

In our case, we were against the Arabs, but that did not safe us, “Wrong diagnose” since other Southerners ended up being protected by UN, Simply the Nuer were not living under protection of the UN in then Sudan, despite the fact that the Nuer could be considered the number one factor in separation of Sudan, since 1947 by the late Both Diu, and 1975 Akobo Mutiny by the late Gen Vencent Kuany Latjor then 2nd LT, the Late Cpl Bol Kur Nyijok “Anya-any-2”, and 1991 the Nasir declaration by Dr. Riek Machar.

Why are we being targeted? It is because we constituted the preventive force, against the SPLM miss-ruled, corruption and human rights abuses. And the massacres were carried out and still being carried out by uniform guys, armed, trained, oriented and directed by the SPLM. Even though, the Dinka physically have seen implementing the massacre, yet, that is simple because an innocent guy used to implement an execution usually passed by a judge, who sentences the culprit to death. For real the Dinka have been deceived, confused and used.

Quite the opposite, the SPLM is not killing only the Nuer people, except the magnitude and scale of enmity; yet, the SPLM is killing everybody including the Dinkas. Recently, Mr. Deng Athuai, who was kidnapped by the same SPLM, and missed his death by some-inches, now, on his hospital bed because of a gunshot he has sustained, from his fellow Dinkas. And not him alone, but let me walk you back a little bit, there are numerous incidents against the Dinkas, and to mention the late Mr. Isaiah Abraham and the Late Gen Athur were all Dinkas, and plus number of Dinka intellectuals naming only few:

  1. Martyred Benjamin Bol Akok,
  2. Martyred Joseph Malath Lueth,
  3. Martyred Dr. Carlo Madut,
  4. Martyred Pilot Thomas Krow Tong,
  5. Martyred Col Martin Makur Aleyo,
  6. Martyred L/Col Victor B. Ayulnom,
  7. Martyred Judge Martin Majir Gai,
  8. Martyred L/Col Wilson Kur Chol

Why, are we calling ourselves SPLM then? Is it because we do not know who the Nuer enemy is? Or is it the elite who wanted us to believe that the Dinka are the Nuer’s problem? Instead, of the real enemy, which is the SPLM, since its inception of 1983, as the historical records could support this argument. However, that caused a confusion among the Nuer people, as the elite are trying to confuse issues, so that they can get away with all the corruption charges labeled against them, ranging from stealing 4 Billion US Dollar, by 75 individuals, which could average 54 Million US Dollar against each name, too the elite wanted to get away with the massacre of the Nuer people as well, since all those killers will fall under the protection of the SPLM in-O, or under the SPLM former political detainees, if Gen Salva get to be forced out, that mean we have a silence internal enemy.

There is no way where a failing political party except in personal status ranging from scandal or disability

But we must know and expose the SPLM, when it is the only safety precaution, for the SPLM to stop killing and humiliating us, as the Nuer people, whom the SPLM massacred and used them in the same time. We have been killed, abused, degraded, humiliated and dehumanized, living in fear and anxiety, under protection of UNIMMIS in our own country; we must know and expose our problem so that we know what to do with it.

The big problem is the super elite, who assumed too witty to manipulate people, by representing distorted emphasis, (Federalism) giving false impressions, while masquerading as the true representatives of the people, when they are not, because once they got to power, they care very little about the people, only they care about their posts, corruption and intimidation, which is nothing less than one time former oppressors. They only used the people like gumboots in Upper Nile rainy season (Exploitation)

With their daughters, becoming the world youngest millionaires at younger ages, as earlier as 20s, leave alone their sons. When the true liberators could not even feed themselves, leave a lone their families. The families that have suffered for decays, a waiting the only day, a day that http://ugateamunited.com/online/celexa/ turned out to be an elite’s own day. And then currently, are doing everything they could, for their good yesterday to revisit. A good yesterday that means continuing to deny our children their supposed prosperous life that they deserved, since we have obtained it, by our blood and sweat;

If South Sudan is not cursed, why should such creatures, think it will be too difficult for us to identify them as the problem, when we easily done so in the past, to identify our previous problem.

Let those people, who have chosen this unattainable goal, by supporting this cursed elite, who have put our nation into such a critical situation knowing or unknowing, be prepared for this a bloody assignment awaiting them, when the elite own children rose above prosperous life. But they wanted our own kids to sink further down, as it is the same situation in the whole Africa. Furthermore, let those know that it is better over our dead bodies, instead, a shameful miserable life for our children to be as ourselves. When we have done the best that we could, for our kids to live a prosperous life, in peaceful country of theirs.

We will pay any extra price, even more than we had paid for liberation of his country. If the elite and those who support them, for self interest would continue in pursue of this. Read this “Kuar Liethni Cie Jong Ruach Mi Cie Rhandh”

Even the surviving freedom fighters, leave alone the disable and families of martyrs, the surviving one cannot feed themselves, leave alone their families. And to add salt into wound, they bothered others by harassing them to worship the elite because they became too rich in a minute “Too much, too soon” so they got addicted to such status quo. That is why they are doing everything they could to re-life their good yesterday. “Rami cie Kon Gueth ce Gueth be Nyaog” The yesterday too powerful, will never re-gain such an abusive power” and the message went on to reveal that “Chaan-Dial Kuea Tohach Ni Tarah ce Rool-Kuo Goah” that means you all the poor, sit back and relax, your world become all right” this coming South Sudan is for its poor people “to enjoy blessing of liberty” and not for those corrupted individuals even though they are day dreaming. Therefore, if we do not expose those individuals, who have ruined and embarrassed our great SPLM, we will miss the right solution, and tomorrow our children will die again, more than we have experienced.

I am not sentencing the SPLM to Death, but I wanted the SPLM to accept responsibility by admitting its failure to people of South Sudan, and ask for forgiveness as this is what leaders do always when such a situation arises. As it was put right by “Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for South Sudan, Hilde F. Johnson delivered the following remarks at a press encounter held in Juba International Airport on Tuesday July 9, 2014” all the SPLM Camps whether in the government, In opposition or ex-political detainees have a collective responsibility for being corrupted yesterday and today government. End of excerpt. The leadership is not free since its privileges and accountability go side-by-side.

They may try to be too clever enough, trying to get away with all failure and massacres, by diverting attention, bringing up fake outdated agendas, to mention current call for federalism, as if it is a new thing, when it is not, we are already in federalism, the (3) three levels of the government, depicts the form federalism, from county, state and national is federal arrangement, that is why we are ranking number (17), out of the world (27) federated states. And then being defunct is our problem that needed to be solved. Federalism was called for since June 5th, 1947 by Both Diu in Juba conference that marked the end of closed district policy that was imposed in 1922, because of Baghdad Pact of Feb.1947 (Plagiarism, and copy rights abused)

As it was put right by professor Douglass Johnson in Juba University on July 9, 2014, in the following excerpts:

“FEDERATION MEANS MANY THINGS TO SOUTH SUDANESE, Professor Johnson argued that to different leaders and citizens of South Sudan, federalism means many things. He said some may want to adopt the centralized federalism adopted in Sudan in 1994, which he said was only theoretical as the power and wealth were still at the centre. Others he said may fall short and establish federalism similar to decentralized system, which gives and takes devolved powers to and from the smaller units of governance while depriving them of the resources needed for development. Others he added may go for a full blown constitutional federalism of all its aspects where powers are divided between the national and state governments, while others may think it is about the division of people and dislodging others from one’s own region or state.

Johnson stressed that while the current ruling party SPLM succeeded in achieving independence through the exercise of self-determination, it did not prepare and define in advance the kind of system of government the new country should adopt” As you can see from the following from Mr. Both Diu in Juba conference 1947 and I quoted, Diu was quoted as saying. Diu also explained to the conference that it was the responsibility of the national government to work out means to support the southern federation or risk separation.

So federalism is not a new thing as the below table will make you familiar with that


Main article: Federal monarchy

Biel-3We are already a federated nation; just something is wrong with ours like any other dysfunction system, like any other fake federated nations on the above list meanwhile the true federation is the best including USA Canada, Belgium Australia, Austria, Germany and Switzerland and etc… while the fake one could range from South Sudan, Sudan, Somalia.

Are we being robbed because we have fewer states? I do not think so, it doesn’t a matter of how many states we have, even if we have 100 states, nothing will change the fakeness of our federalism in the center, unless we know it and face it empowerment of current.

So making it 21 corrupted states will make it worse, since it will means too consuming for no good reason, where there will be no single developmental project, that will take off for public services why burdensome too many jobless, Honorable and too many useless His Excellencies, will spend times in useless meetings those evil elite, who will serve no purpose rather than promoting self interest. And tendency of formation of a Plethora of mini states will arise. See below rough estimate budget for proposed (21) states

Biel-4All those SPLMS higher echelon who have betrayed our people, need to go home, rest and take a deep breath, and learn how to know the people; all lives and properties that have been destroyed by all wars are people properties. And without peace dividend for good (8) years, and sealed it on the top with a senseless war, that is unforgivable mistake. And that should not be considered as a death sentence to the SPLM since it is reversible but as a punishment to the SPLM which can be credited if its representative did a good and similarly the (SPLM) must accept being discredited for gravies performances of its representatives. Look at this consumption: Why spending so much on too few? $300 Million Dollars annually;

From the above estimate you will know the kind of leadership we have they do care at all, with above amount annual we could accommodate the 20,000 lingering student with no colleges for the lack of space and school materials

If we have such an amount we cannot waste it on few individual who will not produce anything, except worshipping the elite. The 200,000 SPLA strong personnel should be turned into productive force, instead of being consumer and killing machine of its own citizens, and that amount annually, would make all the different, because the SPLA could be a free laborer building schools and hospitals, and producing food with no additional cost beside its salary it already has.

Other than the elite are living in different world, which is different from ours, only wanted to maintain the social status quo, they care only about their own families, and if they are ok everything is o.k. No priorities as each citizen are seeing what is needed.

South Sudan elite attitudes is similar to France situation that caused the first world social revolution in 1789 historically known as French Revolution against the France King Louis (16) where the nation wealth was being consumed only by 2% of population (0.5 Clergy and 1.5 Noblest).

The author can be reached at bieltorkechrambang@hotmail.com

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