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UN’s Alleged Assistance To Riek Machar is Not the First Time the World Body Have Rescue a Rebel in Need.

By Agou Anyieth Kur,


South Sudan leaders threatens to shoot down uncleared aircraft within South Sudan airspace(Photo: file)
South Sudan leaders threatens to shoot down uncleared aircraft within South Sudan airspace(Photo: file)

August 20, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– In 1991, after two months of hazardous journey by the civilians and the forces of of the SPLA including the military leaders from western Ethiopia to Pochala, the UN’s chartered plane airlifted the then commander now his excellency President Salva Kiir from Pochala to Logochogio Kenya! For those who were in that journey from Ethiopia to Pochala, you remember, we were being chased by the menacing and victories Ethiopns rebels who were then allied to our enemy in Khartoum.

During those dark times, the tide of the war was in Khartoum’s favours due to the change in global politics in the nineties. Our ally, comrade Mengistu was toppled and the new regime was chasing us away from their country. Thousands of our people both civilians and soldiers lost their lives. Some through war, some drowned in “River Gilo” and others through hunger and exhaustion. President Salva Kiir and Dr. Majak Agoot were the senior leaders of the Movement who were there. And when we arrived in Pochala, there was Khartoum aerial bombardments. So there was a clear danger not only to civilians but to commander Salva Kiir. But thank God, there was UN (the devil UN you may say) who airlifted commander Salva Kiir and other leaders of the Movement and their families.

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As most children are excited by things such as landings and taking off by aeroplanes, I was literally there standings with other children beside the airstrip which was not far from our house. We were worried when the plane didn’t took off on the first and second attempts and were excited when “Benyda” Comander Salva Kiir Mayardit was successful airlifted to Kenya. Guest, who was told to moved the thousands of our forces from Pochala to Easter Equatoria? Yep, the alternate commander Majak Agoot crossed the vast wilderness of several deserts of thousand miles on foot. Year later, the “Red Army” now the lost boys and thousands of other civilians including myself trekked that wilderness of thousands miles for two months on foot. But we were happy and proud of the UN for having airlifted our leader president Salva Kiir Mayardit.

I think there were thousands of such situations during our struggle were thanks to the agencies of the UN, the leaders of our movement, the SPLM/A including the late Dr. John Garang were moved around by the UN charter planes. I think, it might have infuriated the “oppressors in Khartoum” but it didn’t stop the UN from helping our leaders when they were in need. So, it is not the UN that have change my friends. It is the same script, different actors and UN is the only constant in the equation.

When I was a boy and think you too may relate to this. If you were involved in fight and you are the stronger party, you would curse and call names any third party who stop the fight and prevent you from whooping your opponent. On the other hand, if you are the one being whooped, you will appreciate an intervention to stop the fight.

When Khartoum was the aggressor, the UN was our “go to” whenever Khartoum bombed us with their antinoves, when they allegedly used chemical weapons on our gallant fighters, we used to called upon the UN and the US to “condemn Khartoum aggressive actions.” Yes, it may be unfortunate that the UN might have allegedly helped Dr. Riek Machar, but it is not something we have not seen before.

These things are better judged from past experiences and handle rationally and diplomatically and not through the ragging and lunacy of the mob. After all, “history repeats itself”. It is still the same script, same actors perhaps with different roles, but the UN is the constant in this movie of our country.

This opinion article was extended to Nyamilepedia by a fan of the author. You can reach the author through his facebook account by clicking on the author Agou Anyieth Kur here.

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king kong August 20, 2016 at 10:11 am

Mr. Agou Anyieth Kur, well-done my dear brotherda
your truth and logic authentic accounts is fairly can set U, RoSS, AU, UN & Dr. Teny-Dhuorgo, free before God. As The God said ” tell the truth and the truth shall set you free.”
Your account of history is tangible cricummecial evident. You’re true meticulous and trustworthy witness in 1991, from Western Ethiopia “ITANG”,Pochala-to-Lockochogio in Kenya, the journey of sorrow, shame and chaos in SPLA,M history. In which kiir was Resecue by UN to Lockochogio-Kenya camp. Today, is Dr. Riek turns be airlifted ” all people are equal before God”. This generous principle is core UN mission in the whole globe.
God said ” if you saw good, you will reaped good in future.”
Hence, Dr. Riek Machar, saw peace and he deserves to reaps peaceful airlifted on the God’s ” UN special eagle wings”.
We can say at this point, praised be to Our Lord Jesus Christ the saviour for all. Who serves all human beings on fair-go.
Our saviour Jesus, said ” Satan come to steal, destroy and kill, I came to this world to saves, serves and gives all people abundance life”. (John 10:10)
Definitely, ” history repeats itself ” as you said but in different time & space “it depends” the necessity of the solution to the situation.
I, wish your full account will convince and deter kiir,taban, malong-koul, JCEvildoers and makuei “beny-lueith” the lier.
We liberated RoSS, NOT to dehumanized our poor masses, but to remain vigilant to uphold to our main mission which is to emancipates them from the ” York of oppressors and bondages” imposed on them by the junta in Khartoum. However, again we ” DON’T WANT Jieng Council of Evildoers’ failed state of Neo-colonialism and cannibalism in RoSS.
Never ever happened again!!!!!
Those criminal-run-Amogs will be dealt with soon via hybrid court. US&UN, go ahead do your services with due diligence and with the humility and humanity. BRAVO, big-brothers.
God, save RoSS.

Beek August 20, 2016 at 1:09 pm

I didn’t read it,but Technology itself provide work to those who are looking for jobs than using those technologists to attack jobless people. Technology work than politics.


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