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Tonj Short Break Within (TSBW): An important message to South sudanese all over the world.


By Abraham Wol

South Sudan Minister of Presidential Affairs Nhial Deng Nhial meeting the Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan, Dr. Mohamed kadah, on Thursday, Oct 22, 2020(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)
South Sudan Minister of Presidential Affairs Nhial Deng Nhial meeting the Egyptian Ambassador to South Sudan, Dr. Mohamed kadah, on Thursday, Oct 22, 2020(Photo credit: Courtesy image/Nyamilepedia)

Dec 06, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — We would like to inform our patriotic citizens that a group calling itself “Nhial Deng  Nhial’s Boys” which consists of youths mainly from Tonj Community are campaigning  for installation of Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial as the President of the Republic of South Sudan has embarked on a serious media campaign to mobilize supporters and blackmail fellow  Tonj’s sons and daughters who have refused to buy the idea of toppling the democratically elected President. 

The group consisting of Clement Deng Akech, Moris Mabior Awikjok, Paul Dhel Gum,  Micheal Wetnhialic, Marial Gumke, Mawien Mawien Arou, Dr. Riak Gok Majok,  Emmanuel Yol Majhon, Akok Malek Akuien among others is engaged in constant rumor  mongering and manufacturing of harmful propagandas on social media platforms. Their  intention is to cause social disorder which they could exploit to install Nhial Deng Nhial and Taban Deng Gai as President and Vice President respectively. As we write this letter,  the well-paid group has already managed to divide and confuse Tonj Community. Tonj is  in social and political tumult like never before. 

On Nov 30th, 2020, the group wrote a letter and falsely ascribed it to TSBW (the  organization taking care of Greater Tonj’s social and political affairs) to get wider  readership. The malicious letter details the group’s evil intentions against the country. To  cause distrust and maximum confusion in the government, the narratives in the letter  were falsely attributed to H.E James Wani Iga, Hon. Louis Lobong, Gen. Lual Wek  Guem, Hon. Martin Elia Lomoro, Brig. Gen. Bona Gong, Gen. Benjamin Bol Mel and  many other patriotic sons of this country, the list is too long.  

In another attempt to ignite public uproar and disturb relative peace in the country, about  two weeks ago, “Nhial Deng Nhial’s Boys” wrote a confusing open letter addressed to  the President. Almost all the points the boys touched were laughable. By the way, Dr.  Riak Gok Majok is an old man, older than Hon. Nhial, but he prefers to be called Nhial’s boy. The boys described TSBW as a loose organization that has no ownership but went  on to list more than 20 names of the organization’s employees with their job titles,  insinuating that the boys have seized the loose organization and structured its workforce.  The strangest thing in the letter is that the boys did not avail their names, open letters  must have signatures and names of people sending them.

To keep everyone in the loop about Hon. Nhial and his boys’ efforts to confuse the  country and destroy the president’s strongholds such as Tonj, it must be recalled that  President Salva Kiir had promised the Tonj community that the gubernatorial seat of Warrap  State would go to Tonj. Tonj expected one of her sons to be appointed by the president.  All of a sudden, the president ditched Tonj’s sons and appointed Maj. Gen. Bona Panek  Biar from Gogrial. The president would later disclose he changed his mind in last  minutes because of pressure from Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial. Nhial himself confessed he did  not want the governorship of the state to go to Tonj as that would keep the President  popular in the area. 

Tonj community was left depressed, blue and faithless after their own son intercepted and  diverted Warrap State’s gubernatorial chance to Gogrial in an apparent attempt to uproot  the president’s influence in Tonj and also gain a political ground in Gogrial that could  help thrust him to the presidential seat. This sparked public uproar in Warrap State as  Tonj people felt betrayed and pushed down by their selfish son who has a track record of  hijacking Tonj’s opportunities for his personal interests.  

Undoubtedly, the long political marginalization of Tonj Community in Warrap State’s  politics, perfected by the recent appointment of Bona Panek, compelled the benevolent sons and daughters of Tonj to form TSBW, a well-organized community association  which take care of Greater Tonj’s political and social affairs. It is in light of this that  TSBW opposes the emerging co-presidency in J1. We overwhelmingly voted for  President Salva Kiir as an executive president, not a ceremonial one. No one but him can  decide the fate of our community and our country at large. 

It is no news that Nhial Deng and his followers are plotting to overthrow the President  and takeover the leadership of the country. People are aware of it as it has become an  open topic of conversation in public gatherings and on streets. We call upon Nhial Deng  Nhial who is trying to slip into the presidential seat by all possible means to wait for the  elections. It doesn’t need a rocket scientist to understand the shady politics of Nhial and  Taban.  

The public is also cognizant of the reacting chemistry between Nhial and rebel leader  Paul Malong Awan. Every time Nhial visits Nairobi, he meets with Paul Malong. During  peace negotiations in Rome, Nhial and Malong held a lengthy side discussion on the  return of Malong to Juba in order to help him(Nhial) to get rid of the president’s allies  and subsequently overthrow the president. Their meeting was longer than a forum meeting.  This is why Malong tied his return to firing of Obote Mamur, Gen. Akol Koor, Dr. Dhieu 

Mathok amongst other loyalists of the president. The operation is dubbed “SPLM  Rejuvenation” to blindfold the President. 

Given the unrealistic conditions of Gen. Malong to return to Juba, Nhial is frustrated Malong won’t be in the country soon. Therefore, he recently delegated Amb. Bol Wek to  go to Nairobi to persuade Gen. Paul Malong to report himself to Juba without conditions  or any appropriate agreement. Nhial paid $300,000 for Gen. Malong’s preparation to  come to Juba. 

The good news is, as Nhial Deng Nhial’s Boys intensify their presidential campaign to  unseat Salva Kiir, they face resistance from many people who describe Nhial as a wacko  politician and a useless man who neither deliver at the national level nor contribute anything to his community, but who when fired from a government position, run to  Europe to devour French fries with lamb chops follow by a few glasses of red wine mixed  with tequila, then watches a football match on TV until he falls asleep. The routine  continues the following day. Fact: since his election as a national MP in 2010, Nhial  never visited his constituency but has visited Europe 13 times. Unlike his father, Nhial  doesn’t associate with his people—he eats alone. 

The boys’ campaign slogan is “Nhial is not Corrupt”. Also, they call Nhial “The SPLM  heavyweight” to totally disregard the President and his sacrifices for this country. Well,  TSBW will never let Tonj Community be cannonaded with series of lies. Here is a quick  look of some of the untold corruption of Hon. Nhial in the last 6 months:  

$1.2M  Salvator  



To persuade Salva Kiir to maintain Garang as  the Minister of Finance 
$1.5M plus a house worth  $1m in Nairobi. The opening  of the house was attended by  S. Sudan Ambassador Dr. Chol Deng  To persuade Salva Kiir to maintain Dr. Chol  as MD of lucrative Nilepet Corporation
20 different types of cars  parked in hotels Several  


Several reasons depending on who bribed him  with a car 
$500,000 plus two V8 cars  Kur Ajiing  To convince Nhial to release his claimed  $750m he needs from the government
$1.5m  Trinity Energy  To secure the contract of Tharjas oil refinery
$1.3 plus 15m ssp  Gen. Akol  


To persuade Salva Kiir to maintain Akol as  the DG of South Sudan Custom Services
$350,000  Bol Mel  To be Secure Rumbek-Wau Road Contract

Ok abe ben yok!

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