This article response to idiots Jonglei deputy governor called Baba Medan from Murle tribe

By Peter Chot Deng,


Baba Medan Konyi speaks at a youth forum in Bor July 26, 2013 warning youth to stay away from political manipulation. Konyi is recently quoted to have warn the military opposition to accept peace or face defeat (photo: supplied)
Baba Medan Konyi speaks at a youth forum in Bor July 26, 2013 warning youth to stay away from political manipulation. Konyi is recently quoted to have warn the military opposition to accept peace or face defeat (photo: supplied)

August 10, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This article state some points according to Sudan tribune on 10 August 2014 based on the deputy governor of South Sudan Jonglei state so called Baba Medan from Murle tribe that, has been to vowed for mobilizations the Murle youth to fight with Lou Nuer tribes and which mean if the peace fail between rebels forces and government. Baba Medan state that will go to mobilize the Murle community to against Lou Nuer, this time if SPLA/M in Opposition army resistance and Freedom Fighters should fail to signed a peace with government.

Deputy governor of Jonglei state to addressed former Red Army that as been popularity name child soldiers, on 10 Aug 2014, accused opposition forces led by former vice president Riek Machar of frustrating the ongoing talks mediated by the East African regional bloc (IGAD).

“Stated that the Murle not be neutral and they will fight a long the government of Salva Kirr as Dinka and Baba Medan mention that the Murle as not yet decide on last time the mobilization was made in South Sudan for youth to join South Sudan army to fight with rebellion, but Murle did not go. Only those in the army participated. But this time, if peace doesn’t come, you will see what Murle will do to Lou Nuer,” remarked the deputy governor.

“Even their leaders will say sorry, again mention Riek Machar will leave Akobo, Uror, Nyirol, Ayod and those other places will be occupies by Murle community through South Sudan government support,”

Deputy Governor claimed several volunteers were to fights a alongside pro-government forces in the fight against the rebels to end the almost eight month-long conflicts.“There are people in Pibor now, who are crying with their guns, they want to fight, but we are telling them to sit and wait. If peace doesn’t come, we will release them,” he said.

The deputy governor, however, urged members of the red army to serve as peace envoys.“Be the ambassadors of peace and unity to our people in the country. Let your name red army be for peace [and] tell Riek Machar to accept peace,” he said.

Cautions to Jonglei state Governor to know that his position belong to all Jonglei communities in generals not Dinka Bor and Murle.  

Lou Nuer intellectuals in particular and Nuer in generals tell the Murle community in generals and Baba Medan in particular to know that this war not belong to Lou Nuer with Murle if you turned it that ways, this is between genocide regime lead by Salva Kiir, even Murle community was massacred by Kirr regime from 2013, the same things happened from Wau tribes from 2012, again Nuer communities from 2013, there is no needs to support the genocide regime that lead a young country for killing others tribes and make sure that the whole world knows President Salva Kiir has failed leader who failed country to fragile state rate by AU, UN, EU and world community and there is nothing to hide about that.

So a greedy and money addict Honorable like Baba Medan who is a good example of a disowned child that Murle has disowned three years ago because of working against his tribesmen, today got up and air baseless words about to capturing Lou Nuer lands. It is a deadly decision that cannot happen Nuer intellectuals know that whatever Baba Medan has fabricating would eventually landed to unknown base where it shuold end up as empty barking given to Hyena of coward dog.

Nuer relationship with Murle community very strong healthy and somebody like that traitor called Baba Medan cannot ruin it just because influence by Dinka genocide regime.

Nuer intellectuals around the world know the deputy governor of Jonglei state Baba Medan claimed to mobilize Murle youths to attack Lou Nuer counties, is not an elder that can raise the Murle concerned in this matter. However, we also know that no one is behind his evil plans to creates chaos to push the whole community of ‘Golgoltin’(Pibor) and Greater ‘Boorchaar’ Lou Nuer back to those years of senseless conflict inflicted and designed by Dinka Bor under the leadership of Lt. Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk. We are very aware that Dinka government is working day and night to push the Murle into this tribal war created by Salva Kiir Mayardit in 15/12/2013.

But Nuer know the Murle community won’t puzzle again to immediately reject and called for this traitor to shut up and seal his stupidity decisions. A bribe man and blood sucker and deputy governor Baba Medan who doesn’t know that his deputy governor of the state and not state militias sucker the lives to eat simply because of betraying his fellow tribes men cannot be allow to continue spoiled the image of a great community like Murle.

Lou Nuer intellectuals inform Murle community should give a critical look to Baba Medan plans that fuel a war He himself will not join.

Nuer in general want Murle community to remain calmed as they have already chosen to be neutral in the beginning, the problem with Salva Kiir is because killed 50.000 civilians in Juba on 15- 27 Dec 2013 not yet to be solve and it us to solve it.

The Author has hold MA & BA both Majors-Human Relations

For further information and comment, you can reach the author, Peter Chot Deng, at chotdeng@yahoo.com.au.

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