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The Uninformed And The Least Informed Rascals Will Always Betray The Cause Of Their Liberation For Freedom.

By Gatluakz Khot Keat,

Former PLM/SPLA-IO Chief negotiator, Gen. Taban Deng Gai and Lol Gatkuoth serving new portfolios after defecting to SPLM/SPLA-IG in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)
Former PLM/SPLA-IO Chief negotiator, Gen. Taban Deng Gai and Lol Gatkuoth serving new portfolios after defecting to SPLM/SPLA-IG in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)

August 24, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— I said, ‘History is made not by the insatiable bourgeoisie and the fierce reactionaries, but solely the valiant revolutionaries.’

In pursuance of truth, I am made to direct my effort to articulate a concise account on the different groups of people who as a matter of convergence formed a unifying Revolutionary Movement whose noun continued to stand as Sudan People Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) and the inconsistency, exhibited by the rascals who proved themselves ignorant about the cause of their stay in Pagak for one-fifth a decade. The merger groups comprise: reformists (patriots and nationalists), jobseekers (people who joint the movement either in quest for positions or sacked post holders), followers (people who admire a leader and remain loyal comes what), escapists (people who fled because they are ethnically targeted), tribalists (people who are ethnocentric) and anti-massacre (people who strongly protest the coordinated state policy to commit ethnic massacres); some of whom especially job seekers have thrown in the cards and given away their comrades.

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The relevancy of this composite article is that it reminds one of the chronological events of the conflict vis-à-vis the habitual backstabbing of the Movement by those who lack vision as they chose to take the country back to square one.

From the word go, South Sudan conflict as known to everyone ensued from the internal rifts which were absolutely manageable had there been a functional leadership within the ruling SPLM. Very many if not all were and are aware of the genesis of the ongoing unrest – a competition for party as well as country hegemony.

Subsequent to that, history recalls that a section of reformists, jobseekers, tribalists and followers as goes the wise saying that two heads are better than one began to assemble and cultivated ways forward on how to restore the direction and vision lost by the party chairman. These parties acceded to bring together their views and encamped with Deputy Chairman Dr. Riek. However, such a move was seen as stern upsurge of opposition putting the nervous Salva Kiir on disadvantage.

As a matter of setting the record straight, Salva Kiir instantly realized that the ganged up reformists were amassing support from the general public as his compromised presidency term in the office which was illogically extended was quickly fading to zero. And out of fear and lack of confidence in winning back the social contract, he decidedly started to go wild and hastened his dictatorial features to the highest peak of the plateau and employed iron fist rule to terrify the reformists. A terrorizing style of Uganda‘s Museveni which can never be applicable in South Sudan.

As quick as lightening, Kiir buckled his seat belt and recklessly started to drive his trailer to mercilessly run over the innocent citizens after failing to hit on the first targeted comrades to whom he wanted to get rid of and hold their tongues as they showed a clean pair of heels and some them whose legs could not carry were captured and detained.

No sooner had the ethnic massacres ensued, than the whole nation was set on alarm. Defection after defection was witnessed polarizing the country as the war imminently became protracted. As a matter of bitter reaction and outrage, another group consisting of anti-massacre and escapists emerged and joint the first mentioned group to come together as one and respond to the brutality of the failed leadership of Juba regime which squarely resorted to committing genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Movement harmonized and consolidated different causes of the aforementioned groups and endorsed Dr. Riek as the Commander-in-Chief and Chairman of the SPLA/M.

In view of such coherent account, one in what stands to reason will apparently discern that those who happened to backstab the Movement are so ignorant about the prime cause of the continued struggle. Their espionage activities and antagonization agony coupled with conspiracy to snatch positions hither and thither resulted to the recent execution of assassination plot against Dr. Riek Machar who subsequently fled Juba.

Medically, correct diagnosis leads to right treatment of a disease and vice versa. And from the point of outlook of public health, one has to understand the cause and the mode of transmission in order to prevent a disease.

Similarly in any Movement, the revolutionaries will always have at the back of their minds the real cause and objectives of the struggle if they must win. On the contrary, it is not the case in South Sudan as most of the jobseekers, followers and tribalists have reverted to bow before the very hazardous government and abandoned the reformists, escapists and the anti-massacre groups to keep the pot boiling.

Those Judases falsely preach that the problem of South Sudan is Dr. Riek Machar. If it really is, why are women being raped, boys castrated in Guit County of Unity State, villages burnt to ashes, humans forced to eat flesh of another human, properties looted, humanitarian personnel and journalists slain and innocent civilians massacred massively? Something is quite uncertain in that unsubstantial claim being advanced by the conspirators who have collaborated with Juba regime.

Forever more shall reign Justice, Liberty and Prosperity.

The author of this artile is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at gluakkhot@gmail.com

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